Kuch Rang Episode 185–186 Update on Wednesday 8th August 2018


Sona comes home from outside and greets Ishwari. Ishwari points at flower plant and asks if she brought it. Sona says yes long go, good to see its blooming flower. Ishwari says flowers has to leave its soil to get into another pot and has to survive, same with human, one has to leave their old place and should survive in new place, so they should not think of old place often. Sona says she did not understand. Ishwari says she should not go to her parent’s house often and should concentrate on her house now. Kichu comes and says Sona her ordered swinger came. Sona happily goes and receives it from courier guys. Kichu asks where to fix it. Sona says in her room. Radha asks why there. Sona says she always dreamt of having a swinger in her room and takes it to
her room. She asks Ishwari not to inform Dev as she wants to give him a surprise.
Sona looks at her swinger and thinks how Dev will react. Dev reaches home from office. Ishwari stops him and asks if he has some time for her. He says why not. She tells that she has found an alliance for Rhea and boy’s name is Ayan. Dev says if she has found alliance, then it must be good. He goes to his room. Sona stops him at door and closing his eyes says there is a surprise for him. She shows him swinger. He gives a cold reaction. She asks if he did not like it. He says he is surprised, how much she should react then, it is just a swinger. She says it is her childhood dream to have a swinger in her room.
She goes down. Nikki asks if bhai liked swinger or not. Sona says she does not know. Nikki says only mom can tell if bhai liked it or not. She goes to Ishwari and asks if Dev liked swinger or not. Ishwari says Dev likes his room spacious, so he may have not liked the idea, may be he liked it. Dev comes and sits on dining chair. Ishwari calls everyone for dinner. Sona serves dinner. Nikki taunts Rhea about Ayan. Ishwari says Rhea will do household chores only if she likes. Sona asks what are they talking about. Radha tells Rhea’s marriage and once she is married, it is Vicky’s turn. She suggests Vicky to marry any girl except Bengali. Sona feels sad. Mamaji scolds Radha. Sona feels sad that nobody informed her.
Mamaji goes to kitchen and asks Ishwari if she called him. She gives him halwa. He asks if it is a bribe and asks what is she hiding. She says Dev calls Sona’s mother as maa. Mamaji says what else he should call, Dev is right. Ishwari jealously says yes. Mamaji asks her to take a chill pill.
Sona goes back home and Dev follows her. She asks Dev why did not he inform her about Reha’s alliance. He says even he came to know about it just some time ago. She asks if he is not excited about swinger. He says she can do any change in her room, he does not mind. She gets happy.
Next day, Dev is at office and discusses with his staff that he cannot miss today’s imporantant meeting and they should before well as they represent Ishwari communications. Ishwari calls him and says Ayan and his family are coming in the evening. He says he has important meeting. She says okay then she will handle it. Dev suggests her to take Sona’s help and asks if he should call her. She says she herself will call and disconnects call.
Precap: Sona comes home from office. Radha introduces Sona to Ayan and his family as Ishwari’s bahu. Sona asks Ishwari why did not she inform her that they are coming. Ishwari says she is handling well without Dev and her, then what is the problem.
Ayan and his family come to Dev’s house with alliance. Ayan’s mom asks why did they buy house in this locality when they could buy in a posh area. Mamaji says his sister will explain. Ishwari says they used stay in this locality and tells them her story. Ayan says he follows Dev’s news in articles and he read about it. Mom says good they did not forget their past. Radha in her usual style says jiji always does pravachan. Nikki says pravachan does not suit for maa. Dad says they proved that money is not everything. Neha says it is not everything but a lot. Sona comes home and is surprised to see new people. Radha introduces her as Dev’s wife and Ishwari’s bahu. Ayan says he read about Sona and Dev’s love story. Radha comments
now a days love happens instantly. Mom asks then why are they delaying, bring Rhea. Neha gets up. Ishwari asks her to sit and signals Sona. Sona says she will bring Rhea and goes to her room. She sees Rhea nervous and says she should not be nervous and if she does not like Ayan, she can drop tea on him. Rhea smiles.
Sona brings Rhea holding tea and asks Rhea to sit while she serves tea. Radha comments serving guests is their dharm. Ayan says he does not believe in all this and wants to be casual. Mom asks Rhea to come and sit next to her. Rhea does. Radha comments again. Mamaji shuts her mouth.
Ishwari says she will heat samosas and bring them back. Shes to kitchen. Sona follows her and says if she had informed her that Ayan and hiis family are coming, she would have taken leave from job. Sona says it is okay when she did not force Dev to come, why will she force her. Sona says family is most important to her than work. Ishhwari says even for her work is important, she does not compromise with her work, so she does not feel wrong that she did not call her. Sona feels sad.
Dev comes home and goes to Rhea’s room and asks if how was Ayan. She starts praising Ayan. Dev asks from when she knows Aman. Rhea says Ayan. Sona enters and they starts chatting. Ishwari enters and gets jealous seeing Sona there and tries to walk back. Dev stops her and complains Sona is calling him Obodro and asks her to prepare halwa for him. Ishwari leaves.
Ishwari serves dinner to everyone and halwa for Dev. Nikki snatches halwa bowl from Dev. Sona says Dev has gone mad, he is snatching halwa bowl here and was forcefeeding halwa to her mom calling her maa maa. Ishwari gets jealous and walks out. Mamaji notices her going.
Dev tells Mamaji that maa is behaving weird with her now a days. Mamaji saays he does not believe in god, but he will tell him story. He tells Ganesh ji’s story that one day Shivji asked Ganeshji and Karthikeye to revolve around the world. Kartikeya went to revolve the world, but Ganeshji revolved around Parvathi maa and told Shivji that mother is his world. Dev says he got his answer and rushes to Ishwari’s room. She asks why did he come. He holds her legs and saays she is his world and promises he will never call Sona’s mom as maa again. Ishwari happily hugs him.
Precap: Ishwari sees Sona holding Dev’s clothes and asks what is all this. Sona says Dev left his night suit. Ishwari says she will do it. Sona says she will as Dev cannot depend on her whole life.