Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 352–354 Update on Friday 6th June 2018


Laxmibai learns from Raghunath that Nathey Khan was Ladai Sarkar’s chief aide.
Rao Dulaju warns that Nathey Khan being very brave, it would be difficult to capture him. Laxmibai declares her plan for the next day: capture Ladai Sarkar dead or alive and free Tatya Tope and other prisoners captured by the queen of Orcha.
The war between the two kingdoms commences again. Laxmibai captures Nathey Khan and make him a prisoner.
In the previous episode, Ladai Sarkar is furious at Tatya Tope after he slaps her. Ladai Sarkar commands her soldiers to imprison Tatya Tope
Anand refuses to eat food and insists on being fed by his mother. Moropant fears for Anand’s health. Moropant informs the Raj Vaidya, who examines the prince. 
Laxmibai learns from Rao Dulaju about the arrival of a messenger from Orcha. Ladai Sarkar offers to release Tatya Tope in return for Nathey Khan. Laxmibai agrees and decides that the prisoner exchange would occur on the battlefield.
Laxmibai learns about Anand not having consumed any food. Unknown to Laxmibai, Rao Dulaju is plotting a conspiracy at the directions of Ladai Sarkar to prevent the Jhansi Queen from participating in the battle. Laxmibai is in a quandary when Anand insists on the Queen keeping him company.

Rao Dulaju advices Laxmibai against participating in the battle considering that Anand was ill. He offers to fight in her place and assures not to leave the arena till his last breath.
Robert Hamilton is happy to see Laxmibai’s decision not to participate in the battle.
While sitting in her camp taking care of Anand, Laxmibai’s thoughts are about Jhansi. She misses her husband and feels that if Gangadhar Rao had been alive, Jhansi would never have experienced her current plight.
On the battlefield, Raghunath announces that as per the agreement Ladai Sarkar has to release Tatya Tope and they would release Nathey Khan. Tatya Tope and Nathey Khan walk towards their respective armies.
Hamilton signals his officer to set fire to the explosives planted near the battle arena. Meantime, Ladai Sarkar signals Nathey Khan to mount the horse heading in his direction.  
Before Tatya Tope could smell trouble, the explosion occurs. Raghunath, Acharya and the Pradhan Mantri are left motionless with shock: Tatya Tope is dead.
Acharya orders the war to be stopped to perform Tatya Tope’s funeral rites.
Laxmibai and Sunder are surprised to hear the alarms signaling the end of war. Sunder points out that it usually happens when a royal or a senior commander is killed in battle.
Ladai Sarkar is sure that Laxmibai would avenge Tatya Tope’s death. She asks Robert Hamilton to assist her in her plans to wipe out Laxmibai.

Laxmibai is stunned when she sees Tatya Tope’s corpse. She is shattered by his death.
Archarya declares Jhansi will avenge the death of Tatya Tope. He further states that the war would continue till Jhansi’s victory.
Shattered by Tatya Tope’s death, Laxmibai decides to call off the war.
Meanwhile, Ladai Sarkar rejoices when Nathey Khan reaches her camp safely. The soldiers of Orcha praise their queen.
Rao Dulaju informs Ladai Sarkar about Laxmibai’s decision to withdraw form the war. Ladai Sarkar is satisfied and is happy that now she would be able to overtake Jhansi in no time.
Laxmibai informs Acharya that when she saw the hand of the corpse she realized that Tatya Tope is still alive. She further states that Ladai Sarkar would not kill Tatya Tope unless she wins the battle.
Ladai Sarkar mocks Tatya Tope and tells him that not only the soldiers but also the queen of Jhansi had bought the news about his death. Ladai Sarkar adds that she has almost won the battle to which Tatya Tope bravely replies that time would declare who will be victorious in the battle.
Acharya is tensed about the number of supporters Ladai Sarkar has on her side. Laxmibai states that she would not risk the lives of her soldiers but will save Tatya Tope by disguising herself as Krantiguru.
Tatya Tope is surprised to see Ladai Sarkar arrive in the prisoner’s tent. He deduces that Laxmibai must have done something extraordinary during the battle.
Nathey Khan remains to his Queen and warns Laxmibai that Ladai Sarkar would not be handicapped by his capture.
Ladai Sarkar tries to bribe Tatya Tope to switch loyalties. Tatya Tope, however, insults her.
Ladai Sarkar tries to malign Laxmibai’s name by alleging that she had developed physical relations with Major Ellis. Tatya Tope gets offended and slaps the queen of Orcha.

Acharya is worried since Ladai Sarkar has a big army and the support of the British. Laxmibai declares Krantiguru would go ahead to rescue Tatya Tope from Ladai Sarkar’s prison undeterred by the fact.
Despite being in Ladai Sarkar’s custody, Tatya Tope challenges her to release him and asserts to defeat her. Ladai Sarkar is enraged by his answer.
Nathey Khan calls Ladai Sarkarto join in the celebrations organized by they army to celebrate the victory. Tortured by Ladai Sarkar, Tatya Tope asserts Laxmibai would come to rescue him. Ladai Sarkar bristles with fury at the mention of her opponent’s name and tortures Tatya Tope further.
Laxmibai fears Ladai Sarkar would torture Tatya Tope and asks Acharya to make expedite the preparations.
Laxmibai bids Anand farewell as he is deep in slumber. Laxmibai promises to return soon.
Rao Dulaju, who celebrates Orcha’s victory, praises Ladai Sarkar. Ladai Sarkar thanks Rao Dulaju for his assistance and assnounces that she has made arrangements for entertainment.
Laxmibai seeks the help of her women’s army to rescue Tatya Tope. Sunder and the other female soldiers offer to support their Queen.
With Orcha’s army busy in celebrations, Laxmibai and her army take advantage of it to sneak into the enemy camp. However, an alert soldier detects their presence and raises the alarm.
Nathey Khan summons his soldiers and asks them to be on guard. Ladai Sarkar is surprised by the pandemonium.