Who Killed Libia Episode 33 Update on Sunday 29th July 2018


John rides his horse to the premises of the hacienda and speaks to himself looking to the direction of Sofia’s room that he will forever love Sofia and that he is going to fight no matter what happens to finally be with her as he has always dreamt of. As he continues to speak, Sofia also comes out of her room and she gets to see John standing on their compound and her face becomes full of smiles but John decides to leave the compound immediately he sees Sofia and Sofia starts to weep upon seeing John leaving.
Sarah goes to confront Jemima as to why she is allowing Oscar who is good for nothing to kiss her and Jemima warns her to be very careful and stop pestering her life and that if she has decided not to allow herself to be in love she Jemima has choosen to. So, if she doesn’t know and reports her to their mum Gabriela, she will beat her. Oscar and Franco then starts to tease Sarah for her behavior and Sarah angrily leaves the scene but Franco tells her to calm down and allow herself to be loved or she prefers to be a roman sister but Sarah angrily ignores them and drives away with Jemima. Meanwhile, Franco continues to redicule her to the maximum.
Eugenia (maidservant of Oduro and Benito) goes to serve Oduro and Benito some coffee and Oduro starts to advice Benito that if he marries Sarah, his uncle will be very happy with him because Sarah comes from a wealthy home and he is going to make his uncle very proud since that is what he always wishes for him. Eugenia then rush outside and starts to cry upon hearing those sayings because she is truly in love with Benito. Benito then follows Eugenia to convince her not to worry about the things Oduro said because she is the only woman he has come to love and will forever love but Eugenia tells him in tears that there is no way they can be together because she is a poor maid and she leaves. Benito then becomes worried.
John confronts Franco as to why he went to speak to Rosa in that manner because he doesn’t know what is really going on in Rosa’s life so he should never behave like that again towards her because as it is, he Franco doesn’t even know who to choose if it is Sarah or Rosa so he better thinks straight and stop acting childish towards the two ladies.
Pablo sees Luis crying and he gets closer to play with him but Petra comes and shout at him to leave her house because he is only but a thief and Delfina (Pablo’s grandma) comes to his defense to tell Petra that her grandson is not a thief. This ends up in a huge argument and Petra warns Pablo never to get close to Luis again and she starts to pounce on Luis for being a stubborn child.
Franco goes to apologize to Rosa to pardon him for his actions because he was hurt to see that she has a son with Armando but Rosa tells him to get out of her sight since he is the same person who insulted and despised her so he should stay away and as it is he even has no right to judge her because he cant even decide between her and Sarah who he truly loves. In the same vein, Armando goes to report to Fernando that, Franco has come to see Rosa but she sacked him.
John sits with his two brothers and begins to narrate to them about when their parents used to be alive and a plot of land which their parents owned, how large it was and how they used to play and hang around that place but Oscar and Franco tells him that they can’t recollect anything concerning those days but John tells them that he remembers everything including the land their parents had and that there is this huge tree as a symbol on that land.
Sofia goes to inspect their land and Fernando appears there and tries to force himself on her but Sofia pushes him away and tells Fernando that anytime he gets closer to her, it reminds her of the time she was raped and that is her reasons for refusing him and wants a divorce. she then continues to tell Fernando that he even smells like the person who raped her so he should stay away and Fernando becomes surprised and guilty thinking if Sofia remembers something or not and walks away as Sofia weeps. In the same vein, Fernando goes to report to Gabriela as usual that Sofia is always refusing him and there will want to leave the house but Gabriela advices him to go in for a different woman who he thinks  will make him happy instead of leaving the hacienda and Fernando gets shocked.

Same way, Gabriela calls Sofia in front of Fernando and informs her that she has agreed to make her and Fernando in-charge of the work in the hacienda but if she misbehaves, she will take everything from her and Sofia assurez her mum that she will certainly not regret making that decision.
Franco approaches Sarah and asks her why she is behaving so strict off late towards him and Sarah tells him that he should stop bothering her because she will soon get married to Benito and Franco pleads with her that he loves her but Sarah still stands by her words and makes Franco to understand that he can’t decide to date two ladies at the same time so he should back out of her life. she then walks out on him.
Fernando visits Bernardo’s grave and tells him that her daughter Sofia is just as stubborn as him Bernardo and if she doesn’t take care she will also die in the same way that he Bernardo died and he will take possession of all the properties.

same vein, Fernando goes to the study room to cover up her deceits and he takes Bernardo’s picture and finds a letter written by Bernardo which speaks about his wickedness and the efforts he Fernando has planned towards his family by taking possession of the properties and also Bernardo writes that, he has written so many of such letters which he has hidden in various places in the hacienda and that very soon authorities will find out and deal with him the way he deserves. Fernando reading that becomes anxious but not will be vigilant in his dealing as he’s gotten to know this.
Eva goes to Rosa’s work place again to speak with Rosario and Ofelia sees her and tries to sack her because Rosa has already told her that she doesn’t want to speak to her but Eva refuses to go. Rosa then asks her her reason for pestering Rosario and she tells Ofelia that she only wants to tell Rosa that she happens to be her mother. Ofelia then becomes speechless.
Gabriela goes to speak with Raquel who happens to be Benito and Oduro’s mother about the arrangement she has made for Benito and Oduro to marry her two daughters Sarah and Jemima respectively and Raquel tells her she agrees and that is the reason why she even decided to come into the country so that they can put things in place for the marriage.
Sofia goes to the chapel to pray for God’s favor on the love she has for John and as she prays, John also enters the chapel and upon hearing Sofia’s prayers she kneels close to her and asks her if she has forgotten the promises she gave him right in front of the alter and Sofia stares at John looking dumb.