Kundali Bhagya Episode 134 Update on Sunday 22nd Update 2018


Prithvi tells Sherlin this time they will use her mom in their plan. Sherlin was sure that her mom hates Prithvi and won’t be ready to help him. Prithvi says she must not get an idea that they are using her.
Karan had covered himself with a towel and calls Abhi outside. Preeta comes to the room asking about the towel but Karan had covered himself with it and says he feels cold. Preeta tries to snatch the towel while Karan resists. Rishab comes out with torn jeans. Karan makes fun of him, but Preeta stops Rishab and complements that Rishab looks nice not funny. He looks less serious and smarter in this dress. Karan climbs up the couch dropping the towel, revealing a loose shirt and shorts. Preeta bursts into laughter. Shrishti also come in. Both laugh at Karan who forbids them make fun of
him. He blames that Preeta herself gave him these clothes. Preeta replies that Karan selected these himself. Karan blames if Abhi is a child. Shrishti qualifies Abhi wore it on children’s birthday. Preeta laughs loudly taking the towel away. Karan snatches the towel and drags Preeta closer as well. They share an eye lock. Rishab felt disturbed. Shrishti thinks if the two of them are really crazy about his sister. Preeta parts from Karan calling him clumsy. They continue arguing. Rishab was on Preeta’s side as Karan is actually clumsy; he even hit him in the morning. Shrishti takes Karan’s side. Rishab asks why she is pointlessly favoring Karan. Shrishti points that he is also favoring Preeta in spite of her mistake. They head outside while Shrishti gets Karan some new clothes.
Preeta and Rishab come outside together. Rakhi complements Rishab as he wore conventional jeans. Karan comes out in a changed dress. Preeta makes fun of him. Karan announces he will drive the car and goes outside. After Rakhi had also left, Sarla laughs over Karan’s attitude. Shrishti turns to leave annoyed with Sarla. Preeta asks them the reason, but both leave into their respective rooms. Janki and Dadi say Shrishti fought with Sarla and blamed her for Preeta’s arrest. Sarla slapped Shrishti in return. Preeta thinks she will have to plan something now.
Later, Dadi comes to Preeta saying time is slipping their hands. Both don’t like the tension at home. Janki says she thought Preeta is a doctor and must have a huge mind. Dadi and Janki mention about the plan of spilling oil to make Sarla fell off. Preeta was furious and says Sarla isn’t of Shrishti’s age. She at once gets an idea to give Shrishti a little jerk. She asks Janki if Shrishti and Sarla are aware that the switch isn’t working and giving sparks. Janki replies with a no. Preeta says they must all get into the room and Sarla would only be left to help Shrishti here. Shrishti calls Preeta into the room and shows her some designs on her laptop. Preeta calls it nice. Preeta looks towards her phone and tells Shrishti to go and charge it now, she will have to plug her later.
Karan drove hurriedly. Rishab asks why he is in a hurry. Karan smiles that there is fun in driving fast. Rishab calls Prithvi and thanks him for getting the CCTV footage at the right place. It was a great support to release Karan and Preeta. He offers his help to Prithvi anytime and appreciates his efforts. Karan thinks that Prithvi isn’t worth Rishab’s gratefulness. Prithvi tells Rishab that he is engaged to Preeta, it’s his responsibility to save her. Prithvi throws the phone down determined to destroy Rishab as he hates him. Karan thinks Prithvi is lying, he has a girlfriend and didn’t do anything for Preeta.

PRECAP: Shrishti and Preeta were ready for a wedding. Shrishti says Preeta looks beautiful, who she wants to mesmerize; Rishab or Karan?