Timeless Love Episode 162 Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018


Prissy telling Carlos she wants to be part of the solution, not the problem. 
Marina arrives to tell Saul she won’t accept his proposed plan but she will accept his help, she wants them to make everyone believe she is leaving with him, she has to leave town. Saul agrees to the terms. He tells her she will see that when she leaves she will feel free… She believes at least she won’t be constantly tortured watching Jero and Nata, and knowing Jero is not for her. Saul says she will finally realize her hopes with Jero were not real and she will have a different life. She says she always had the truth from Jero, that he wanted to be close because of the kids, not because he felt any love for her. She has to think of doing what is best for herself. If she is well, her kids will also be. She wants to leave right away. When can we leave? Whenever you want. Then we will leave in the weekend.

Augie walks up to Renata and Antonio while they are doing the prints with the kids.
Augie fakes having just learned Jero was freed. She is glad he knows already. She tells him Jero was there (in jail) because Augie wanted to clear his name, and hurt many people while at it. Augie fakes remorse. But his conscience is clear. People don’t forgive you for being successful. But time does put everyone in their rightful place.. Jero happily says he is surprised, he never thought he would agree with Augie on anything, but yes, he agrees that time puts everyone in their rightful place. Jero is kissy kissy with Nata right on Augie’s face. He even invites Augie to their wedding this weekend. Augie nods faking being happy but we all can tell he is about to have an internal combustion accident. Jero rubs it in saying the whole family is very happy for them and that the church marriage was not annulled. Augie’s parting words: ‘I am so glad you will be together until death do you part… excuse me, I have things to do’. Jero throws in one last bit ‘glad to see you!’ (LOL) Once Augie leaves, Nata rats a little at Jero for being so bad. Jero says he just wanted to show Augie how happy they are together. Antonio joins the happy couple. A whole lot of kids arrive to be next in saving their fingerprints…

At LaB, Carlos is thanking Prissy for doing this favor for him.She offers a ‘desinteresado’ advice (yeah right). Prissy tries to convince Charlie to not marry Mati. She claims she is doing it for his sake. Will he withstand that Mati control his life at her leisure? Carlos says Mati was not like this before. She claims it was because Mati did not have to face women who would be close to Carlos. IT would be difficult for him to have women friends or work with women. Mati’s jealousy and insecurities will be torturing him always.

Jero congratulates Antonio on his idea for how to get Nata’s fingerprints. Antonio tells Jero he got the prints from Nata and he will continue with the idea of the campaign to register the prints of all the kids in the town. He will send Nata’s fingerprints to Isidro right away.

Carlos goes to talk to Mati… he says ‘you must be happy, she is leaving the hacienda’. Carlos defends Prissy saying she was the rational one. She stopped this absurd situation. This time you won, but I won’t let you decide who can be my female friend or female coworker. Mati keeps ratting that he never let her know Prissy was his girlfriend. Carlos says ok that’s true but I have not given you one reason to doubt my love. SO I will say it one more time. I won’t let you and your assumptions affect my job. So stop it or, as you say, we are through (‘hasta aqui llegamos’).
At church, Marina tells Padre Seve that she is leaving with Saul. He goes beserk. You can’t be serious! Yes I am and please respect my decision. Saul’s support and company is what I need. PS says how can you trust a man who betrayed you and made you suffer so? He has changed! Everyone deserves a 2nd chance and I am giving it to Saul.
M: Uncle, maybe you don’t understand because you have not lived the loneliness and despair of a couple (being in love). But Saul offers to rescue me precisely from that.
PS: We are never alone, we have God! And what a huge mistake to seek refuge in another’s arms for loneliness and despair.
M: Sorry but I am not changing my mind. I am leaving in the weekend and will never return here.

