Three Sides of Ana Episode 33 Update on Wednesday 13th June 2018


As Santiago/Marcelo continues to watch from his hiding place, Ana Leticia talks to Ana Laura about how she really understands what her uncle Mariano is going through due to she herself having to bury the great love of her life. She talks about her honeymoon and the “rune of love” symbol tattoo which was going to protect the love she had with Marcelo (Santiago) forever. Flashback time was included.

Remedios reads Soledad the riot act and makes her answer to what she found in the box. She is extremely critical of Soledad’s actions keeping Ana Lucía from her family but still has tears in her eyes when Soledad talks about Ana Lucía taking the place of her dead daughter as Santiago took the place of Remedios’ dead husband. Soledad is defiant in having kept Ana Lucía for herself and not having returned her to her family. 

At the funeral parlor, uncle Mariano has a flashback: we see Marcelo, Mariano, Jennifer and Ana Leticia at a restaurant. Ana Leticia has just made a cheeky remark. Jennifer is uncomfortable and leaves for the bathroom. Ana Leticia follows. Mariano asks Marcelo to rein his wife in. Marcelo has no plans for that but confronts Mariano on how he treats Jennifer: having Jennifer out to Costa Paraíso every once in a while and living the swinging single lifestyle the rest of the time. At the funeral home, Mariano apologizes to his dead Jennifer.

Ramiro is talking to crazy Valentín. Ramiro insists that Ana Laura will be his. Valentín insists she belongs to him. Sort of pointless. They insult each other’s manhood. Valentín then says he has Ana Laura eating from the palm of his hand and he can do whatever he wants with her. This incenses Ramiro. Threats all around. 

Evaristo arrives at the funeral home. He just had to come. Jennifer’s death affected him so deeply. Ernestina sees him and turns white with shock. Why? She identifies him as Marcelo’s private detective, his right hand man. Jennifer’s brother approaches Evaristo and asks him to investigate his sister’s death to see if it really was an accident. Ana Leticia is flitting around trying to hear what they are talking about. She is visibly concerned over that little talk. 

Which Ana is Santiago still in love with? To me it seemed that it is becoming clearer that he still is in love with Ana Lericia. How will he explain to Ana Lucía that he is married to her sister and that her family is still looking for her? 

Ana Leticia returns to the apartment. This time the photos are not out of place but one of her photos with Marcelo is missing. She is convinced Marcelo is back. 

All in all another fun episode. I cannot wait for Ana Leticia to see Marcelo.

Ramiro encountered Valentin at the center. He wanted to talk; Valentin not so much.

Remedios confronted Soledad, demanding the truth. She took the box out from under the bed and showed her the articles.

SantMarc watched Ana Llorona and Ana Leticia through the crack in the door. Ana Leticia put on the perfume that always revved his motor. She was wearing a lot-cut grey top and a lace curtain black skirt with a skin belt (a style that must be annoying to wear), totally for Mariano’s benefit. She talked about how it seems like yesterday that Marcelo died and how he was her great love. This made Ana Llorona cry on her shoulder while Ana Leticia had a contemptuous look over her shoulder. Since she had her back to the crack in the door, SantMarc didn’t see that.

Llorona apologized for crying on the blouse, but Bad Seed told her not to worry; she’ll change. She did so with her back to SantMarc, who saw the tattoo. Bad Seed explained the tattoo to Llorona while SantMarc looked more confused than ever.

Valeria (?) and her colleague talked biz at the computer before she talked to Julieta, telling her she will have to close the boutique.

At the funeral Jenny’s brother and Mariano were dressed in tasteful all-black shirts, jackets, and pants; no ties. Ernestina was in tasteful black with pearls. Mariano cried.

Bad Seed picked up a framed photo of herself with SantMarc for a second, then left with Llorona to go to the funeral. Her black sleeveless blouse made her attire more suitable, but not enough. After they left the room SantMarc walked in and looked at the photos.

After Soledad tried to waffle again, Remedios forced her to admit that Ana Lucia was the little girl her family was searching for.

Miranda came to the DF mansion to see Ernestina and learned of Jenny’s death from Leonore.

The coffin was moved into place. Mariano trembled as he cried. He opened the top part to look at Jenny. Flashback to an evening when they dined with Bad Seed and Marcelo, which must have been shortly after their honeymoon. Bad Seed made a remark about pitying women who get married and their husbands leave them alone. She and Jenny go to the powder room and the men talk about that.
Marcelo didn’t think it was fair for Mariano to only see Jenny once a month because of their current addresses, telling him that to others it will look like he was playing her. Mariano cried harder at that memory. Bad Seed arrived and embraced Mariano, uncomfortable with him crying.

Valentin drank too much beer while Ramiro had coffee. Valentin boasted that Llorona loves him because of how she kissed him. He was trying to provoke Ramiro, who was on to his game. He told him he may be on top now but this will not last. Valentin had a flashback to Gina’s nasty rejection after the “accident” where she told him he was pathetic and that she would marry Ramiro. He ends up telling him he won’t do this to him again. Ramiro seemed to realize he was dealing with a nut case.

Free Spirit returned to the pension, wondering what Soledad and Remedios were talking about locked in a room. Maribel taunted her with Soledad not being able to accept that she was the lover of a married man, rubbing salt in the wound. “You will always be The Other and the Loser.” Bitch.

Soledad was telling Remedios about rescuing Free Spirit from the lake. “I gave her life, like a mother,” she said.

More of the same with Ramiro and Valentin, ending with Ramiro telling him he will discover his secrets. Evil look and thought from Valentin as Ramiro walked out.

Bad Seed knelt on the couch and clung to Mariano like a cheap suit. Llorona still doesn’t believe what’s happened. She and Ernestina talked about her dead parents. Llorona has never stopped believing that Free Spirit is alive somewhere.

Soledad begged for understanding how she reacted to rescuing Free Spirit, saying she was a gift from God in the wake of her own daughter’s death. Remedios didn’t fall for it. “No; it was a feeling of the moment. She reminded Soledad that she had to have returned Free Spirit to her family. Soledad claimed to find out much later and that having Free Spirit gave her peace and hope. She turned this back on Remedios by reminding her of her feelings for Santiago in the wake of her husband’s death. This didn’t work because Remedios was willing to let him go to find the life he lost. She reminded Soledad that she needed to do the same. She had all those years to do it. Soledad refused again to return Free Spirit to anyone.

SantMarc got out of a cab.

Ernestina told Bad Seed to help Llorona to rest because the prosthesis was hurting her. BS nodded, then went back to pawing Mariano. Evaristo arrived and gave Mariano his condolences much to Bad Seed’s displeasure. Ernestina was disturbed at the sight of him; Bad Seed lied to her, claiming not to know him, saying that Marcelo always kept his work far away from home. Evaristo then addressed Jenny’s brother, who then asks him to investigate Jenny’s death. “I want to know if it was really an accident.” Bad Seed heard this.

Miranda met Rodrigo at a restaurant. No important conversation.

SantMarc wrote a note to Bad Seed and read it back to himself about how unfair it is that he should now be confused about whom he really loves while Free Spirit remembered the conversation with him in which he asked her to swear that she doesn’t know him. He talked about the dreams. Anibal scolded her for being distracted during the rehearsal. She got annoyed and resigned. He was shocked. Maribel gloated as he promoted her to principal dancer.

Bad Seed went back to the beach house and saw an empty frame on the sideboard. She looked frightened as she realized Marcelo had been there.