Three Sides of Ana Episode 66–67 Update on Tuesday 31st July 2018


Where I came in is Inaki and BadAna negotiating, he wants sex she wants info they take it to the bedroom where she deplores his decorating taste and taunts/teases him w her memories of her,  ahem, exploits w/Marcelo in this very room. He tells her he’ll be better than Marcelo b/c Marcelo didn’t really know her and Inaki does, for example, he knows she went to Costa P to kill Jenny, Santiago told him when Jenny died and BadAna’s return flight was a whole hour later. Ha! And he doesn’t believe her when she says it was an accident, why would she have hidden the trip if her intent wasn’t murder. 
Bad Ana strikes back telling Inaki she knows he killed Daniel, he covers pretty well till she says her friend saw him and describes his motivations to kill in detail, Daniel had the love he was denied, she brings him to tears. He has a flashback and it looks like she’s right.  Threats are exchanged and BadAna gets all excited over having the upper hand, she has proof he killed, he’s just assuming. But Inaki isn’t having fun and she leaves him to compose himself cuz crying turns her off. 

FreeSpirit wants to go to the hospital but Sole and Remedios and Fac say no. Maribel feels sorry for her though and will help her find out the name of the hospital. (is she not allowed to use the phone, seems like she could call around to the hospitals herself and find out) 
My girl Maribel (I still like her even though she’s not perfect) can keep a secret. When Orlando comes over and demands to know what she and FreeSpirit were talking bout she tells him it was all about FreeSpirit and Santiago’s first time, wanna hear? Orlando of course is completely turned off. 

Remedios is tearfully asking her late hubby for a sign and Tadeo knocks (helloo sign) offering his support and understanding and telling her bout his ex stuff and Daniel dying.
Said ex is all up in her dead son’s room crying over his laundry and making her husband look all uncomfortable and constipated so he goes off to pour himself a drink and call someone to look into her past. 

Calm!Inaki meets up w/BadAna in the living room  where she tells him knowing he’s a murderer turns her on (ahh psychopath love) Daniel never killed for her though he was willing, but Inaki she can see has no limits. He wants to know if she’d be willing to kill for him, she says first he has to make her fall in love w/him then we’ll see, but she won’t get a divorce. Trying to convince her to change her mind on that Inaki tells her all about Santiago and his new life. She’s incredulous and gets pissed when he tells her the new woman is unique and beautiful.  (he’s enjoying having that secret from her, he better keep it, its the only secret he’s got left, she’s scary good at grabbing the upper hand) 
She sashsays out and  leaves Inaki unsatisfied.

Analu takes Val’s mom her supper tray and asks her for a third opinion on whether she should go to the hospital. Val’s mom says sure you should and face the wife upfront to prove you’re not just a mistress, so FreeSpirit asks her to help her escape the pension.  Some back and forth on whether or not she will but she ultimately agrees to help
Val’s mom also has a flashback to being a total b$@%ch when she caught Val and Gina in bed together, she started out calling Gina a sex worker and somehow got more insulting from there when Valentin told her she was his novia. She still really hates Gina. 

Ramiro comes to the pension to see FreeSpirit Sole doesn’t want him to and they talk about that for a while, he, credulous soul, thinks she will give Analu up one day. Anyway he’s got a recording of Santiago telling FreeSpirit he’s gonna be ok and please don’t come to the hospital. 

Next morning Val’s mom offers to babysit Analu so Sole can go to work since, ya know she can’t be trusted alone since she fell in love w/the wrong man. Val’s mom knows how that goes, her son fell for a baaad woman, count on her to keep Analu from doing anything crazy. Sole leaves and they plot to get FreeSpirit to that hospital while Orlando watches from behind a tree. FreeSpirit (her spirit may be free, but her wings are  really running into some cage bars right now) is ready to leave but Orlando blocks the door. They argue, they aren’t friends no mo and she kicks him in the groin and heads out w/her accomplice. 

BadAna taunts Leonore bout Llora being her favorite and then yells at her b/c she’s mad about being the last to know Marcelo has amnesia. Also she wants to know what that hope was Leonore mentioned when she thought she was talking to Llora and gets more pissed when Leonore won’t tell.

Abue goes and yells at Santicelo for a while and poor Santi just gives up on explaining and takes it (and I tune out and use my RPC, so I may have missed something, I’m just so annoyed at her for treating a man who’s confined to a hospital bed this way) Part of the reason she’s so mad is she felt responsible for his “accident” which is news to him and he asks why and she explains about the investigation to find Analu, constantly asking him doesn’t he remember and more verbal abuse and now she demands to know if he really found a clue, did he really find her granddaughter, and he looks majorly conflicted. Facundo comes in and saves him with he’s got the amnesia, and now Abue is all apologies and we missed you so much. (whatever) 

Ramiro goes to his dad’s house to get the deets on Gina’s life/lies/betrayal of just about everyone. His dad catches him and yells at him (again RPC on the verbal abuse) and sez he destroyed all Ramiro’s papers and stuff so there and get out. 
Dad lied, its all there in the middle drawer Ramiro didn’t look in. 

Analu and Val’s mom get to the hospital, Analu is nervous and Val’s mom is excited for her and goes to prepare the way/find out if the coast is clear/find out where Santi actually is. She goes in and asks the nurse for Santiago and Llora comes forward to ask why she’s asking after her brother in law, and now Val’s mom knows Analu has sisters, and she bout has an attack and Llora looks concerned and patiently explains again that Santiago is her brother in law/married to her sister, and Val’s mom is all you have sisters?  and Llora figures out she’s friends w/the other woman and starts asking more questions. 
FreeSpirit gets impatient waiting outside and decides to take her chances and head in and that’s it for this episode.