Three Sides of Ana Episode 48 Update on Monday 9th July 2018


BadAna interrupts tio and Sue having a moment, because he’s her personal property and nobody else can look let alone touch. She tells Sue about how he’s absolutely awash in golddiggers now that he’s single again and tries subtly to warn her off, Badana offers to be Sue’s person at the real estate place so she won’t have to talk to tio ever again.

Meanwhile the secretary is worried about TioM going off alone when he’s all sad and stuff, but he assures her a little alone time is what he needs. BadAna doesn’t know he’s going yet,  they’ll tell the girls at a special dinner tonight.

Which Abue and Leonore are preparing for, and have forgotten to tell Bad Ana about. Abue calls the office and  the secretary apparently has better things to do so she asks Inaki to answer. After finding out about the special family dinner and assuring Abue he’ll totes give BadAna the message, but declining to give his name. Inaki tells BadAna when she walks in (I can’t even chide her for showing midriff or the cut outs in the back, she looks so good and it’s the closest to office appropriate she’s gotten in a while) that the call was nothing important and to cancel her plans for tonight cause he’s taking her out. (oh Inaki what are you plotting now?)

Ramiro tells Santiago he’s wining and dining his wife tonight so could he scram please.

Abue’s getting tons of messages on her dating app from silver foxes (one assumes) but she’s going to delete them all because she prefers loneliness and misery (one assumes)

Ramiro and his boss try to talk boring business stuff but the older single ladies are blowing up his phone w/ scandalous propositions. He’s really only interested in Abue’s profile but she won’t respond.

Yelling time w/BadAna, Leonore and Abue – the trip, ya sabes.
BadAna goes to her room to sulk and remember how not interested in her TioM is. Inaki calls and when she refuses to go out w/him gets testy and blackmails her w/the date in her passport to meet him at the restaurant..

Santicelo muses for a while and then dresses as Marcelo and takes a taxi, leaving a note for Ramiro saying BadAna is not coming, he (Santiago) is going to talk w/her.

BadAna is putting her makeup on and remembering killing Jenny and Evaristo telling her only Marcelo knows, she’s getting pretty freaked.
TioM and Abue talk bout what a brat that BadAna is while she eavesdrops. She comes in to pretend she’s ok w/tio leaving her behind behind but she can’t stay for dinner and she heads out in a hookerific black lace number to bash some car w/a tire iron.  Back in her car and there’s Marcelo in the headlights! Accelerate!!
He dodges then tries to catch her, she escapes, he looks very confused.

At the restaurant Inaki is pissed BadAna is making him wait, and the waiter wants the table for somebody whose date isn’t going to stand him up. Inaki asks for 10 more min and some water.

Ramiro and Llora talk on the phone. He still thinks BadAna is coming.
Santiago gets home and tells Ramiro she tried to run him down. Ohh the car she smashed was TioM’s car. Ramiro figures she was pissed b/c tio didn’t do exactly what she wanted and the trying to run Santicelo down was just because of the shock of seeing her dead husband. They will both protect Analu and find out who BadAna’s lover is (go team!)

TioM and Abue talk bout the girls, whose the problem child, whose fault is that, and Llora is just fine, she’s the one they don’t have to worry about (this convo would be funny if they weren’t so irritating, ‘oh we created a monster, oh well’  ‘we’re  bad parents, but oh well I’m sure it’ll turn out ok’ ungh) Now that Llora has got over that horrible Ramiro who is totes guilty of all bad things, Valentin is the new hope. Tio doesn’t seem so sure but Abue only listens when she wants to. Oh! Abue just had a spiffy new idea, instead of going alone or taking BadAna w/him he should take Llora on the trip. She leaves Tio and Llora to talk about it and after a little chat bout BadAna that doesn’t include how crazy she is Tio invites Llora on the trip. (its like he doesn’t know what will happen. Neither do I for that matter, but I know it won’t be good)

Valentin reminisces bout that one time when he pointed a gun at Marcelo and blamed him for having Gina killed. Also TioM is responsible for his “accident” (the quotes are b/c he caused it himself on purpose to swindle TioM) and subsequently losing Gina, who so did love him and wasn’t a money hungry b@#ch at all. They fight over the gun and Marcelo wins leaving Valentin on the floor yelling about how Marcelo et al will pay. In the present he thoughtbubbles Evaristo said he killed him, he better not be lying.

BadAna and that outfit meet w/Ev to tell him she’s seen Marcelo and missed, Inaki knows she was there when Jenny died, and TioM don’t love her no mo. Ev is all respectful and polite in that sardonic way he has and says he’ll take care of it.

TioM sees his car as BadAna drives up – ‘oh dear, what could have happened, do you want me to call your insurance, gosh I hope this won’t mean you have to cancel your trip’ she gushes. Nope he’ll rent a car, nope he doesn’t want her to give him a ride home, he’ll drive, see ya  BadAna is foiled again.
She heads inside and just misses Llora fondling Analu’s bracelet. More bad news for our BadSeed though, Llora is packing to go on the trip w/tio. BadAna pretends he asked her first and she refused so Llora could have a chance to go. Oh btw does Valentin know? Bad Ana offers to tell him for her since she’ll be heading out early tomorrow, wishes her a goodnight and swipes her phone on the way out.
In her own room BadAna wishes Llora had died in the accident too, and swears she will pay for this in tears of blood as she examines the phone.