Cosita Linda Episode 92 Update on Wednesday 13th June 2018

Mariana finally persuades Santi that the only way for them to save their marriage is to leave. What she really wants is to move her away from her twin sister. In addition, she thinks that by staying close to her mother, she will get rid of the household. But this plan will not work as it wishes. Santa understands the situation perfectly and when Santiago leaves, everyone is kind and shows his affection. Santi hopes that living with Prudencia will help his wife relax and become the person she once was. He tells his sister that their sex is terrible and that it’s never been like that since they were married. Dulce has to take care of her because she has problems with her pregnancy.

Ana Lorena is ready to marry Olegario but her mother is not, she is sure that it is not a good idea to let down Diego and she is sure that this marriage is about to change her life, but d ‘a bad way. Laura wants to define her situation with Vicente and asks for a divorce, but it will not happen as easily. Marijose can no longer stand her sister’s jealousy and pressure, she decides to take some margaritas and forget about it, even when Debbie tells her it’s not a good idea. She refuses to listen and ends up having a small accident at the pool or she nearly drowns it.

Diego and Olegario see the accident and approach to see if she is well. This is where Marijose decides to tell Diego the whole truth. Debbie tries to stop that but Olegario brings him elsewhere. Gaston is always mixed up about his feelings for Consuelo and Prudencia and can not seem to choose a woman. Lupe continues to search for the woman who incriminated Ana Lorena at the airport. Palmira still does not find work, which makes her very sad. She does not stop crying. Marijose tells the whole truth to Diego but he thinks she says nothing sensible because she is drunk and refuses to believe her.