Timeless Love Episode 168 Update on Wednesday 20th June 2018


Last night we left just as the silver fox entered the hen house and offered our two little chickies a helping hand and ride into town. Tonight the protective and faithful sheepdog Laz rolls his eyes, but since one of our lovely birds is La Dueña of the Coop he is forced to concede. The fox gives the dog a victorious glance as he departs. 

Over at the Den de Desamor, the young cub searches dad’s office, but all the drawers and cupboards are locked.

In the La B cocina, Alison pumps Manuela for background on the characters in this tale. Manuela says apparently Doc Marina is a decent sort, she helped Manuela when she was sick, but she’s not happy that Jero ran off with her. She has no comment on Saul having never met him. They say he’s a doctor in the capital. (Did we know that? Makes sense I guess.) As for Don Augustin, she can’t say whether he’s good or bad, but he is very haughty (alzado, an interesting word that often means elevated or raised) and looks down his nose (por encima del hombro) at all of them. Manuela finally asks Ali why the sudden interest? Ali says she just wants to understand the people around her. Manuela gives Ali some advice: around here you look, listen, and keep your mouth shut. (Ve, oye, y calla).

Herminia runs in wriggling in excitement with her hot chisme. Ali cracks up and Manuela rolls her eyes, how many times has she told Hermi she hates gossip? But Hermi’s already spilling it, Don Augustin is driving Regina and Renata to Ensenada. Ali thought bubbles Hermi is the one who can reliably spill the soup.

Back the fox’s den the cub continues his search. He spies the laptop, boots it up, and appears frustrated as he pounds the keys.

Next up we see the giant letters in the bay of Ensenada announcing it is the Ruta del Vino and all I can say is I sure wish those monoliths had been there the one time I sailed into Ensenada because for the 3-4 months my boat was down there I was clueless that I was in the Wine Country. Oh well, cold beers went fine with fish tacos and I will just have to visit that now infamous wine country another time.

The doc is printing out the results of Renata’s ECG while Nata jokes about dying and Regina pats her arm in a motherly fashion.

Augustin, in white windbreaker of course, strolls and thought bubbles that without Jero in Nata’s life it will be easier to win her over again. It will take a while for her to forget Jero but Augi can be very very patient. (Since when?!?) He plans to become indispensable in her life but what are they going to do with Jeronimo’s cub? His icy glare does not bode well for the tiny creature’s future.

In the consultation the doc tells Renata she has a heart condition. He says it’s not serious but Nata needs to be vigilant during her pregnancy. Regina’s eyes grow wide as the jigsaw pieces of her brain start falling into place. “Has she had this condition since birth?” queries Regina. Doc says most likely, especially when he hears Nata’s sister also has a heart condition. In Nata’s case it just didn’t manifest itself until now. We can see by Regina’s face that more pieces are fitting together and she no doubt wonders if this lovely heart-achy chick could possibly be her own. Renata asks if she can fly to Mexico City and the doc says he will give her a prescription to minimize the altitude affect on her heart and pregnancy. 

Puppy sighting! Back at La B Adri and Matias are playing Name That Dog. Matias suggests Fido (Feedo) which is the quintessential perro name. Adri corrects him and displays the chubby puppy underbelly. Silly Matias, it is a perra not a perro and both Adri and perra glare at him with big brown eyes, dumb boy. Adri snuggles the pup and tells Matias that Julietta called with some prime chisme. Apparently she saw Berta and German in her building and Robertita is the amante of none other than German Ibarrola! Matias grimly says dad’s not going to be happy to hear his kid is hanging with a married man and Adri says Regi’s not going to like it either. Matias reveals that Gonzo told him there was a fire at Fina’s psych ward but no word yet about Fina. Matias cautions Adri not a word of this news to Renata. 

Our question regarding Fina’s hideout is answered as Berta lets them into her Germy lust nest. Berta coldly advises that she’ll give Fina some money to skip to Europe but this is the last thing she intends to do for mommy dearest and ma can’t stay there forever, is that clear? Fina cases the joint, feigning humility while she lets Berta blather. And one more thing, says Berta, she doesn’t want mom to insert herself in Berta’s life. She snips that Fina can go ahead and tell Regina that Berta’s not her own daughter if she wants and she, Berta, is no longer afraid of being alone because thank God she has someone. Fina supposes it’s the same so-and-so (fulano) that subsidised the apartment for them to wallow (revolcarse) in, no? And this same guy will protect Berta from everything, eh? Fina sneers and cackles give her a break, she’s not stupid. If Berta thinks this guy will give up everything for Berta then little B is sadly mistaken. Fina advises Berta to enjoy herself now because sooner or later Berta is going to ask Fina for help.  Those purple eyelids flutter in consternation.

