Jukulumessu Update on Wednesday 20th June 2018


Jikulumessu:The Trap to expose Magharita

Joel meet  with Elena as they discuss their plan to nail Magharita,Joel’s memories of his prosecution at Santa Agnes comes  up again,Elena hope his plan for Magharita is not a revenge ,he assures her it is not *yimu*(wriggling nose).The perfect opportunity presents itself when a grandma wants to pay for grades for her son,Soraia  informs Elena  and they plant a recorder in Magharita’s office.Soraia was scared Magharita might implicate her as she was once in the business,they visit Lemba at the station and explained to her so she can be absolved.

Bento was hit by a car and abandoned,Nuno was on his way to join Nayr’s proposal party and saw the accident,rather than help he recorded a video of the incident for his ‘business’

Bruno announce his engagement to his family and everyone was happy for him even Ivo and wished him well.

Kim knows the warehouse where Exclusiva and Bsports stored their about to be launched good and ready to wreck havoc,Joel tells her to call if anything goes wrong.

Bento is rushed to the hospital,Celso help in offering a ride,he later joins to help Priscilla at the bar after Nuno and Phillipe turned her down.

Elena was able to get Magharita out of the office so Soraia can pick the recorder planted there,they hand it over to Lemba .Magharita will be joining her husband in jail.