Who Killed Libia Episode 30 Update on Sunday 22nd July 2018


Eva warns John to be very careful of what they are doing and John explains to Eva that soon Sofia will divorce Fernando and she will be free to be with him but if it doesn’t happen that way, he will run away with Sofia. As they continue to talk, Fernando approaches them and warn John to stop meddling in his affair with Sofia and they begin to fight but Franco and Eva separates them and John tells them that due to what Fernando is doing, he is going to run away with Sofia and no one will find them again and Franco advices him carry on with his plan.
Oscar goes to find out where Mr. Augustine is from Doctor Gomez and he tells Oscar that he wasn’t brought to him and that he doesn’t know his whereabout either. As Oscar decides to leave, one of the sisters who took care of Don Augustin comes to tell him that Don Augustin was brought to them but unfortunately, he has escaped.
Fernando begins to pack his things out of the hacienda and Gabriela comes to see him and asks why he is packing out. Fernando then tells Gabriela that since she doesn’t want to fulfill her promise by letting Don Augustin to sign the documents and also allowing Sofia to come back to the hacienda, he doesn’t see the reason why he should still continue to stay and Gabriela pleads with him and promise to do what he wants so that he can change his mind and stay with them like always.
Franco talks to John about how Sarah has been treating him off late and John advices Franco to be precise about what he really wants, either Rosa or Sarah because if he thinks he can love two ladies at the same time, it won’t be possible because to find true love is hard so he should be very careful. In the same vein, Franco tells John that he prefers to choose Rosa but John advices him to sit and think about it very well. And Franco also advices John to do whatever he chooses to do with Sofia even if they have to run away and later if everything works through, he can come back for them to take the revenge they promised Libia.
Don Augustin sits patiently waiting for Pablo to bring back the brothers to take him out of the bush and Pablo returns to him and sees a very big snake lying close to Don Augustin and he tries to pull him away but he couldn’t and finally, Oscar appears and he grabs the snake and prevent it from harming Don Augustin and takes him away to their house.
John goes to see Sofia and Sofia tells him that her divorce wasn’t granted by the Bishops so they have to wait for a while before they can be together but John tells her that he can’t wait for that long so it’s better they run away and Sofia agrees to go with him and John becomes very happy and promise to come for her in the evening.
Armando goes to surprise Rosa with her son Luis and she gets so excited upon seeing her little boy at last. Rosa then pleads with Armando to permit her to take Luis to the chapel and Armando tells Rosa that if so then he will follow them and as they step out, Franco sees them in shock and thinks that Rosa has been rejecting him because she has a son with Armando.
Sofia tries to escape from the chapel to join John so that they can escape but one of the sisters comes to tell her that she has a visitor which happens to be Gabriela and when she goes to see her, Gabriela tells her that her stubbornness has resulted her in this way and Sofia tells her that she did that because of how she sent her grandfather out of the house and Gabriela fakes and starts to cry and blames Sofia for worsening her sick condition because she always disrespects her as a mother and if she doesn’t want to see her die, then she must follow her back home and Sofia weeps and promise to do whatever she asks of her from hence forth. In the same vein, John walks to Sofia and asks her if she is ready and Sofia tells him that she can’t go anymore because she has to stay and cater for her mother and John tells her that she has really disappointed him and walks away in tears.
Jemima asks Oscar to take her to Father Teddy so that he can arrange for them to get married as soon as possible and Oscar gives Jemima his word that he will do exactly as she says and they kiss each other. In the same vein, Oscar takes Jemima to go and see her grandpa and she becomes delighted upon seeing him and they hug.
Gabriela goes to give the good news to Fernando that she has been able to convince Sofia to return back to the Hacienda so they should be expecting her very soon and they drink to cheers. Fernando then tells Gabriela that what is left to complete is to find Don Agustin but if they are not able to locate him, they can go and give a report that he is dead in order to change the documents of the bank statement but Gabriela tells him not to go that far because she is very sure that her dad is hiding somewhere because he is very clever.
John goes to the bar and starts to drink and booze all because of what Sofia told him for not accepting to escape with him as they planned and as he continues to drink, two other men who knows him begins to ask themselves why he’s drinking and they walk to him to find out but he rejects them and drinks as he starts to recollect all the fun moments he had with Sofia.