Gonzo and Honorio are at the morgue and the locas are lined up horizontally, now clad in black body bags. The doctor tells G and H that the bodies are completely burned (calcinados) and they need authorization from the families before they can check records. Gonzo tells him he’s going to call and get Fina’s dental records sent over straight away. 

Aw geez, is Isidro going to be delayed AGAIN from analyzing the prints? He sits across the desk from his bank guy drinking tea and taking a pill for his temperature. He’s also hoarse so I think he really is sick. Isidro asks the guy for a favor, something confidential to be kept just between the two of them. He  hands over the fingerprints from baby Regina Soberon and adult Renata and asks the guy to run an analysis. The guy supposes it’s for a good cause and he’ll check to see if they are a match. He’ll be able to let Isidro know in a couple of days to confirm Isisdro’s suspicions.  Isisdro wants the satisfaction of telling Regina who her daughter really is. OK so this is just between these two and Isidro is sick? Something tells me he’s going to be dead or out of commission when the results come in. GAH!!! They shake hands and Isidro smiles the grin of the doomed but hopefully I’m wrong about that.

Fina is enjoying her freedom and chugging a glass of good wine while Berta stalks around the apartment in her angry spike heels. Fina demands money and tells Berta she needs new clothes and accesories. Berta hands over some cash and sasses that she’s not mom’s servant. Fina lashes out that she’s the mother and Berta had better get her some new duds NOW.

After Berta grudgingly departs for the clothing store Fina recalls starting the fire, slipping the paper into Blanca’s pocket, giving Blanca her flying lesson and holding up the key to Blanca’s hidden wealth. Fina smiles and proposes a toast to herself for  her genius (genialidad) in getting rid of all the obstacles in her way and getting the money she needs. All she has to do now is change her look and get her “inheritance” from little Blanca. She raises her glass to heaven and starts to toast Blanca, changes her mind, lowers her glass down and toasts to Blanca in hell.

Back in Ensenada sly Augustin feigns concern that Renata’s baby is fine as he gets a bit more info about her ailment. Yes it’s the same condition that Doc NastyN discovered. Roberta also has the condition so it runs in the family (mal de familia). Regina says thankfully it’s not very serious so they can leave tomorrow for the DF. Augi suggests Renata should stay and recuperate some more but Nata wants to leave right away. Augi tells Nata just because she’s going to the DF doesn’t mean she won’t see him anymore. She confirms that she doesn’t want to lose his friendship. “Friendship!” he thought-bubbles, “I want MUCH MORE than your friendship Renata.”

Regina calls Gonzo and he tells her about the psych ward fire and that Fina is likely dead. Regina breaths a sigh of relief, not remembering that the sneaky gata has nine lives. 

Over at Empresas Monterrubio (EM) the nasty serpent stalks the soft gray dove that he hopes to gobble up. Germy approaches receptionist Beth and she squirms in discomfort under his hungry gaze. He tells her to call him German and she responds how can she help him SEÑOR IBARROLA?  She tells him Roberta just called and she’ll be delayed getting to the office. Perfect, he says, knowing that wife-type #2 won’t be around to monitor him. He suggests taking Beth out to eat but she says she doesn’t go out with her bosses and her BOYFRIEND wouldn’t like it. The serpent hisses it’s a good idea to get to know her BOSSES better as it has many benefits, and she knows the kind of work he means. He licks his lips and leers at the prospect of lunch.

Roberta gets back to the lust nest cum hideout with bags of clothing and lunch. Fina tells Berta she wants Berta to be her eyes and ears at Gonzo’s house to see what they find out about her disappearance or incineration (calcinacion, which also means calcination and this might be a clue as to Fina’s demise). Berta agrees but she wants Fina to think about when she’s going to leave and with what, because she wants Fina outta there in a couple of days and has already given her all the money she has. Fina corrects her, Berta had better invent a story for her new boyfriend because it will take a couple of weeks before Berta gets her inheritance and they can escape together. Berta asks who says she’ll leave with Fina? “Your hate,” answers mom, “your hate for Regina and all the Monterrubios which is as great as mine.”  Berta retorts that she hates Fina more than she hates them. Fina tut tuts and says Berta needs to get over it because Berta will do what is best for the two of them. 

