Timeless Love Episode 181 Update on Monday 9th July 2018


Lurking Berta overhears the post-necklace Hija/Mama exchange. From her spiteful point of view this tender moment is not about Renata but rather about herself and she demands an explanation, much as she would from a lover kissing another woman. Regina and Renata agree the time for truth has come. “You are not my real daughter,” Regina admits. “¿Cómo?” demands Roberta, purple eyelids ablaze in anger. She recounts the proof, the DNA test, her heart condition, the birth certificate, what about all that? Regina firmly insists it was all a dreadful mistake (equivocacion). They lob this multisyllabic word back and forth until Regina cuts the game short, Berta’s fingerprints did NOT match those on Regina’s birth certificate. You’ve got to give Berta props, she plays this match like a pro. She looks truly stricken and tells Regina she really saw her as her own true mother and was beginning to love her as such. Regina admits she was shocked too but without a doubt Renata is her real daughter.
Roberta cries that she doesn’t want to give Regina up as her mama. She doesn’t want to be the daughter of a murderess. “No quiero, no quiero!” Renata jumps in and tells her sister they no longer have to be under Fina’s dirty cloud. This is the perfect time for Berta to reinvent herself, change, and start Telling The Truth (hint hint). Berta weeps that Fina has already destroyed her and she has nothing else to tell. Renata puts Berta on the spot, did she really know all this time that she was Fina’s daughter?  Was Roberta aware of the identity switch?
Over at the fiesta site Fina, in disguise but still completely identifiable as Josefina Monterrubio, chats with the other neon-wigged singers while Jero and Matias, mere steps away, take no notice of the pink-hued help. Jero pensively talks to Matias about the first time he was in this garden at Mat’s welcome, about all that has happened since then and about letting go of all his feelings of vengeance. Matias says “life is full of surprises, Profe”. (Well he would be surprised if only he’d check out the wacko on the stage!) Jero is delighted that Matias has decided to call him “teacher” again and Matias, quickly becoming the master of the love fest, admits that Jero will always be the best example of a teacher to him. (Certainly he is the best example of how to look hot in a suit.)
Jero says speaking of examples he and Renata decided that there would be no better example of Godparents than Matias and Adri. Matias ratchets up the love and sheds a sentimental tear before embracing his Profe in a macho man-hug. Fina can’t resist skulking close to them, peeking at their happiness and leaving a wake of creepified, howling background music. Boys, are you deaf?!?!
There is howling inside too. Regina and Renata press Berta to tell them where Fina is , they are sure she knows, but Berta continues to loudly insist of course she doesn’t know! (Por supuesto que no!) She doesn’t have the least idea (la menor idea) where that woman is! She promises! Their body language says it all, real mother and daughter side by side, hanging their heads in disbelief, Renata’s arms crossed in defense against the lies. Roberta rushes out (as usual) and Nata comforts her weeping mother.
We’re back in the wine country and for the first time there are no giant block letters advising us of the location. I guess they figure that after 180 episodes we finally know where we are. Manuela is saying goodbye to Tony and Padre S as our favorite young couple excitedly enters the scene. They have good news and proudly show her their university registrations. Ali will study nutrition to help girls who share her problem and Anibal will of course study oenology and come back to dedicate himself to wine production. 
Fina is in the washroom arranging her lurid locks and cackling that her vengeance is nigh. Heh, she checks under the stalls to make sure she’s alone before channeling the witch queen, “Mirror Mirror on the wall”. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than exerting control over the lives of others. “Fina you are marvelous! You are one of a kind. You are brilliant my queen, brilliant!” she giggles. Her telephone interrupts her autolovefest and she cheerfully wishes her daughter Feliz Cumpleaños. 
“We’ve been found out,” blurts Berta. She says the estupido bank compared fingerprints and discovered that Berta was the Cuckoo chick imposter placed in another bird’s nest. Now she won’t get a worm or a peso because the whole world knows Renata is the true inheritor and daughter of estupida Regina Soberon. (Hey, Roberta’s got some scar on her forearm. It looks like one I have on the same spot from where I once got slashed by a wineglass; it took 156 stitches to close that pumper.) After they take turns blaming each other Roberta immerses herself in loathing and whines that now Renata will have everything, the money, the house, Jero’s love, while Berta once again is stuck with nada. “You don’t know how much I hate her. Why couldn’t she have drowned in the sea along with Jeronimo?” 
Fina tries to calm her down and get the 411 on where Roberta stands with Regina and Renata.  Berta says she played the victim and vowed she had no idea that she wasn’t Regi’s girl. Fina’s glad and instructs Berta to go back and enjoy the party and pretend to be happy for being part of La Familia Monterrubio in spite of everything (a pesar de todo). Fina assures her they will still carry out their plan and head to Switzerland, happy to once again be mother and daughter. Berta whines about no money and Fina divulges that she does have money (pero yo sí) and she’ll share it with Berta when they escape. “Now go party down because tomorrow we start a new life.”
Manuela and Kari are in an echo-y construction which is the house that Laz is building for Kari. Wow, that Super Laz is some hombre, works full time, chases bad guys, saves people, seeks out the truth, and now he’s building a house too. They talk ad nauseum about how much Laz loves and has loved Kari (OK, I admit I’m jealous that she got MI Lazaro!) and then they waste more valuable viewing time checking out the kitchen. 
Over at Casa M Jero is holding a pow wow with Gonzo, Regi and Nata. He says once again he does not trust or believe Roberta. Renata and Regina comment that Berta seemed truly sad and she swore she knew nothing about Fina, although they know it wasn’t true. Gonzo reminds them that Fina was seen leaving Germy’s apartment and Regina tells him they gave her a chance to tell the the truth but she didn’t. “That’s because she’s a professional liar,” advises Jero, “just like her mother.”  Gonzo cuts Berta some slack by pointing out that Fina’s horrendous child-rearing left its mark on Roberta.
The Garish Grupo warms up as the Familia Monterrubio (sans Berta) arrives at the party. Fina, looking like Fearless Fly in drag, thought bubbles that she didn’t wait 24 years for nothing, she and her daughter are going to reign supreme, bwahahaha!
Ines and Regina say that every year they had a birthday cake for Renata, never losing hope. Now Regina can finally be happy…a pesar de todo. Regi meets the questioning looks by admitting that Roberta already knows she is not Regina’s daughter.
As for Berta, she sulks up in her ivory tower, damning Renata for stealing everything that Roberta ever wanted. Gonzo taps on the door and tells her Regi told him everything. The sweet daddy music plays and he wants her to listen. She came into his life when she was only 12 years old with her innocent smile. From that moment he thought of her as his daughter. She tries to interrupt, saying “but not like Renata…” He shushes her and continues, yes each child is different but a father’s love is equal for both. For him she is his daughter and always will be. He adds that her mother filled her heart with hate and envy but Roberta is responsible for her own life. He urges her to fight to have her own life. Believe it or not her sister loves her and so does Regina.  

