Fall Into Temptation Episode 27 Update on Friday 6th July 2018


PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Godoy arrives at Santiago’s to inform him that he is under arrest for Santiago that there is a complaint against him for the killing of his wife Carolina and he has a presentation order to go with them to the station because those are Vicente’s accusation.
Feeling so insecure, Mia calls her brother Federico to ask him if Nicholas is now dating his boss and Federico doesn’t understand anything yet Mia thinks he is cheating on her with Alina.
At the police station, Santiago tells Antonio that he only asked Andres if he knew about Carolina and Damián’s relationship, but he never hit him. Antonio then reminds him that he warned him to stay away from that people (the Beckers) but he (Santiago) went ahead and threatened another member of the family Andres and besides that, there is also Vicente’s accusation against him.
Rafael arrives at Raquel’s house to inform her to go get her sister from his apartment because she looks very drunk and needs help and she goes to get her sister Cynthia from the place.
After Andres showed the bruises Santiago left on his face after his attack on him to Miriam, she asks his lawyer Rueda that she needs Santiago in jail forever and so even if he’s been arrested, Rueda should assist Vicente to ratify his sue against Raquel and Santiago.
Alina goes to the police station to meet Santiago after Nicholas told her that his father has been arrested. Upon reaching there, he asks him to tell her everything because she is really willing to help him get out of every mess he has with the Becker family because she knows them very well.
After Alina spoke with Antonio about Santiago’s case and how she is willing to do everything to get him out, she asks Nicholas to get some documents at her office so with that they can process things to get his father out of jail. He then states to Nicholas that, after he will know how to pay her back for getting his dad out of jail.
THREE YEARS AGO, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Carolina becomes worried because she was arguing with Damián and Augustin was outside and he heard every bit of their argument and she tells Damián to leave because Augustin could have heard something but pretended not to have heard a thing after Carolina opened the gate and asks Damian out, she tries to justify herself about Damián’s presence in the house but Augustin tells her that she does not have to give him any explanation because he didn’t hear anything.
Azucena (Damian’s secretary) shows Damián that Andre’s computer has a video of him and Carolina making love and Damián becomes very nervous but Azucena pledges to him that his secret is safe with him. After, he goes to see Carolina to tell her that he already knows that Andres was the one who showed her the video and asks her if he did something to her and Carolina tells him, he didn’t but she doesn’t want anyone else to see that video and Damián assures her that he knows the way to keep Andres’ mouth shut.
Augustin reveals to Nacho Ignatius that he saw Carolina with Damian in their house and Nacho asks him what they were doing there but he said he never have any idea but it looked a little bit weird but they argued in a weird manner and Nacho asks him if he thinks Carolina is cheating on Santiago and just when he was about answering, Santiago arrives and they stop talking.
Damián then furiously goes to hit Andres in the company and warns him that he must not meddle in his life nor with Carolina if not he will have him to contend with and Andres also warns Damián that if he forgets about the company`s missing money, then, he will also forget and not tell anyone about his relationship with Carolina.
Raquel asks Mia about why she has sharp knives in her drawer and also why there were some blood stains in her bedsheet and she lies to her that she and her friend Julieta were practicing a new hair removal method and through that, they got a bit hurt but not all that serious and though very doubtful, she has to believe Mia like that but at the same time she tried suggesting a new method to her where they wouldn’t hurt themselves but she refuses to answer.
Damian sends a text message to Carolina asking her to answer him because he wants to know how she is doing and right there was Lola and after she picked her mother’s phone to read the message, she becomes very surprised that Damian sent that message to her mum.
Raquel asks her son Federico to tell her if his sister Mia has been hurting herself but since he is also Mia’s ally, he never revealed the truth to her. 
Carolina begins to witness sharp pains in her abdomen and Santiago calls a doctor for her and after the examination, the doctor asks her to have a lot of rest and take care of her baby. Santiago looking so shocked about the pregnancy asks Carolina since when she realized she was pregnant and she goes dumb.
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