Sweet Beth goes to Gonzo’s office to discuss a delicate matter with him. She starts to say that the other day she agreed to go out to eat with him but…she is interrupted. The serpent has stalked his prey into this sanctuary and spins it so that he just wanted to go out with Beth to assist with some company training (capacitacion) and personal improvement, is Gonzo cool with that? Gonzo says he fully supports training, right Beth? And with that the sad dove leaves the office in defeat.

Germy sits down and Gonzo says he realizes Germy joined the company at a time of great family conflict but Germy’s done a great job with business negotiations. Germy says he has even better news, he just closed the Edgardo Gorrena deal and he would like Roberta to go with him to the guy’s country house to work out the details of the contract. Gonzo hesitates at the idea of his purple cuckoo flying away with this guy, but Gonzo can’t see the predator in the man and finally relents. Germy is a master of making what is nasty sound innocent.

Ines and Isidro wring their hands as they discuss proving Renata is Regina’s daughter and the thought of Fina, who may or may not be Nata’s mom, burning up in the fire. Ines prays that Renata knows whether or not Pepa is her real mother when she finds out if Pepa lived or died in the fire. But then she says there is one more possibility, maybe Pepa escaped.

Hons welcomes Coni’s lawyer to his office. The lawyer says thanks to the picture and testimony of the woman from the center they are watching Corinna’s house and any moment now should be able to capture her. 

Coni’s still in jail wailing for help from the Virgencita. With all the proof they have against Corinna can’t they let Coni out? I guess they have to have someone in jail and until they get Corinna Coni gets to keep her spot warm. She’s praying to the Virgen de Guadalupe to get her out of jail soon, she only wanted to help the little baby.

Back at LaB Matias and Adri discuss Germy while the puppy energetically nibbles Adri’s fingers with tiny, sharp teeth. Matias says Gonzo is convinced Germy is a good man and even a friend, but a good friend wouldn’t be having it on with one’s daughter. Germy is an entrepeneur and great businessman, but if he doesn’t respect the Monterrubios then he has no place at EM. Adri points out the problem is so far they only have Julietta’s word for it. At this dead end they weary of family business and let the puppy scamper on the floor while they smooch and express their undying love.

As Augustin’s truck hurtles inland its occupants are occupied with their own thoughts. Regina thinks that she never wanted Fina dead but she must admit that part of her is glad to be able to finally relax. But poor Renata, although her relationship with Fina was fractured, Fina was her mother. She prays to God to help them find the words to give Renata the news in the best way possible. Renata thinks about Jero and asks him how can he be so cruel to her yet again? Why? Why does he keep yanking away her ability to enjoy life? Augi drives and thinks that he will use Renata’s fragility, hate for Jero and her courage in his favor. He’s got to stop her from going to Mexico City and find a way to get her to open her heart to him again. And he thinks he might know just what to do!

Padre Severino tells Antonio that he’s looked everywhere for Marina and he can’t find her. Tony says maybe she and Jero want it that way, at least for now. Come on you two dopes, you look like Spy vs Spy and you are even stupider! Don’t you think it’s weird that nobody can find either Marina or Jero? They are missing! Aaarrrghhh!! At last Toni says something smart. He tells Padre S that even if he heard something in the confidence of confession, if there is any doubt that Jero and Marina have not disappeared voluntarily then Padre S should investigate and get to the bottom of the situation for everyone’s good. Ya think? 

Back at La B Manuela and Kari wonder how this will all turn out. Will Jero return and if he does will Doc TwinsForTatas be with him? Manuela’s vote is that he returns alone and with a convincing (contundente) reason so Renata will forgive him. They both have a hard time figuring out what that reason could be. Renata’s heart is broken in a thousand pieces, will it ever be put back together as it once was?  Manuela uses Kari and Laz as an example, they finally got together after all those obstacles.

The phone rings and Manuela answers then goes white. She walks toward Kari and says it’s Dr. UnendingObstacle and he wants to talk to Kari! Kari reluctantly takes the phone and is afraid he somehow escaped from jail. No, he says, he’s still in the Tijuana jail. It’s his birthday and the only present he wanted to give himself is the sound of her voice. Creep!! Manuela and Kari listen as Dr. WhyWasIBornTodayOrAnyDay whimpers that of all the mistakes he made, with her he made the worst. The guard says “Time’s up” but NastyN keeps whining “I’ve done you so much damage and I loved you with an egotistical love, but I loved you, I loved you!”  Well that’s one helluva birthday present jerkoff, call your ex and terrorize her some more. From all the ladies may I say we hope our next birthday is in HELL!

