Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 422–424 Update on Tuesday 7th August 2018


Nelson begs forgiveness from Laxmibai. However, Laxmibai refuses to pardon Nelson again and tramples him to death.   Ladai Sarkar welcomes Laxmibai back into the Jhansi fort by performing the aarti. Laxmibai reciprocates the honor. 

Laxmibai shares with Gangadhar Rao her future plans; after freeing her kingdom, the queen of Jhansi wants to free her motherland. Laxmibai believes she has the approval of Gangadhar Rao. After learning about Queen Victoria’s visit to India, Nanasaheb Peshwa decides to meet the British monarch. 

Laxmibai promises to do her best to throw the British out of her motherland. Laxmibai along with her warriors marches into a Company office and asks the officer to inform the Queen of England that Indians have launched their freedom struggle. 

Will Laxmibai succeed in her aim? Queen Victoria arrives in India. Laxmibai exhorts her subjects to oppose British rule. Threatened by Laxmibai’s challenge, Queen Victoria orders Captain Hugh Rose to quell the spirit of revolution in Jhansi. 

Laxmibai along with Ladai Sarkar, her ministers and subjects vow to fight for independence. Ladai Sarkar motivates the subjects to stand along with her and Laxmibai for the big battle scheduled for June 23. Captain Hugh Rose learns about Bundelkhand territories supporting Laxmibai in opposing the British. 

Captain Hugh Rose quickly informs Queen Victoria, who asks the officer to personally meet Laxmibai. Captain Hugh Rose learns it is impossible to enter Jhansi because of the attacks against the British. Tatya Tope tells his comrades that Laxmibai was needed to carry onfreedom struggle. Will Queen Victoria face defeat? 

Laxmibai dismisses Tatya Tope’s suggestion that her life should not be endangered as she was needed to lead the freedom struggle. Rose visits Laxmibai. At Rose’s request, Laxmibai decides to hand over Nelson’s corpse so that it can be buried. Laxmibai, on her way to the temple, notices some men struggling to carry a coffin inside Jhansi fort. Captain Hugh Rose hides inside the coffin. 

To Captain Hugh Rose’s surprise, Laxmibai enters the church and states that she smelt a rat when she saw the men toiling with the empty coffin. She orders the arrest of Captain Hugh Rose. Captain Hugh Rose informs Laxmibai that Queen Victoria has invited her for a party. 

Laxmibai decides to meet Queen Victoria despite the warnings of her ministers. Queen Victoria worries when she fails to hear any news from Laxmibai. Laxmibai believes she has the approval of Gangadhar Rao in meeting Queen Victoria.