Jukulumessu Update on Wednesday 13th June 2019


Jikulumessu:Carlos Nambe Commit Suicide

Carlos continued weeping uncontrollably even while he was driving.Lemba is back at the lab awaiting the result of the DNA samples to that of Carlos and it eventually did!She was so furious and Pedro tried to calm her down to avoid her making the same mistake with Lucas 

Flor call Carlos and let him know that his children aware of  everything that has been going on ,Carlos later abandoned his car and walked still in tears and was later seen swallowing lots of pills….the next thing was his car parked facing the rail of the bridge!He committed suicide as investigations revealed.

Greg finally fell flat for Sarah’s seduction!She secretly took his tie and she pretended like she didn’t know where it was 

Lemba was on her way to question Carlos with Pedro till she got a call from the police station about an emergency…Carlos death ,she receives the news with mixed feelings and she goes to his house to break the news to Vanessa which was received first by Jose,it was really emotional!

Djemila inform Joel about Bianca’s visit and how she feels scared but Joel told he is in control ,while they were discussing plans knowing fully well Bianca will not take the accusation standing,Bianca was also discussing her strategy with her husband Greg

Pedro breaks the news to Bianca and Greg and for the first time Bianca genuinely crying!It felt so odd .Walter who came downstairs to get water for Soraia also heard the devastating news and asked nobody to tell Soraia till after her visit with the Oncologist and for the first time he had a grip on his commanding daughter.

Joel’s threat to Magharita working,she asked William for a lump sum of money and lied about the use.Weza has stopped searching for information as she need to put food on her table ,she is not aware of Joel’s plan for her.

Clydee choosy about the client she will work with but Sheila told her the business doesn’t work like that. 

Elena is surprised at the revelation Joel told her about Magharita and Soraia’s atrocities  back at Santa Agnes and she is willing to help get them nailed.