Three Sides of Ana Episode 36 Update on Tuesday 19th June 2018


 Llora and Leonor are on their way to visit Tin. Llora was convinced by Leonor to go there to show the latter where Llora’s novio lives. In reality we remember that Ramiro has painted quite a picture to Leonor on the variety of collages in Tin’s living room. This time we are spared the back-and-forth of ‘I am thirsty, won’t you invite me in?’ and ‘But I am in a hurry, let’s drink water at the restaurant’ and we actually see Tin opening the door and letting Llora and Leonor in. 

He seems to have cleaned up (and by the way his apartment looked when Ramiro broke in, Tin must have stayed up all night cleaning) – place looks semi-decent, no weird pictures on the walls and no alcohol. Leonor makes a remark about absence of both of these things and is told he doesn’t really drink and as for the pictures, he is waiting for Llora to gift him a photo of her beautiful puffy-eyed self to put on the wall. Leonor is not impressed by any of this.

Meanwhile Remedios is starting her morning right with some vitamin C and is squeezing OJ. Sole and Ana Lu come by asking for directions. Sole is off to see the boutique owner, who needs a seamstress, and Ana Lu is coming with her. Ana Lu runs to shower and says she won’t be but a minute. With her out of the room, Sole frets to Rem that she is deathly terrified that one of the women in this fancy boutique would recognize Ana Lu. She doesn’t want Ana Lu to go with her. Rem feels compassion for Sole’s tough situation. Sole points out that Rem promised to keep her secret, and Rem confirms she is a woman of her word. So if Sole wants to go alone, she should, and Rem will think something up to explain it to Ana Lu. Sole happily skips away, and we are starting to think that, along with the money, the thieves stole a good portion of Rem’s common sense and good judgment.
Abue is taking tea with her friend, the cardiologist’s wife, whose name I still cannot learn. The friend and the cardiologist wanted to come to Costa Paraiso for the funeral, but couldn’t find tickets in time. Abue and friend philosophize some on the topic of love and loss, and talk about poor Mariano. The topic of conversation quickly changes in the more positive direction once Ana Le comes in. Ana Le says she is there to pick up some things and she is really living with Tio these days to keep him company and not leave him alone. Abue and friend think Ana Le is strong and decisive and Llora is wonderful too. 

Sole shows up to Viridiana’s, who is hesitant to hire without references and so she gives her a little test – can she stitch out a flower she asks. Sole looks at it a couple times and decides that she can.
At the hostel, meanwhile, Rem and Ana Lu (who by the way looks not at all upset by Sole’s ditching her) reminisce about Santi and wonder if he, too, is looking at the night sky. We’ve yet to see proof this episode that Santi is still alive and so venture a guess that he is not gazing at the sky all starry eyed at this very moment. As if she heard our skepticism, Ana Lu says is afraid he met his past life in Costa Paraiso and will never return. Rem is much more optimistic – he chose to stay Santiago Garcia, so he will return. 

Ana Lu reminisces about their night on the beach and, with that out of the way, goes back to find Sole unsuccessfully trying to thread the needle to start on her flower. They both exchange not very well crafted lies on their respective whereabouts and reasons for actions – Sole really did want Ana Lu to come to the boutique, but Rem needed her more, and Ana Lu, in turn, really did spend the whole day at the gym. 

At the casa Tio, Mariano and Ana Le are having breakfast. She worries about him eating well and almost gets up to make him a more filling breakfast (“make” might be a synonym in this case for threaten the cook until the latter prepares another meal). Mariano wants to know how she slept. Turns out she slept very well, loves his house and would love to stay there forever. We bet you would, Ana Le. 

She then ponders on wouldn’t it have been marvelous if, after the parents’ accident, Tio and Abue divided the two remaining sisters – Llora to stay with Abue and Ana Le with Tio. No-no, says Mariano, es imposible, because he would have never taken such a burden as a little girl on himself. Ana Le doesn’t give up. Well, she says, you’ve spent your life taking care of us, and you’ve never married because of us. He is quick to dispel this myth as well (it is really not Ana Le’s morning it seems) – he never married because he never met a woman such as Jenny, who he could marry, have family and be happy with for the rest of his life. Well, you don’t know that would’ve been true, spits out Ana Le and quickly corrects her tone. 

He will fall in love again she says, but he doesn’t think so. Ana Le doesn’t think she can fall in love either after Marcelo’s death. Tio thinks she is a young girl and should not say so. Ana Le offers a sacrifice of never marrying again to keep him company. This would have been a good moment for Tio to ask if she is a bit coo coo, and instead he tells her he loves her. We must now concur that it was good call to not let Ana Le live with him as a child. If they had, she and Tio might already have had two children with three ears and 45 fingers between the two of them. 

We cut to Viridiana, who is convinced by her friend to show up at the mass for Jennifer to offer the condolences. And meanwhile at the entrance to the church, Inaki directs traffic, segregates everyone into important and less important people and makes sure they understand him by asking everyone: “Do YOU understand?” 

Ramiro shows up as well and runs into his father, who is becoming stranger each time we see him. Seriously, who is this dude and are we in for a last minute revelation that Ramiro was picked up on the street as a baby and is Mariano’s illegitimate son, making him Llora’s cousin? I can’t find another reason this “father” would behave so annoyingly harshly with his own son.  