At MR office, it is lottery day for Berta. Adri and Matias are updating the list of accounts receivable (invoices to collect). Berta happily volunteers to make the calls.
Adri decides to use the moment to ask her what she did last night. Berta says she stayed at the house so Matt and Adri ask her if she did not go out (these two team up nicely with smirks on their faces). Berta takes the folder with the accounts receivable info and leaves. Adri tells Matias she is lying again!!

Antonio calls Isidro and tells him he will send him Renata’s prints tomorrow via a mail. Isidro is so happy. Antonio reassures him he will have them in 2 days.

Gina comes back to the center and tells Ines she did not have the heart to take Amparito from Connie right away. She gave her until the weekend to find Corina and return the baby to her. But she will also look for Corina’s location on her own to try to find her.

Padre Seve goes to see Saul at the hotel. They yell at each other, PS yells you have to leave Marina once and for all! Saul yells he does not want to be rude, but shows him the door after yelling he is noone to tell him what to do or interfere in Marina’s life. Marina and I will start a new life, no matter who is not happy with it (le pese a quien le pese).

At the fields, Augie catches up with Alfo, appologizes for the way he acted when she went to ask for the money he had offered, and offers her the money. She at first is proud enough to reject it but then ends up accepting the offer because she really needs the money. HE will send it to her with Anibal.

Padre Seve comes to LaB to ask Jero help in trying to convince Marina not to leave with Saul. Nata is present in the conversation and she is visibly irritated that Jero seems to agree that Marina cannot leave with him. When Padre Seve tells Nata who is Saul and how he broke Marina’s heart earlier, Nata says she believes that Marina’s decision must be respected. Jero insists that he has to respect Marina’s decision, but his children are at stake here. PS agrees with Jero, the kids will grow up with a ‘taur’ (ogre) beside them.
Padre keeps insisting to Jero to help him out. Jero is reluctant but ends up promising he will do what he can. Padre leaves. Nata is not happy obviously. Jero asks her what she thinks (good point in Jeros’ favor). 
N: For starters, if it is true what you said, you have no right to demand or ask Marina anything.
J: IT is about my children.
N: And also hers!. If I was her, I too would leave.
J: Why?
N: Don’t you see it? She is ‘the other one’. It must not be easy at all for her to see you with me and she loves you. I understand that she wants to leave! Obviously!
J: I can’t give up on my children.
N: You are not understanding me. Who told you…
J: Lower the tone! You are asking me to give up on my children!
N: Don’t talk to me like that either. I am not asking you to give up on your children. What you need to realize is that life is not going to work out the way you expect.
J: I won’t let her go live with the wrong guy!
N: See?
J: Antonio came to tell me that PS was worried because that guy had already hurt Marina very much. Do you think I will allow a wretch to abuse my children? And I am surprised that you don’t believe the same. You lived that experience with Fina! (Nata freezes and gets instantly sad)
N: Look. If Marina already decided, I don’t think anyone should interfere in her decision. 
Besides, I don’t think she is so dumb to let herself be tricked by this guy.
J: I think the problem is Marina is going through a vulnerable moment due to her pregnancy and the situation she is living.
N: I understand that. I understand the moment she is living and that you are worried about her and your children. But one thing is different than the other! IF she already decided to go, let her go!! 
At bedroom Nata is asking (God) why this is all affecting her, if the children are not to blame for anything.

Saul has come to Cruz de Amor to talk to Augie. Anibal tells him Augie is not home but Augie gets there right at that moment. Augie is not happy at all to see Saul there. And takes him to his study. Saul tells him things were going great but Padre Seve came to demand he leave Marina alone. If he continues interfering he can mess up our plan. Augie suddenly puts his brain gears to work and says if the padre does whatever possible for his niece not to leave with you, that could be beneficial for us. Yes we want her to leave… but the question now is… under what conditions will she leave.

