Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 398–400 Update on Friday 27th July 2018


Laxmibai learns from Rose about Nelson fomenting trouble between Hindus and Muslims. Rose warns that tensions were running high and a communal riot could prove disastrous.
Hindus and Muslims continue to claim the land for themselves. Both communities refuse to withdraw their claim on the land.
Laxmibai along with her ministers rushes to control the situation.
Nelson and Rao Dulaju secretly watch as both communities come close to resolving the issue through force.
Women from both the communities are left helpless on seeing their husbands arguing. At Rao Dulaju’s signal, a Hindu subject starts the fight. The fight between Muslims and Hindus is fierce.
Laxmibai tries to separate the two communities; however, she is unsuccessful. When two pregnant women – a Hindu and a Muslim – deliver, Laxmibai uses the opportunity to make her warring subjects the folly of their actions.
The queen of Jhansi declares that both Sarawati puja and tasiyan service will be held on the land. She adds that anyone unhappy with the decision, could leave the kingdom.
Laxmibai calls out to Nelson and states that one day the British would have to leave India.
Will Nelson succeed in his plans?

In the previous episode, Laxmibai calls out to Nelson and states that one day the British would have to leave India. the news of uprising in Jhansi spreads throughout the county. People from different states start fighting for freedom.
Lord Denning, the new Governor General of India orders his officers to arrest Laxmibai, Tatya Tope, Nanasaheb and Mangal Pandey as they are instigating the commoners to revolt.
Laxmibai is sure that the British would soon take action against her.
Nelson tells Robert Hamilton that they must force Laxmibai to come out of her palace. He adds that they must arrest Rana Bankura red handed.
An oracle hands over a roti to a mysterious woman. The roti is then handed over to Laxmibai who gets a secret message inside it. She learns that the British soldiers have assembled and it was the right time to attack them.
Meanwhile, the mysterious woman sees the panic and anguish that the British soldiers created after they burnt down crops in the farms.
A delegation of local traders assembles in the palace and complains to the queen of Jhansi that as soon as they step out of the kingdom the British soldiers loot them. A soldier adds that the British have built their tents all around Jhansi.
A British officer tells Nanasaheb that the East India Company is ready to offer him a handsome pension to leave Bithoor and would take all responsibility of protecting him. Tatya Tope who is present there gets angry at the officer. 
A soldier informs Mangal Pandey’s comrade that Laxmibai urgently wants to meet Mangal Pandey.
The episode takes an interesting turn when Laxmibai learns from Tatya Tope that Nanasaheb has accepted the Company’s offer. She is further disappointed when she learns from a soldier that the British have arrested Mangal Pandey. However, she does not lose hope and declares that she would protect her subjects by donning the hat of Rana Bankura.
Rana Bankura and Tatya Tope wait in hiding for the British to attack the traders of Jhansi. However, to their shock they witness Nelson arresting another woman dressed similar to Rana Bankura.
Who could the woman be?

 Karma expresses his bewilderment and states that the woman caught by Nelson resembles Laxmibai.
Nelson orders his soldiers to arrest Rana Bankura after surrounding her. Nelson is unaware of the fact that it is not the real Rana Bankura but an impostor.
Laxmibai tells Tatya Tope that they must find a way to rescue the woman, who is claiming to be the queen of Jhansi. Tatya Tope tells that the woman had got herself arrested to mislead the British into believing that they have captured Laxmibai.
After capturing the queen of Jhansi, Nelson plans to annex the kingdom of Jhansi.
Laxmibai receives a letter from the woman arrested by Nels