Who Killed Libia Episode 27 Update on Friday 20th July 2018


Whiles John and Sofia bids goodbye to each other after paying him a visit with Father Teddy to check on John, Fernando enters and questions her about what she is doing there. Sofia also asks him same question as to what he is also doing there. Fernando replies that, he is there to say a big thank you to John for saving her life and Sofia replies back stating she came there also for same purpose to thank John for saving her. He thanks John and quickly, Tina arrives to invite them for to a party she and Hortencia has organized for John for his successful return. Tina again invites Sofia and Father Teddy thinks it’s will be best if she could attend the party to thank God for saving her from that wicked person. Seriously indirectly, Father Teddy was speaking to Fernando.
Fernando haves dumb to what Father said and asks Tina if he is welcomed also to the party not only him but all of the family and Tina accepts.
Gabriela confronts the doctors at the retired home to bring back her father to her if not they will certainly have her to confront with and he will allow the police to take up the case. The in charge then warns his workers to go look for Augustin and bring him back to the centre.
John goes ballistic with Tina for taking away his sisters’ picture it’s stand and Tina can’t understand why he will even get angry with her for using the picture to keep her company since she likes her very much though she never knew her.
Bruno, Oduro and Benito call on Armando to help them rent a place to do their business and he accepts to help them. after Armando left with his bodyguards, the three suspects Armando to be a crook person because no person not even the rich in the town will even have such many bodyguards with him like that. Oduro then suggests that they have to be very careful with him if they are going to be partners with him and Fernando.
Individually, Both John and Sofia think that no one can separate them because they believe they were made for each other since they love themselves very much.
Fernando tells Gabriela about the party Tina organized but she disagrees to go with her daughters to that so-called party as it doesn’t worth her presence but Fernando tells her that if so then he will go to support Sofia.
The health workers are on their way to look for Mr. Augustin but unluckily for them, young Pablo intentionally distracts them from seeing him in the bush after Augustin pleaded with him to protect him from them because he doesn’t want to go back to the center again. Young Pablo then finds a safe hiding place for Mr. Augustin and he brings him blanket and food to eat.
Father never condemns Sofia for having an affair with John and he tells her he understands her because he knows she doesn’t love her husband one bit and that is why he sent letter to his high authority to help him get divorce for her but she is not to tell anyone because the procedure is ongoing.
Oscar is always pissed off to see Oduro in the hacienda and he pledges to never stay back to watch anything happen between Jemima and Oduro but Franco thinks Oscar is only interested in Jemima’s money and Oscar seriously confesses to him that, he has actually fallen in love with Jemima and the money is now even not his problem at all.
Oduro and Benito go to see Gabriela so she can allow them go out with Jemima and Sarah to the party and she accepts.
Tina is able to convince the brothers to come to the party at the church hall to thank God for the return of John and in there, Franco sings to thank God for his brother’s return. Oscar is the one who reads scriptures for the service. After, the whole town engages in the outside party and it was really blooming but jealousy sets in as others begin to see their partners or lovers in the hands of others.
Rosario challenges Franco to choose between her and Sarah but he wasn’t able to
Eva distracts Fernando from catching Sofia and John kissing at a corner. After getting rid of him, she advices Sofia to be very careful of what she is doing because it’s goes against her marriage and Sofia says, she knows what she is doing is wrong but, the fact is, she loves John and not even the law or anyone can stop her.
Since Sofia was proving to be stubborn not to understand her and stay off from John because still in marriage their love seems impossible, she spills the truth to her that, she also had same experience and it became impossible because the man she did also loved was a married man and that was her father Bernando Elizondo. Sofia then goes surprised