Fall Into Temptation Episode 31 Update on Thursday 26th January 2018


YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Mia arrives at the hotel telling the receptionist that she is Damian’s daughter and she wants him to show her her dad’s hotel room number and after she is told, she goes straight to look for it. 
At that time, Damián tells Carolina that he loves her and because of her he left Raquel, Carolina tells him that she didn’t ask him to do that thus to leave Raquel, on the contrary, she begged him rather not to do it.
Same vein, Gabriela also arrives looking for Damián and Carolina jealously tells Damián that he called Gabriela to lay with her. Coincidentally, Mia almost arrive in the corridor of the room number and sees Gabriela going to see her father and there she concludes that that she is her father’s lover and looking so much hurt, she left without going to see her father again. Gabriela wants to go inside but Damian refuses to let her and luckily for Damian, Christian arrives and Gabriela left with him as she supposedly says, she only came to ask him about Christian’s hotel room number.
Mia goes back to campus to tell Federico and Nico that their dad is actually cheating on their mum with Gabriela and that Lola was right all along and they go shocked.
Carolina tells Damián that if he wants to leave Raquel and his family, he should do it without her because she doesn’t want to be the reason for their separation. She advises him to think about their children because the children are their priority and not them anymore. If he decides to leave Raquel, he will never see her (Carolina) again. She then walks out.
PRESENT DAY, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Nico becomes jealous to see Alina in their house and with his father and Santiago asks him to greet his boss but he shuns her and says he owes her no apology for not greeting her. Alina leaves but Santiago still finds it so strange and confronts his son for reacting that way and Nico still feels no remorse for acting bad.
Andres tells Raquel that Miriam is going to leave the presidency of the company and now he will be in charge, so she will be able to recover her credit cards and bank accounts also. Raquel then asks him what he wants in exchange for his help and Andres tells her that he only wants her forgiveness and he also offers her to start working in the company.
Andres takes Raquel to the company to take a managerial position and he decides to introduce her to the workers.
Lawyer Rueda bribes the doctor to make sure to let the authorities know that, Miriam only tries attempting murder because she has psychological problem.
YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: the police detects Nacho’s DNA from the DNA test conducted on the Shovel which was used to hit Carolina. Godoy asks Antonio how he knew about Nacho’s DNA and he says he had Nacho’s DNA sample when he came to give his statement and had a coffee and he took the remaining coffee and did the test with his saliva. Godoy then goes shocked.
Whiles Carolina comes out of the hotel, Christian meets Carolina and warns her not to come out because his wife Gabriela is there, that he would never have thought that she is Damián’s lover and so Carolina has to wait till Gabriela leaves.
Christian tells Damián that Gabriela was about to see Carolina with him because he now understands why he fell in love with Carolina, and that is because she is very pretty. Damián asks him not to tell anything to Gabriela or anyone.
Mia tells Carolina that she knew that her father was cheating on her mother with Gabriela, and she questions her if she knew about her dad and Gabriela’s affair and Carolina tells her that she saw once Damián with Gabriela and due to their friendship, she confronted Damián about it but he assured her that there is nothing between them.  she quickly calls Damian to inform him that Mia was at the hotel and thinks that he is cheating on Raquel with Gabby and so he should do something to save his family if not he will lose Raquel and his children’s love if they tell Raquel but Damian says there is nothing he can do.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Godoy tells nacho that he is arrested for the murder of Carolina and injuries to Damián. Same vein, Santiago goes quickly to ask Alina if she knows anything about Nacho being Carolina’s murderer and she looks surprised.