Fall Into Temptation Episode 14 Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018


PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: After Raquel and Santiago tearfully read the text messages exchanged between Carolina and Damián, in a moment of despair, they kiss each other. Raquel tearful tells Santiago that it was not right that they kissed each other because they are confused and they are doing it for revenge, Santiago tells her that he is going to be there to help her to make her pain go away. But Raquel explains to him that he is not like Damian and Santiago tells her that she is also not like Carolina so they can never do anything to hurt anyone and with that she feels very insignificant that she is not like Carolina but a great woman which is why those two cheated on them but they can control themselves.
Lisa reveals to Santiago that Carolina and Damián bought a cottage and they were about to register it on a public record but it happened to be that the notary died.
Fernando Godoy speaks with Laura to let them forget about the past and be together as a couple again but it seems Laura seems not to overcome the fact that Godoy cheated on her with another woman.
Juan on hits Lola for supposedly cheating on her which Lola denies but he still forces her to have sexual relationships and take money as she allegedly did with Miguel but Lola says No.
YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Nicholas confronts Joaquin on campus as to why he harassed Mia and right there was Damian and Raquel coming out from the Principal’s office and they ask Joaquin what he did to their daughter at the party and he answers them they did nothing but rather Mia is the one who has been hurting herself instead. Raquel and Damian then wonder what he meant by that.
Mia tells her brother Federico that Joaquin only touched her a little and then he stopped, Federico tells her that this is also abuse but will make sure that he will not allow anyone to maltreat his sister again. After, she shows him the cuts in between her ties and asks him to keep it as a secret and Federico asks her to promise him that she will not hurt herself again.
Santiago tries to enquire from Carolina what exactly is wrong with their daughter Lola but she refuses to tell him anything since that was Lola’s wish and Carolina wants him to leave her alone so she can cater for some responsibilities and Santiago tells her he wanted to take the day off to help her do her chores but since he sees that his presence bothers her to the point that she doesn`t want to tell him what is going on with their children, he decides to leave her alone and go to work.
Damián demands from Mia to tell him why Joaquin said that she’s the one who’s been hurting herself and Mia starts pretending to feeling bad and Federico also behaves like he’s suffocating so just to prevent the truth from being discovered by their parents and Raquel tells Damián to have consideration with mia and Damián furiously tells her that if that is what she wants, then, she should solve things just as she pleases.
Quickly, he goes to see Carolina and there she tells him that she cannot stand this situation of betrayal anymore, especially for her children and for Santiago and also Raquel who don’t deserve what they are doing against them, so this is over. She then walks out of the car and left Damian alone.
Santiago goes over Raquel’s house and there Raquel tells Santiago that she had a very strong argument with Damián over their children and Santiago tells her that he also encountered same with Carolina. Raquel then states that, it looks like sometimes she and Santiago rather come to a consensus and also understands each other a lot that she is with Damian who is her husband. She asks him if she can confide in him and Santiago gives her the go ahead.
Raquel takes Santiago to the psychiatric hospital and there she shows him her sister Cynthia was she has brought there due to her act of being addicted to sex and drugs as well so she could help her overcome this delicate problem which causes her to destroy herself and she feels bad for leaving her sister all alone there but she never told Damian about it and that is another thing that makes her worry but she doesn’t know if she never let her know about her sister’s situation out of shame or stupidity or out of fear that Damian’s mum Maria will stick her nose into her sister’s situation but what she did behind Damian was withdrawing his money without telling him. This is the reason why she decided to start the catering service so she wouldn’t have to depend on Damian to look after her own sister. Santiago though promised not to tell anyone, he advices her to still tell Damian about everything.
At Raquel and Carolina’s first catering service, Andres threatens Lola during the dinner that, if she doesn’t sleep with him as she did with Miguel, he will show his business partners present at the dinner her affair with Miguel because Miguel always videos every activity that goes on in his house and after will discredit her mum’s first cooking. The girl then becomes depressed with the threat and tells her mum Carolina about it and she promises her to not worry because the nightmare will end very soon.
Lola asks Andres what he wants her to do and he asks her to follow him. He then brought a couple of men before her and he tells her they are all there to have their share from her. Immediately, Damian arrives to ask Lola to leave so he will handle his cousin. Damian then tells Andres that Lola disclosed to him his intentions towards her and he asks them if he wants them to solve the situation there or call the police because as it is Lola is a minor and doesn’t need to go through that maltreatment. They all go silent and Damian assures Lola that never will they try anything stupid on her again and she becomes happy.
Damián calls Carolina over to meet him and upon reaching there, she tells him that this is the last time they will meet alone and Damián caresses her and asks her that if she warns him not to touch or come near her again, he will go and swears he will not call her ever again but he will spend the rest of his life regretting that he let go off a great love of his life. He waits for Carolina’s response and she rather kisses him as an answer each other and they make love.