Kuch Rang Episode 139–140 Update on Friday 6th July 2018


Bhola sees Dev’s pic in newspaper and shows it to Ishwari. Ishwari excitedly says she will call Dev and inform him. Mamaji stops her, checks newspaper and says it is written Dev’s company is bearing huge losses because of Dev.
At Sona’s house, family discusses what they will wear during engagement. Asha says he will look like a tree if he wears his usual dress. He says better than their colorful dress. Family continues their drama.
Dev at home reminisces Sona’s request to not come in front of her. Marriage broker comes and introduces himself. Dev asks if he brought alliance for Ria. He says no, his mom asks to get allliance for one of his employee Sonakshi Sinha. He says she must be special employee. He says mom will come and hides
behind wall. Ishwari comes and gies money to broker and asks him to go soon. Dev feels shattered seeing this.
Sona before getting ready for her engagement cries and thinks she has to move on and forget Dev. She looks mobile thinking if Dev will call her. She continues crying and reacting. Her enggagemennt starts. Daadi peforms Sona and Rithvik’s rituals in a bengali style. Sen gives gift for Sona followed by others. Sona repeatedly looks at her mobile waiting for Dev’s call.
Dev gets ready for office. Ishwari gives him breakfast and says why don’t he eat well, he is looking so weak. Dev says he is not hungry and walks a bit. He returns and asks why did she do this. She asks what. He asks why did she get Sona’s alliance. Ishwari says Sona came here to take care of her and should have been in her limits, she should have changed her mind and left the job when she started loving him, she did not, so she found an alliance for Sona. Dev stands crying. Ishwari asks if he still loves Sona. Dev says no, but she should not have done this. Ishwari says if she has done a mistake, he should forgive her. Dev walks angrily teary eyed.
After Sona’s engagement, Sona asks Sourav to give her gift. He asks to touch his feet first and says Rithvik he has given full 1 year worth subscription free of his website. Sona asks where is her gift. He says he could not decide what buy, so he got a gift voucher for her. She opens envelope and sees 50,000 rs voucher. Elena says even she needs gift. He asks to touch his feet then. Drama continues.

Dev reminisces his mom’s words that she did not feel she did anything wrong. He looks at his and Sona’s pic and thinks tomorrro is Sona’s engagement. Tina brings journalist and says he wants to take interview. Dev says he is busy and if he can take interview some other day. He gets a call and turns. Reporter sees Sona and Dev’s pic on table and clicks pic from his mobile. He says Dev if he is busy, he will interview him some other day.
Sona’s family enjoys breakfast. Bejoy praises Asha and then says he did not read newspaper since morning. Sourav says even he did not read newspaper. Asha sees paper in Daadi’s hand. Bejoy takes paper and is shocked to see Dev and Sona’s pic in front page. He shouts how cheap Dev and his
mom are trying to defame his daughter. Sourav says they should take legal action. Asha says tomrrow is engagement and they should not fall in police problem. Sen comes with Rithvik and asks Bejoy what is all this in newspaper, all his relatives are talking about it. Bejoy says he will explain. Rithvik says he should listen to uncle. Sen says stand quietly. Sona says Dev is his past and she already told Rithvik everything. Rithvik says yes. Sen says he is a middle class man and he cannot lose his dignity, so he will rethink about this alliance. Rithvik says dad.. Sen forcefully takes him from there..
Sona angrily gets into her room, calls Dev and asks what nonsense is this, why did he give interview about them in Delhi Metro newspaper. He says trust me, I did not give any interview. She asks then why did news leak out in front page. He says again, trust me he di dnot. Sona says fie and disconnects call. He checks newspaper and fumes. Ishwari sees family watching Dev and Sona’s news on news channel, reporter telling because of this girl India’s leading businessman Dev cannot handle his business now. Dev comes down. Ishwari asks what is all this.. Dev leaves. Mamaji saays Ishwari that Dev will answer her questions and she should keep her calm. Radha asks mamaji to change his dress as reporters may throng anytime and she does not want them to look good.
Dev angrily enters newspaper office and slaps reporter and angrily shouts at editor how dare he is to print his personal news, why did not he think what will happen to the girl’s life, if he does not print apology letter tomorrow, he will destroy his him and his newspaper. At Sona’s house, Asha cries and Bejoy tries to console her.
Dev goes back to his office. Rithvik comes and says Sona requested him to help her forget Dev and he was trying his best, he is upset on Sona as she did not inform him completely about Dev, she did not inform him that her upper class ex does not have class and can ruin anyone’s life for his ego, he feels bad for Sonakshi who loved such a cheap man. Dev apologizes and says this should not have happened. Rithvik asks if he thinks only he is intelligent, his sorry will not correct a girl’s tarnished image, shame on him. It is good Ded and Sona separated as he does not deserve Dev, she is so good and he is so… Dev says Sona is very good. Rithvik asks him to stop his drama, he wants Sona to shatter for leaving his life. If he thinks, his family will break engagement seeing news, he is wrong. He is kind of lot who gets happy pushing someone in trouble.
Radha starts badmouthing about Sona in front of Ishwari and tries to brainwash her. Mamaji asks her to stop yelling baselessly, news says Dev gave interview, why will Sona do this whene she is getting married.
Dev reaches home and sees Ishwari awake and asks why did not she sleep yet. She says seeing morning’s news, how will she sleep. He says he went to news paper offce and confront reporter for printing wrong news. She says she trusts him. He says her trust is most important to him.
Precap: Sona asks parents if they have extra cards. Asha says Sourav just took cards. Sona says it is okay, she will courier. Dev gets Sona’s engagement card via courier and asks Ishwari if he can attend Sona’s engagement.