Fall Into Temptation Episode 45 Update on Monday 6th August 2018


YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Damián tells Carolina that when he is not with her, his life has no meaning and after they kiss, he asks Carolina to let them go to a place by giving some excuse to their spouses but Carolina says she can’t still Damian insists. So, Carolina goes with Damián to a hotel and she calls Lola to tell her that she is with Lisa because she has a very serious problem and wants to be with her. Whiles with Damian, she experiences abnormal pain and begins to bleed severely.
Federico tells his mother that all his classmates talk about girls but in his case, he is not interested, Raquel then tells him that love comes in the most unexpected moment and it doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman you fall in love with but the most important thing is that he may be happy and he must not care about what others may say.
PRESENT DAY, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Santiago sends a message to Raquel telling her that he loves her and that he cannot live without her and so he is going to wait for her at a hotel and when he arrives he will send her to the location and that he will be waiting for her. Raquel then gets her advice about her feelings and Jovita tells Raquel to do what her heart tells her, that she has been suffering a lot and she deserves to be happy.
Fernando decides to end his marriage with Laura, he tells her that they have hurt each other very much and forgiveness does not exist between them. now Laura wants forgiveness but he says he knows she can never forgive him for his infidelity. He gathers his belongings and leaves the house.
Raquel and Santiago meet at the hotel and there, they make love and she tells him that their children do not agree with their relationship, but he assures her that their children truly love them as much as they do so the moment will come when they will surely accept that their love for each other is real.
At that moment, Mia furiously tells Federico that their mother is not in her bedroom and that she is sure she is with Santiago but Federico doubts it.
Bebo is arrested by the police for selling stolen jewelries and Alina arrives at the station to plead for his defense and promises to do everything to get him out of the jail. Antonio then tells Alina that the watches among the jewels were detected some initials belonging to Damian Becker and Alina is sure Bebo can’t steal those jewelries and Antonio is sure maybe Nacho stole them but that too Alina disputes that fact.
Same vein, Godoy is called by Antonio whiles with Cynthia and he is informed about Bebo’s robbery about the Jewels and he tells Cynthia about it and Cynthia becomes nervous.
Raquel arrives home and Mia questions her where she went to and she answers that, she just went out for fresh air. As she walks to her room, Mia still has her doubts and since he wants to prove to Fede that their mum was indeed with Santiago, she calls Lola that time and asks her if his father is home because her mum is nowhere to be found in the house and seriously, Santiago has just arrived and so Lola replies Mia that, her dad is asleep in his room and not with Raquel. Fede then asks her if she is satisfied and Mia says no because she still thinks someone isn’t telling the truth. Federico says his mum wouldn’t lie to them as their dad did.
Lola asks her father where he was and he tells her the truth that he was with Raquel but asks her why she lied to Mia and Lola says it’s because she is not like Mia who is always being overly dramatic and that she (Lola) always want to listen and understand things first before judging and Santiago tells Lola that that he loves her and that he does not owe anything to her mother. Lola in deep pain tearfully tells him that he is an honest man and she understands him but he needs to understand her and now she cannot stand to see him with another woman.
Antonio calls Raquel to the police station to show him the jewelries and after she was told that Bebo stole them, she disagrees and the police asks her if she suspects anyone but no she doesn’t.
Laura goes to warn Cynthia to stay away from her husband and she replies her that she has nothing to do with Godoy and that he is only protecting her but Laura disbelieves her. He warns her again to never mention to him that she came over.
Laura tells Rafael that Fernando is after him that he already knows about his link with the drug dealer el roger and Cynthia is helping him.
Santiago visits Nacho in jail and questions him to tell him if he stole the jewelries and gave them to Bebo and Nacho goes speechless. He again then questions him if he killed Carolina and Nacho becomes surprised.
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