Carlos goes to the lab and Prissy asks immediately if things are calmer with Mati. He says he does not want to talk about that. She then asks if he wants to work. Ok.
Prissy puts on the seduction moves on Carlos as they are working. Meanwhile elsewhere Mati is thinking that Manuela is right, she has to trust Carlos and his love.
Back to lab, Prissy is opening the memory lane part of Carlos mind about their happy times as a couple. Carlos reminds her they had an agreement to not mix business and personal matters. Prissy says that never worked for us (putting her arms around him). Mati sees this and leaves mad. Carlos pulls Prissy’s arms from him and says ‘but now it HAS to work’. Prissy says yes, of course. Now more than ever. 

At Cruz de Amor, Anibal goes back to the workout/sword room… Augie is behind him. Says he has figured Anibal likes this room. Anibal says he feels safe there. Augie asks and not in the rest of the hacienda?… Augie asks Anibal to go to La Bonita to give Alfo some money and he can use the visit to see Allison. Anibal questions how Augie changes his moods momentarily. When Saul came he was really irritated and now he is acting like nothing happened. Augie grabs a sword and says ‘au guarde!’ (sp?) puts on the sword moves on him and with a very irritated but low tone, tells Anibal ‘I don’t have to explain anything to you, but for this one time, I will do it! That man came to give me very good news. ….. lets go to the study. I will give you the money.

Saul calls Marina to tell her about her uncle’s visit. But he gives her a different story about the tone in which they ‘talked’. Don’t worry I told him we are leaving together and that I am committing with you. I will help you out. It did not bother me, I agree that he should worry about you. But somehow we have to convince him that I changed and that I did it for you. Marina says she will convince PS and thanks him.

In LaB bedroom Jero comes in, Nata says she has a headache. Jero says he knows all this situation about Marina is affecting her. Nata says she is trying to understand.

J: I am worried about the children.
N: I know that. But she is their mother! And she has a right to her opinion.
J: You are right. I will take care of this.
N: I think that is good. What are you going to do?

At the office Berta goes to German’s office and is kissy-kissy. Just in time they hear that the secretary is walking Gema (his wife) to his office so they straighten up. Gema tells him in front of Berta’s face about their deal that she would give him money to invest in MR and he would dedicate much more time to her. She expects him to come through for her, not like last night when he came home very late. Berta makes her exit. Gema warns German that she does not want any new surprises, either he behaves or she takes his new toy away (LOL!!). He nods nervously like a kid given one last chance to behave.

Berta goes to her office telling herself that German is an imbecil, how can you be with that old hag? Even if she is millionaire, I don’t get how you can stand her! (he calls her cell) You wish I will answer… in your dreams! You stayed with your wife so now you keep her!… hope that you realize that I don’t want to talk to you, to see if you give me my place.. idiot!…  Darn them! I hope their marriage is a failure!
Jero goes to visit Marina… came to talk to you. 

He tells her what he found out… he agrees with her uncle. Marina asks if he will forbid her from it. He says no, but don’t think my children should grow beside a man like that. 
M: How easy(comodo) for you! You want to have your wife and the mother of your children in the same place!
J: No its not about that.
M: Then? You have the right to rebuild your life but I don’t?
J: You have the right to lead your life, but with a good man.
M: The man I chose to lead my life with will be my choice, not yours!
J: I think that is perfect! But choose the right man!
M: I thought the right guy was you. But I was wrong. Sorry, Jero. But you can’t control my life.
J: I don’t want to control your life.
M: Yes you want to. But you can’t have it all, Jero. You can’t have your wife and your children in the same place at the same time!
J: We had already talked about that, Marina.
M: Yes, and while I was recovering I accepted to be here. But I am well now. But your wife and the mother of your children cannot be together or near each other. So it is her or us! But never again together! 

Previews:Voiceover: you think you have seen the best? You are wrong!
We see Prissy kissing Carlos and Mati watching getting upset.
Fina tells Blanca that WE will kill Gina (Blanca seems a bit concerned)
Saul: I hope everything goes well. Augie says I told you I don’t like the word ‘hope’. Everything has to go well.
And Marina shows her claws!