Timeless Love Episode Episode 163 Update on Wednesday 13th June 2018


Last night we left off with MariTata’s nasty little ultimatum. “Your wife and the mother of your children cannot be together or near each other. So it is her or us! But never again together!” (Translation courtesy of Marta.) My advice, Never say Never Marina.

Padre Severino joins them and Marina bites his head off for talking to Jero in the first place. She’s on a roll and ready to see heads roll so Tony wisely skulks unseen. She tells Jero if he wants to see the kids he can see them when it’s convenient for her. After Jero leaves she gets all over Padre’s case for butting in, approaching Saul and then soliciting Jero’s help. She firmly states that her decision is irrevocable and she hopes Padre S finally gets it. 

Padre S runs after Jero to insist that Jero is the only one who can influence Marina, however Jero doesn’t want to involve himself further. Jero thinks Padre is right to be concerned about Marina going with Saul, but he feels impotent because he can’t do anything about it. (Hee, a little late to be claiming impotence.)

It’s Gonzo’s turn to try to get Coni to see sense about the baby. The threatening music plays so we know the anvil is hovering closer than ever over Coni’s head. He has to admit that a baby is always a blessing but… She gripes about Hons not understanding that she wants the baby to sleep with them. Gonzo gives sis the “you’re freaking me out” look but calmly says it’s, um, difficult to sleep with a baby next to you. She complains that Hons is completely close-minded about the possibility of having or adopting a kid. Gonzo gets that she’s always wanted to be a mother but the baby is NOT hers and Cons needs to be clear-headed about that. Amparito did not drop into Coni’s life, Coni brought her. He’s sorry Cons never had kids but she shouldn’t torment herself because sooner or later the baby will have to leave. 

Oh goodie, we’re at the manicomio with the locas. While all the other inmates act truly loca in the background our two she-devils calmly stroll and discuss their first night out on the town which Fina says will be tonight. Regina and Gonzo are back from their honeymoon and she’s ready to make a widower out of her ex-husband. Blanca asks if Fina plans to kill Regina and Fina corrects her, not me but WE are going to kill her. Blanca’s not down with that, she’s not a murderer. Fina reminds her they are in this together. When Blanca shudders Fina informs her that the world is for the brave, not for the cowardly, and little Blanca will get to find her courage tonight at midnight.

Anibal takes Alf’s money to La Bonita so he and Alison (who is babysitting Luz) can flirt and kiss. The three of us were thoroughly enjoying ourselves when we are rudely interrupted by “Alison!!!” Oops, busted by granny Manny and she ain’t happy. Whew, we have a commercial break for Alison to think of something or we’ll all be in trouble.

Manuela says she wants to speak to Ali alone and Ani mans up, says it’s his fault, he came to deliver something and if Gran wants to talk to him he’s available. Instead of getting mad Gran asks Ali how much does she like Ani? A lot gushes Ali and they both laugh. Ahhh…Manuela was young once.

Hooray, Laz and Kari sighting! They admit to each other that as much as they have enjoyed themselves the city is a bit overwhelming. All the people, cars, traffic, metro…heck, they’re just a couple of country mice and all they really want is to get back to their vineyards, the hacienda, their tierra. They laugh in relief that they are on the same page, agree to return home and seal the deal with a kiss. Darn, I wanted Super Laz to solve all of the problems in the DF.

Nata paces in her room, reasoning with herself over this whole Marina crap, when she suddenly gets a twinge in her tummy. She tries to shrug it off but Nopis, it’s time to pray to the porcelain princess. 

Downstairs the kitchen committee (Mati, Herminia and Alf ) discusses the inconsistencies of Don Augustin while dishing up some yummy-looking fruit salad. Renata, temporarily refreshed, overhears and wants to know the skinny. Mati is about to tell her what a nasty dude El Guapo Augustin is when Anibal shows up with the envelope full of money for Alfonsina. Renata asks Herme for some chamomile tea for her upset tummy. Good luck with that.

Outside Manuela reassures Ali she’s not mad, she just wants Ali to remember that both she and Anibal are there temporarily, ships passing in the night. She understands their love is sweet and fresh but it’s a summer love. (Anyone else hear Theme From A Summer Place faintly in the background?) Ali hugs and kisses granny for understanding. Manuela assures her that Ali can trust Gran and tell her anything. 

