Cosita Linda Episode 110 Update on Monday 9th July 2018


Episode 110 

Mariana goes to the mansion to take what belongs to her. Vivi and Tiffany show their discontent but Diego reminds them that now it is a Lujan like him so they must be nice. Laura begins to be attracted to Santi. Mariana learns that Ana will also live at the mansion because she will become Olegario’s wife. Mariana and Marijose hate each other and do everything they can to avoid each other. Tiffany tells Vivi that she is ready to kill Lisandro to avoid problems. Mariana goes to Santi to ask for forgiveness but he does not want to hear anything and puts her out. Tiffany arranges an appointment with Lisandro to give him the money.

Ramona tells Diego that the call she has received comes from an old sick aunt who wants her to visit him. Diego does not believe it and asks Marijose if she has any idea why Ramona is going badly. Finally Tiffany gives the money to Lisandro and while it counts, Lisandro shot him in the heart. Santi approaches Laura. Olegario goes to find Consuelo in their village so that she can return to the manor house. Ramona sees Telma again after many years and asks her what she is doing there, she tells him that she came because Narciso stopped sending money to her and so she wants to talk to him. Diego sees Ana in the office and they realize how much they love each other. Telma goes to the mansion with Ramona and at the entrance she meets Mariana. She invites Mariana to dinner for the purpose of this closer to her.