The guard hangs up for NastyN, Kari is dumbstruck, and Manuela just shakes her head, “Too little too late,” (muy tarde llegó su arrepentimiento). Kari says it hurt her to hear him and we are cursed with watching his thin-lipped maw gape in anguish as he blubbers her name over and over. 

Speaking of anguish, MiClumsy is over at the chem lab dropping chemicals and pitching a fit because he’s sick of not being able to use his hands, oh boo hoo. Prissbutt uses this as an excuse, not that she ever needs one, to smarmily sooth his childish ego and fondle his hands. She is there to help out. He says he’s stressed out because he wants Jero to get back and have things return to normal. Prissy sits deeply within his space and faces him, making sure to touch his legs. She reminds him that he told her he was conflicted with his feelings about her and Mati and she caresses his face, pressing her case. Just as he is looking confused Super Laz saves the day by coming in and calling “Hey Brother-In-Law, Renata just returned.” Laz stares at Prissy and waits for Carlos to leave the lab before he departs. Priss the predator smiles smugly to herself. Is it because she thinks she’s making headway or has she identified Laz as an impediment?

Renata and Regina have their backs to us as they gaze at the vineyards from the La B porch. From this angle it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Carlos and Laz join them and Renata tells them the appointment went well and she can leave any time. Carlos and Laz hang their heads but understand. Carlos assures her he’ll let her know what happens at La B. Renata says don’t bother, she has no interest in any more info about Jero or La Bonita; once she leaves it’s over. 

Augustin has his arms crossed in satisfaction as Renata asks Carlos and Laz to respect her wish to keep her pregnancy a secret from Jero. Jero chose to be with Marina and her children so Renata’s baby is all hers. Well? Can she count on them to respect her wish? Carlos reluctantly agrees but Laz hesitates and says he does not, since she first arrived everything at the hacienda has changed, but if this is what she wants she can count on them. (Alison has been listening to this last part and now she runs off, unseen.) Renata asks them to get everyone at the hacienda and gather them in the salon. 

Anibal has been on dad’s laptop all this time and hopefully he’s done more than watch streaming video. Alison calls to give him the heads up that dad is back at the ranch. Ani says he’s found nothing, he can’t get into the laptop without the password. The kid must have been napping or daydreaming because he just now starts trying to figure out dad’s password. It’s not Renacer, what about Renata? Success! But of course dad’s back and will likely come striding in any moment.

The La B staff has gathered and Carlos tells them what he knows. He’s not sure exactly what Renata wants to say but she plans to leave and wants to ask them something before she goes. After lunch they’ll be ready to hear whatever Renata wants to say. 

Carlos tells them he’s off to the vineyards until lunch. Kari prods Mati to follow him, doesn’t she have something to do outside? 

Kari tells Laz about Doc Creepy’s birthday present to himself.

Outside on the picturesque patio Renata thanks Augustin for everything. He tells her although she’s leaving tomorrow he’d still like to be close to her, she means a lot to him. She says he means a lot to her too. He plans to give her all the time she needs and he wants to help her work things out. Renata clarifies for him that she really wants to be alone and dedicate herself to the baby.

Augustin says speaking of the baby, he wants to talk about what he’s been thinking about doing for it. Renata knows all too well the affect that not having a real father can have. He vows he can extend the deep love he feels for Renata to her baby. He proposes that the baby doesn’t need to have a phantom for a father, the baby can have a real daddy and they can form the real family that her child deserves. We conclude with Renata’s cara impactada as her brain tries to process his words. 

So there you have it. A lot of talk, not a lot of action, and our biggest questions remain unanswered: Where is Jeronimo? Where is Marina? What did Fina put in Blanca’s pocket? 

Avances: Renata wonders if she will be able to forget Jero. She kisses Augustin on the cheek but hugs Gitana with much more affection. She tells Adri that Augi proposes being her baby’s daddy. Mati pushes Prissy down. Fina cuts her hair. Beth walks in on Germy kissing Berta. New Look Fina sees something in the paper that makes her very happy. Gonzo hires a private detective to find Jeronimo. As Marina happily assembles a crib we see the backside of a mystery man. Is it Jero?