Cosita Linda Episode 94 Update on Friday 15th June 2018


Diego and Viviana are still having dinner with Douglas and Carla, but they both know they are pretending. Mariana calls Marijose and tells her to pick her up because she is very angry. When Marijose arrives, Mariana tells her that she has seen their mother in a brothel. She says she does not want to find out why their mother comes to these places but she is sure that the only valid reason is that she is a prostitute. She tells her sister that everything starts to make sense because their mother never gave her an address or a number from her workplace.
In the beginning, Marijose does not believe her but, once the shock is over, they go in to discover the truth. When they return, they see Prudencia dressed like a prostitute, who speaks to one of her clients.
Mariana starts shouting at her mother and crying in front of Layra and the client. She asks Prudencia how she can be called mom and be dressed that way. Mariana tells her that she never wants to see her again. Prudencia is torn by her daughter’s reaction and tries to call him and explain everything to him. After that, Layra accompanies her to Mariana, where Prudenciaconfronts her daughter. She is afraid of having lost her forever. Santiago has a dinner with Santa and Ana Lorena, he tells them he is worried because Mariana is studious and has a lot of work while he does not. They encourage him to work hard and tell him not to feel bad because he will soon be an architect and will find a good job.
Palmira tells Santa and Lupe that she has no money to pay the rent and that if they want her to leave, she will do her business and leave. Lupe tells him that he does not want to put her out because she has always been responsible and pays the rest, and also because they feel she is part of the family. Mariana comes home and tells Diego who is his mother, but he does not believe her until Prudencia arrives. Mariana insults him but Santiago stops him and tells him not to disrespect his mother. He asks him to calm down and listen to what his mother has to say.Prudencia tries to convince Mariana that she did all this for her but Mariana is angry with her and continues to insult her to the point of telling him that she does not want to live under the same you as a slut. But finally Prudencia is the one who goes away. Marijose asks his grandmother, Ramona, who is his real mother. She tells him what she already knows, that her mother died after giving her life, but Marijose thinks that someone is lying to her and will do anything to find out who is not telling her the truth.