Kuch Rang Episode 107–108 Update on Thursday 14th June 2018


Ishwari with Dev inaugurates charitable trust which Dev opens in her name. At home, Radha says it is a long time and didi/Ishawari did not return yet. Sona says he must be coming soon. Radha asks who. She says auntiji. Radha says how does she know, didi went with Dev to inaugurate Dev’s opened charitable trust and will not come soon. Ishwari comes with Dev and asks Sona to tell Bhola to get lemon juice. Sona says she must be exerted and goes to kitchen. Dev asks Ishwari if she is fine. Ishwari says yes. Dev goes to his room and SMSes Sona to come to his room soon. She goes and he says she must be liking orange color as rabbit likes carrot. She says this is not good and she will go. He stops her and starts chatting. He then says he is going to office after lunch.
She asks him to drop her home when he return at night then. He promises. Ishwari hears their conversation and gets very sad.
Ishwari goes to her room and starts crying. Mamaji comes and asks what happened, if she does not tell how will he know. She says Dev changed. He says children change when they grow up. Ishwari says Dev did not sit for pooja because she insisted, but because Sona asked him. Mamaji sits surprised.
Sourav looks at his account book and tells Asha that there is a lot of discrepancy and he needs to file tax today.
In the evening, Nikki asks Sona to help her in her studies. Sona agrees. Ishwari says let her go and tells Sona she will not be available in this house always to help Nikki and she needss to help herself. Sona gets SMS. Ishwari says she is getting messages from her house and should go home now.
Ranbeer’s family asks him if he and Neha liked flat. Ranbeer says yes, even rent is affordable. Mother says she tried to convince Ranbeer to rent a house, but he did not listen to her or bhabhi and agreed when Neha insisted. Neha nervously says she did not. Bhabhi says mother she frightened Neha. Mother says she was just joking and says their heart should be together even if they live separately. Neha smiles.
Sona walks towards door thinking what will Dev tell if she goes without meeting him. Dev comes and says he told her not to go without meeting him. Ishwari calls Dev and asks to come near her. Dev walks towards Ishwari and Sona walks out. Ishwari slips and Dev holds her and scolds to be careful. Ishwari says he is her eyes and until he is there, nothing will happen. He asks if she ate. She says no. He makes her sit on dining chair and says he is not giving her timke. She says time is same, but he is distributing it with others, he must be busy in work. He gets a call and says he will be there. He gives her food and says he has important foreign delegate meeting and leaves. Ishwari thinks he loves his mom a lot, it is Sona’s mistake like if frangrance lessens in flower, it is air’s mistake which carries aroma away. Ria comes and asks Ishwari why did not she sleep. Ishwari says Dev went to meet foreign delegates, she will sleep once he comes. Ria says delegates left in the morning itself.

Ria sees Ishwari awake till late night and asks why is she still awake. Ishwari says Dev went out to meet foreign delegates and she will sleep once he comes back. Ria says delegates left in the morning itself. Dev comes back and asks mom why is she still awake. Ria asks foreign delegates left in the morning itslef, then whom did he meet. He says they got stuck in Noida traffic and missed their flight, so will stay for 2 more days. He says Ishwari they are coming tomorrow for dinner. Ishwari says she will prepare something. Ria says mom thought he went to meet his girlfriend and starts calling names Meenakshi, Sonakshi, Anjali, etc…
In the morning, Dev gets ready for office and waits for Sona. Sona messages that she is not coming for work today as she is going
for shopping with Elena, she has explained everything to Bhola. He sadly says this is not done. Sona comes and he asks why did she lie. She taunts that he did not drop her yesterday home. Their conversation continues. He says there is something on her back. Sona says mom will scold her. He turns her back and writes Devakshi on her back and says Dev and Sona are together always. She says someone will see it. He says let them see. Dev leaves for office.
Sona goes to Iswhari’s room and sees her dizzy and weak but trying to prepare groceries for dinner. She asks her to rest and not exert herself. Ishwari scolds her that is her nutrionist and her children and should not bother her when she prepares something for her children. Sona SMSes Dev and informs him.
Ishwari goes to kiktchen and starts preparing food. Radha munches cashews and suggests her to prepare malai kofta for forgein delegates. Dev comes and scolds Ishwari for exerting herself and says he will order food from outside. Ishwari says Sona complained him and came all the way till office. Dev says she messaged him and says when her BP is low, she should not get up from bed and orders food from hotel. Foreign delegates come. Dev introduces family to them. They ask about Dev’s girlfriend. Ishwari says just by mingling with a girl, they don’t become girlfriend and it is not their culture. Dev explains same to delegates and says their culture allow arranged marriages. They say it is good. Radha comes and with her jokergiri says in English food is ready. Delegates say the came to have home cooked food. Ishwari taunts Dev that he listens to Sona and not her, she wanted to prepare home food, but he stopped her on Sona’s order. She sadly thinks Sona is more important to Dev than her.
Next, mamaji comes out of house and is shocked to Dev and Sona chatting and laughing together and thinks Ishwari was right, Sona is controlling Dev now.
Precap: Dev gets high fever and Sona applies damp cloth on his forehead and goes to inform Ishwari. Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and holds his hand. Dev thinks it is Sona and repeats Sona don’t leave me. Ishwari is shocked and thinks Sona has taken her place now.