Down at the fiesta Renata is excited that Mat and Adri will be padrinos to little Regina or Rafael. Matias negotiates a similar deal for them when his child is born. The foursome couldn’t be happier but the camera pans to…Fina, hidden in full view, who observes while serenaded by the evil, groaning voices in her head.   
Back in Berta’s room it appears as if papa’s words might be melting the iceberg that is her heart. His assurance that the power of love transcends everything brings her to tears. He knows she can reinvent herself and start fresh. He invites her tell him everything she knows about Fina who, although she is Berta’s mother, has not been a good mother. Fina only thinks of herself and puts herself in front of everyone including Berta. He begs his daughter not to be an accomplice to a murderer and he gently reminds her that Fina killed the love of Berta’s life. This really sets Berta off and she’s wracked in sobs thinking about her profound loss. Gonzo assures her she still has her family, and he tells her several times how much he loves her. “I love you too Papa” she sobs after he has departed, and she clings to her pillow as she weeps. Wow, what a powerful scene. It brought tears to my eyes. How about a standing ovation for these two?
Gonzo joins Regina, he’s not sure if his words affected Roberta. “Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!” commands Regina, and the table obeys. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Here is one of the old SNL Sprockets Skits) What a great party; and they really know how to dance! I sure wish that poor family could have just one party where shooting and grave bodily harm are not the guests of honor.

In the midst of much toasting and familial bonding up strolls Roberta wondering if they should cut the cake like they do every year. Regina takes the microphone and all eyes are on her WITH FINA RIGHT BEHIND HER but nobody nobody seems to notice her. Regina says this is a special day for her and she begins to tell the story about an evil woman stealing her daughter so many years ago. Well she finally found her after all these year, but guess what, life was generous and she found two daughters! Berta looks surprised to be included in the happiness. Regina announces that now she has two daughters and her heart is overflowing with love for both of them. Happy Birthday hijas!

Fina, looking like she wants to hurl, claps politely in the background while Regina leads a rousing version of Las Mañanitas. The two sisters close their eyes and make a wish then together blow out the candles. Renata drags her sis to the microphone and blathers her happiness and thanks to everyone in the crowd, calling out her family one by one. Fina’s scowling then smirking head keeps popping up between the sisters like a bobble-head from hell. 

Berta takes the mic, says she’s made a lot of mistakes and today she wants to ask their forgiveness. “What are you doing?” Fina angrily thought-bobbles behind her. Berta continues by saying she told lies to many of them. She tells Jero she knows he rarely believes her, but she swears she loved Rafael with all her heart and soul. And now her punishment is that she has neither his love nor his child. She tells Gonzo from the moment she arrived in his life he was always a great papa to her. She asks Renata to forgive her for always trying to be like Renata but also for hating everything that Renata tried to be. She was always envious of Renata’s capacity to love and be loved. Berta says today they have all given her the opportunity to reinvent herself and she’s going to try. Gonzo beams and Jero looks skeptical. It would take him at least another 130 episodes to start believing her.

Roberta says to prove herself she admits she does know where Josefina Alvarez is and she and her real mother were planning to leave the country tomorrow. From the bottom of her heart she begs their forgiveness. “Forgive me sister,” she cries to Renata and hugs  her sister. 

Renata leads Berta away from the microphone as Fina turns and pulls something out of her bag of tricks. Berta asks her sis to forgive her and as she hugs Renata she sees a wackily wigged out version of her mama glare at them, shake her head and assume the shooting stance. 

She aims. She fires. 

Roberta makes a movement.