Inside LaB Renata catches up with Anibal. She wants to know how his and Augi’s relationship is progressing. Ani says it’s moving along but Augustin still doesn’t recognize that Anibal is his son. Apparently Ani gets his motorcycle back tomorrow and Renata invites him to the re-wedding. Just then Manuela, Ali and Luz enter and Manuela sternly announces the kids have something to tell Renata. 

Manuela cracks a smile and says the kids are novios. Of course our eternal romantic Renata thinks it’s fantastic news and laughs that they didn’t waste any time. Ani says count on him to be at her wedding.

Renata cuddles and coos with baby Luz. Manuela claps her hands and observes when Renata is a mother it will be a beautiful thing. Nata holds the bebe up and laughs “don’t we have the same cheeks?”  Time to start designing the nursery.

It’s a breezy afternoon on the La Bonita patio. Alison apologizes to Anibal for what Manuela said inside, about them being novios. “Why apologize?” he asks. “We are.” I like this kid. He officially asks her to be his novia and they smooch. Heck, with the expansive LaB vineyards behind them who wouldn’t fall in love in that setting? 

Right on cue, over in the DF our unlovable sister with the ice-cold heart greets daddy and asks about mama Gina. She barely hides her sneer as she supposes mom is on the phone talking to Renata about her Big Day. Regina enters (wearing a faux fur collar just like Renata) and observes that Nata is ready but doesn’t have a dress, not enough time and nowhere to buy one. Gonzo suggests that before they take off tomorrow they can get a dress for his princess. Speaking of weddings Regina mentions Sele’s and assumes Berta will get an invite. Not so, says Berta, it’s been a while since they were friends. Was this just filler or does it mean something?

Gonzo says he went to talk to Coni but he’s not sure if she’ll heed his advice. Who knows if she’ll be going to Ensenada with them or not? Gina fills Roberta in on the Bebe Amparito problema.

Hons is packing and Cons is still carrying the baby around. Soon she’s going to look like a pink lobster with one over-developed right arm.  Cons happily announces Gonzo convinced her to go to the wedding in Ensenada; the brightly tinkling piano in the background tells us this marriage is on steady ground at last, at least to our misguided Coni. But I spoke too soon, the piano is muscled out by aggressive violins as Hons figures out Coni plans to bring the baby WITH them to Ensenada! 

Hubby ain’t happy. How many times does he have to tell Cons that the baby isn’t hers!? Hons blows a gasket, at the airport they’ll ask for ID for mother and child, birth certificates, etc. What does Coni have proving the child is hers? Nada! Coni rebuffs Honorio’s idea to leave the child with a nurse. He points out Corinna didn’t check with Coni first so if Coni wants to leave the bebe with a nurse then it shouldn’t matter. Cons refuses. Hons says he’s sick of discussing the subject over and over again. He tells her to do what she wants but he’s going to the wedding.

Fina calls Berta and demands a visit. Sorry, says Berta, but tomorrow I’m going to my sister’s wedding. Everyone’s going to be there except for Coni who is stuck taking care of some bebe from the Regina Center. “You don’t say,” purrs Fina, “let me know when you get back.”  She tells Blanca that everything is going perfectly and tomorrow will end the happiness of  Constanza. I think the plot to kill Regina tonight just got superseded by the plot to arrest Coni.

It’s dinner time at LaB and an oddly glum threesome are enjoying dinner with a plethora of wine glasses. Jero is preocupied because of his argument with and ultimatum from Marina. Carlos is quiet because Mati is AWOL and still not happy even though Prissbutt’s staying in town. He excuses himself as Nata assures Jero that Mati is still in love with Carlos. 

Over at Cruz de Desamor the dinner conversation is all about whether or not Renata saw Anibal giving Alfonsina Augi’s generous gift. Yes yes, Renata actually SAW Ani give the money and yes she actually KNOWS it was from Augustin. Sheesh. Anibal also mentions he’ll be going to the wedding.

