Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 309–311 Update on Thursday 14th June 2018


Nanasaheb thanks the subjects of Bithoor for accepting him as the new Peshwa. He thanks Laxmibai for helping him.
After the coronation ends, Laxmibai leaves for Jhansi.
Meanwhile in Jhansi, trouble brews as untouchables gather outside the palace and demand the right to wear the janevu (sacred thread). Gangadhar Rao is in a quandary because of the demands of the untouchables.
Gangadhar Rao summons Rao Dulaju from Bundelkhand to advice him on the matter.
Laxmibai reaches Jhansi. Her arrival is celebrated by the subjects.
Rao Dulaju advises Gangadhar Rao to sweet talk with the downtrodden people of Jhansi by which the arising uprising would collapse. Gangadhar Rao agrees to follow Rao Dulaju’s advice.
Gangadhar Rao tries to convince the untouchables that the right to wear jannev was only granted to the Brahmins. Shankar Lohar, a leader of the untouchables, accuses Gangadhar Rao of not being impartial since he was a Brahmin too.
Nelson watches the trouble brewing in Jhansi. He decides to make Shankar a part of his conspiracy against Gangadhar Rao. Nelson visits Shankar Lohar’s house and tries to enlist him in his plot to assassinate Gangadhar Rao.
Laxmibai, on the other hand, worries about Gangadhar Rao’s safety.
Shankar Lohar joins hands with Nelson to plot against Gangadhar Rao.
Raghunath informs Gangadhar Rao about the janevu cenemony performed by the untouchables outside the palace. Gangadhar Rao orders his solders to stop the ceremony. Gangadhar Rao punishes Shankar while Raghunath leads the soldiers in mercilessly putting down the revolt.
The untouchables get outraged by Gangadhar Rao’s act and indulge in acts of arson in Jhansi. Nelson rejoices at the trouble brewing in Jhansi.
Laxmibai gets first hand knowledge about the troubles in Jhansi on her arrival.
Nelson orders his officers to fuel the feeling of discontentment. Nelson is surprised on learning about Laxmibai’s arrival in Jhansi. She informs him about the coronation of  Nanasaheb and the defeat of Manson at the hands of Bithoor army. Laxmibai warns Nelson that if she discovered his hand in the conspiracy she would not spare him. Nelson meets his brother Manson in the forest and is shocked to see the injury on his feet. Laxmibai learns from Gangadhar Rao that Nelson was fomenting trouble in Jhanis.