Viridiana is at the church, offers condolences and tells Mariano that this is the moment to put their personal quibbles aside. Viridiana, we have news for you, for Mariano they were always aside, and you are the only one getting upset about this every episode and trying our nerves. She does give Mariano a hug though. Ana Le is not happy at all with that development and returns to her seat wishing she had a snake in her purse to slide over to where Viridiana is sitting. 

Tio is out the door to make a call to Ernestina and Llora, but Ernestina is already in the doorway, apologizing for tardiness and telling him they were waiting on Tin. And – drumroll! – who is wheeled in by Llora, but Tin himself!! He is introduced as Valentin Padilla, Llora’s novio. Tio looks like he is silently blowing a gasket as we break for a commercial. 

We rejoin with Sole and her return visit to Viridiana’s boutique with her finished flower stitching. Viridiana (who is at the church) is not there and Sole wants to wait. The boutique’s worker asks to see the stitching and is admiring the fine work. 

Back at the dramatic mass, Valentin is introduced to Mariano and both pretend to not know each other. Valentin says Llora mentioned many good things about Mariano, and Llora corroborates that statement. Valentin offers condolences and says that in moments like this people say that God knows why he does things, but Tin doesn’t think it’s always true – look at them both, they are not bad people, but Tin is in the wheelchair and Mariano almost got the happiness he wanted and it was ripped right out of his hands. Mariano looks perturbed and asks everyone to come inside for the mass. Valentin asks Mariano to push his chair and the latter agrees, though we suspect without the pleasure he claimed fulfilling this request would give him. 

Elsewhere Orlando is out of bed and hopping on one leg with the other one still in the cast. His new guardian angel Evaristo comes to check up on him and asks how this hotel is working out for him. Orlando complains that he is tired of being locked in. What do you know – Ev is there to tell him that his luck is changing. Ev is ready for Orlando to contact Ramiro again, and this time Ramiro will give Orlando all the money he promised, which Orlando can keep. The only thing Orlando needs to do is to follow Ev’s instructions exactly. 

Ramiro is only JUST coming inside the church – that was a slow climb up the stairs! He receives a text from Orlando/Ev. 

Ana Lu is at the rehearsal and suddenly sees Santi standing in the doorway and loses her concentration. Anibal, who did not have many reasons to be happy with her lately, is again annoyed.
The mass is over. Leonor debriefs with Ramiro on the visit to Tin’s apartment. Ramiro also thinks that Tin must have spent the whole night cleaning the place, but it seems that Ramiro is losing another ally. Leonor thinks Tin is a good guy and he makes Llora happy. Ramiro is blinded by jealousy. Ramiro rejects that conjecture and says he will find out what Tin is hiding. 

People are finally starting to leave church. Ramiro’s dad stops him from approaching Llora and Tin and offers a gem of wisdom that this boy is perfect for Llora. Ramiro offers condolences to Mariano and ignores Ana Le, who is outraged. Ramiro is, in turn, ignored by Ernestina, so no love lost anywhere. 

Remedios is entering her house with Susi and while they chat, Santi appears in the doorway, changes his mind and leaves. (What’s with the ghost games, Santi and the episode’s directors?) 

Much awaited conversation between Valentin and Mariano is very anti-climactic. Mariano won’t let him hurt Llora. Valentin didn’t even know she is related to Mariano when he met her. Mariano isn’t buying it, Valentin doesn’t care. Tin just wants to be happy and after everything Mariano stole from him, can he please leave him this possibility of starting over again with Llora. Mariano looks semi-convinced. 

Maribel is jealous of Ana Lu’s solo number and Javier offers an alternative of putting on a number with him. She agrees and they kiss. 

Rem and Ana Lu are having a heart-to-heart. Rem tells her that Sole loves her very much. Ana Lu, though, feels Sole distant at times. Rem lectures on being able to forgive the parents. Sole shows up, who got tired of waiting for Viridiana and came home, after leaving the stitching and her phone number. Turns out she should’ve kept on waiting, because while Viridiana was impressed with Sole’s work, her employee misplaced the phone number.

Mariano is again remembering the scene of Tin pointing a gun at him in his own office. Tin is asking Mariano to stop the wedding of Gina and Ramiro. Ana Le interrupts the memories and comes in to bring a glass of wine and to ask Mariano to love her more than anyone else. Later Ana Le is having a nightmare about Marcelo coming back to kill her and screams for her uncle to come console her.
Santi is back at (some) hotel and is remembering last meeting with Evaristo, who apparently caught up with him after we’ve seen those two last at the cemetery. Evaristo said he is returning to Mexico and Santi should do the same. He also gave him an envelope with something that, according to Ev, Marcelo Salvaterra should know. 

We don’t quite find out what it was that Ev put in the envelope, but must have something to do with Chana’s prediction that Ramiro and Marcelo will become enemies, because next scene is Ramiro’s money hand-off to Orlando. Orlando shows up with Ev and is introduced as Ev’s grandson. Ramiro asks if Orlando was Gina’s brother and Orlando has a dumb expression on his face. Ramiro doesn’t notice it. Ev and Orlando play a little bargaining game and Ramiro finally gives up the money, for Ana Lu’s photo sight unseen and still in the envelope. Ramiro continues to score no points, doesn’t he? Orlando is sent to wait in the car and Ramiro stays with Ev for a chat. 

That scene is cut short as well and the next one we see is Ramiro and Inaki meeting again in the morning and Inaki asking for a ride. Very coincidentally outside the apartment they run into Santiago/Marcelo. Ramiro is shocked.