The next morning Hons, Matias and Adri are ready to leave when Coni strolls in with the stroller. She’s defiantly staying behind. Hons shrugs, he’s sick of the subject. Matias gently tells his aunt he thinks she’s wrong and he kisses her goodbye. 

Berta is talking to Germy on the phone, needling him about being super busy with his wife and no time for her. He supposes he’ll see Berta soon and she smugly says No, she’s off to Ensenada for her sister’s wedding. He tries the “I’ll miss you strategy” but she’s all “yeah right” and hangs up. She’s too busy pretending she cares about her sister to bother with that old fart.

Regina and Gonzo have the wedding dress, the Hons family minus Cons arrives, and they all leave for the airport. 

Meanwhile Fina and Blanca put their plan into action. Fina makes an anonymous call to the authorities about a missing baby, Sandra Ortiz. She saw her hidden at the Regina Hope Center but now she is in the possession of Constanza Monterrubio de Sanchez and at her house. The center is owned by Regina Monterrubio, blah blah blah and Fina provides the addresses. Such a helpful little snitch. The two locas cackle gleefully as they try to imagine Constanza’s stupid face when she gets arrested. Blanca wants to be there to see it. Fina says absolutely not. When Coni gets hers it will be better for them to be behind bars. Blanca disagrees and the two alpha bitches square off. Blanca says they are equals in this and Fina doesn’t give her orders. After she leaves Fina laughs, as if that gata was equal to her, ha!!

Renata’s getting ready, wearing another of her weird getups, when Mati enters. Nata probes about last night and Mati says she wasn’t at dinner because she just wasn’t hungry. Yeah right, Nata knows she’s still mad at Carlos. Nata works her over and convinces Mati to give Carlos another chance. Follow your heart, hug him and kiss him!

Downstairs Jero is also counseling Carlos but mostly talking about himself. He says he loves Renata but he felt an attraction to Marina. Relationships are complicated and now through circumstances he’s connected to Marina and the kids. Jero reveals that Marina gave him an ultimatum. It’s just not fair and he feels torn between Renata and his children.

Augi takes Anibal shopping for a suit. Ani balks at the price but Augi just shrugs. God forbid his bastard should shame him by looking like a regular person. (Note to Augustin, lose the Marlboro Man jacket or windbreaker for the wedding.) He gets a call from Saul and meets him outside. Anibal watches as Augie hands Saul an envelope and gives him Jero’s phone number and instructions. Things had better go well and he wants Saul to report back when he’s been successful. It’s today or never. Ani eavesdrops as Augi tells Saul he’ll get the rest of his money when he’s completed the mission. Augi sees Anibal and scowls. Ani thought bubbles “What are you up to papa?” 

I guess Coni already has a nurse to help her, dressed in pink of course, LOL!! Or maybe she’s the housekeeper. Anyhoo, nursie says Coni should have gone to the wedding but Cons couldn’t bear to leave the baby. Ines calls with scary news. Corina’s address isn’t right. She and Isidro checked and nobody knows a Corina. Coni just smiles an incredibly dopey smile, maybe hoping Corina will never come back.

Carlos is in the chem lab with Prissbutt who “assumes” he and Mati have gotten back together. Not yet, says Carlos. She reminds him of their promise long ago, that if they are ever single they’ll get married. He’s not quite getting the scary stalker vibes that I’m getting from her. Undeterred she plows on, saying even though he’s in love with Mati she knows he feels something for her. She looks him in the eyes, sees Mati peek around the corner, and lays a big fat kiss on him. The boob, and I mean Carlos, doesn’t pull back and Mati flees with tears in her eyes. 

Isidro takes Ines back to the center and they kvetch briefly about next steps. After he leaves the police arrive looking for Regina Soberon. Inez gets the frozen cara impactada.

Coni is guess what? Yep, holding the baby, feeding her and promising to never leave her alone. Never say Never Cons. 

The doorbell rings at casa Coni and it is, predictably, the police with a woman from child services. They received an anonymous call with info about the kidnapped baby. Coni is stunned, she didn’t steal any baby! The Comandante tells her they are arresting her for the kidnapping of Sandra Ortiz. 

Avances: The wedding is about to begin…but where is Jeronimo?