Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1066 Update on Friday 22nd June 2018


The Episode starts with Pragya searching Simonika and finds blood wiped tissues and also sees blood on the car. She asks Simonika to come out from hideout. Simonika says you can’t catch me. Pragya catches her and says Police will come here at any time. Abhi searches for Pragya and takes his fan’s help to search her. Pragya shouts. Abhi sees Pragya and runs to her. Simonika threatens to slit Pragya’s neck. Abhi’s fan starts taking her video. She thinks she shall escape before her video gets viral. She pushes Pragya on Purab and runs, she climbs on to the truck and gets inside.
Dadi tells that Abhi will be successful. Sangram says I will take my Disha from here. Abhi and Purab are in car following the truck. Simonika thinks what to do, this lakshman Purab isn’t leaving his brother and
bhabhi. She thinks what to do. They stop the car before the temple and get down. They see tempo empty. Simonika hides and says she is Suparakha. Purab gets police searched Simonika. They come home. Disha appreciates Pragya for saving everyone and asks her to tell truth to Abhi. Pragya says she will tell him today.
Actress Rani Mukherjee come to Mehra Mansion. Abhi greets her. Pragya sees her and signs him to introduce her. Rani Mukherjee says he will understand soon and asks her to have patience. She promises her film hichki.
She asks them to go and watch her film. Pragya says we all will go and will call you and tell how we liked it. She says she needs to go now. Abhi gives his best wishes.
Police checks for Simonika. She is still in truck and thinks what to do. She thinks she will kill Pragya, Purab and Abhi together during Dussera. Dadi asks Abhi and Pragya, why they are staring at each other. Pragya says she wants to talk to him for some time. Dadi says if you keep on fighting then when you will love. Abhi says I just love Dadi and not you. Pragya says even she loves Dadi. Dadi says you shall ask me whom I love. She kisses both of them and says I love you both. She says if you keep on fighting then love will increase more and now I can leave this world peacefully. Abhi says bakwas talk and asks where she will go. He says you have to take care of grand kids. Dadi says she is not that old and acts like old granny. They laugh. Pragya says I wanted to tell you. Abhi says I will tell you something and takes her.
Aaliya comes to room and tells Tanu that she has been calling her and she is here. She tells that the attacker was Simonika, who is Dushyant’s wife whom they had hired to kill Pragya. Tanu says we shall be calm and handle the situation and goes to sleep. Aaliya thinks Tanu is right.
Disha tells Abhi that Sangram helped Simonika eloped from there. Abhi makes him sit like a clown and tied..