Kundali Bhagya Episode 126 Update on Friday 6th July 2018


Kareena claps at Preeta’s accusation. She calls Preeta a liar, although she and Karan were looking for evidence still Karan didn’t see that guy, because no such guy exists. Preeta says she is well aware what a girl’s character and respect mean for a girl but Sherlin is characterless. Sherlin asks Rishab to say something. Rishab asks what he must say, he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Kareena says she will explain, Preeta got a golden chance to weave a story to break Sherlin and Rishab’s proposal just for Karan. Preeta was always against her choice, and is blaming Sherlin on purpose.
Mahesh scolds Kareena for ruining the matter, who is she to decide who is right or wrong.
Sarla defends Preeta, but Kareena says according to them they must break the marriage of Sherlin
and Rishab and marry her with Preeta. Kareena doesn’t stop. Sarla was furious and tells Preeta they can’t always be right because they are rich. Preeta cries in apology to Sarla. Kareena says Preeta is lying because Sherlin wasn’t in the Club today, she was shopping for her wedding dress since morning. Shrishti asks Kareena if she saw Sherlin shopping today, they can watch CCTV footage of Club. Rakhi says she had seen Sherlin here at around 4.30. Preeta says the raid was around 1 pm. Rishab agrees to go to watch CCTV footage of Club. Preeta asks Sherlin to move. Sherlin asks to get her purse from the room. Everyone in the family was alert.
Prithvi was enjoying the news of Karan’s arrest in the newspaper. He finally tears the paper, happy that Karan Luthra’s game will now be over. He gets the call from Sherlin. Sherlin tells Prithvi that Preeta told all the truth about her to everyone, she says the Luthra family is going to check the CCTV footage. Prithvi asks if she tried and convince everyone. Sherlin says she tried but… Prithvi was furious that she couldn’t even act a bit. Sherlin argues it was his mistake to stuff the drugs in Karan’s pocket. Prithvi was enraged and throws a glass on floor. He shouts at Sherlin that he always prepare the situations for her and she can’t handle anything. Sherlin counters that she always supported him in all his plans. Prithvi breaks the bottles and chairs around. Sherlin was stubborn and wanted to know his plan first.
In the hall, Shrishti signals that Sherlin must be making an emergency call in the room, else she could have brought the purse four times by now. Sarla stops Shrishti, they are already leaving to watch the CCTV footage. Rakhi asks Dadi and Kratika to stay home. She herself goes to get Sherlin.
Sherlin asks Prithvi if he would share her plan. Prithvi blames Sherlin for not giving her time to think even, he can’t think by holding the phone. He tells Sherlin to indulge the Luthra’s at home, till then he will decide about the footage. Sherlin tells him to be quick. Rakhi had come at the door, and asks if she was speaking to someone on phone? She just heard Sherlin said they don’t have much time. Sherlin was speechless. Rakhi says Shrishti already told her, she must be talking to some guy or her boyfriend?

PRECAP: Sherlin complains to Kratika that she had already not liked her for Rishab, and wanted Preeta to be her sister in law. Rishab shouts at her that this is enough, if she has some problem leaving for Club he is ready to break their marriage right away.