Three Sides of Ana Episode 37 Update on Wednesday 20th June 2018


Ramiro recoginzes SantiMarcelo but Santiago doesn’t recognize Ramiro 
Evaristo’s plan: Evaristo tells Ramiro that Marcelo faked his death 3 yrs ago and has been lying low all this time getting his hooks inot Analu so he can take advantage of her and get the $$ Analu is in danger from Marcelo and Marcelo had Gina killed. Also Marcelo will pretend to have amnesia as a cover story but he’s a dangerous guy, Ev gives Ramiro a gun and says he should probably just shoot Marcelo if he sees him.
Ev tells Santiago that Ramiro and his dad have been embezzling form the triplets’ fam for yrs and Ram is planning on marrying one of the girls so he doesn’t want Analu found b/d she’ll get the $$ and Ram won’t. Also Ram is behind the guys trying to kill Santiago and probably Jenny’s death. He’s a dangerous murderer who would do anything for that $$ He’ll pretend to be yr friend but don’t trust him, he’s a dangerous murderer and if you see him you should probably just shoot him.

Now, in the present Santiago explains to Inaki and Ramiro what’s going on, memory loss,  only just learned his real name, and swears them both to secrecy, can’t tell BadAna or anybody else that he’s back in town/alive. Also he needs a temporary place to stay while he figures some stuff out. Both Inaki and Ramiro volunteer their apts. Santi goes w/Ramiro b/c they need to talk. Ramiro loans Inaki his car (might as well give it to him once and for all) to get to work. 

At work Inaki stares at BadAna till even she, exhibitionist she is snaps at him. He just wants to know if she’s still in love w/her husband, after all she’s been widowed for 3 yrs and hasn’t moved on. Even though he really likes parts of  her and she’s kinda into him, she doesn’t think he can fill Marcelo’s place/pants  (hey she said it, I just recap) Inaki isn’t dissuaded though, he thoughtbubbles that she will fall for him before she meets up w/her husband again.

Up in Ramiro’s apt the two men stare distrustfully at each other, Ramiro puts his keys in the drawer he keeps his new gun in and Santiago sees the gun. Santiago tells his story, and that he prefers Santiago for now. Ramiro just can’t believe his story, Santiago doesn’t know/remember Ramiro and therefore doesn’t know if he can trust him. He asks for ice in his drink and while Ramiro is out of the rm takes the bullets out of the gun. 
Ramiro lets slip that he knows Santiago is a taxi driver but doesn’t say that Ev told him, instead says Inaki talked about his friend Santiago the taxista, but  Marcelo was a PI and a good guy, Santiago says you’re the first person to say that, most ppl have been telling me Marcelo was a merciless killer and I kinda believe them b/c I only have 2 memories, one is of BadAna and her perfume and how I loved her and the other is less fun, I remembered when I took a gun off a guy who was trying to kill me that I  shot a guy in cold blood. Ramiro goes for the gun and demands Marcelo tell the truth and where is Analu hidden. Santiago swears he won’t let Ramiro have/hurt her and btw he took the bullets out. Ramiro can’t believe the bullets Santiago dropped on the floor are from his gun and when Santiago dares him to shoot him to find out Ramiro can’t. Santiago takes the gun and puts the bullets back in and points the gun at Ramiro. 
They are at an impasse, Ramiro can’t believe Santiago and Santiago can’t believe Ramiro, neither one mentions Evaristo. 

Evaristo stops by the pension to check up on if Santiago is back in town and try to get Remedios to rent him a room for Orlando, whohe has adopted, like a lost puppy. At first Remedios says she’s out of rooms but she feels sorry for poor beat up Orlando and his casts and finds out he’s from the same hometown as Sole and FreeSpirit and gives in, she’ll try to find him some place to stay. 

Leonore, Abue and Llora sit around and talk about poor TioM who’s life is now sadder than theirs. TioM called and told about BadAna’s nightmare, Llora says don’t make a big deal about it BadAna wouldn’t like it, and Abue remembers when she blamed Llora for the accident.  TioM comes to invite Llora to dinner at some fancy shmancy place just her and him. Turns out he wants to talk to her about continuing her education in Venice (far, far away from Valentin)

Orlando and Maribel meet up at the pension

Santiago tells Ramiro he doesn’t want Marcelo’s life/memories/the people trying to kill him/whatever other problems he doesn’t remember. Now he doesn’t know what is right or wrong and he thinks the deeper he delves into Marcelo’s life the more lost he will become. Ramiro finally believes Santiago doesn’t remember and tries to convince him he was a good guy and if he gets more memories things will make more sense, not less, he’ll know what he was really like, just let Ramiro help him find his past, just trust him and he will help him.