Three Sides of Ana Episode 32 Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018


Santiago searches the internet and finds out all the things we already know with pictures that prove his name was Marcelo Salvaterra and he was married to Ana Leticia Alvaro del Castillo who was one of triplets, one of which is missing. Later he calls FreeSpirit and doesn’t say anything while she cries and imagines the worst then he says perdoname and hangs up on her, leaving her to cry and imagine the worst some more. Next he calls Inaki, him he actually does talk to, asking for his old adddress in Costa Pariso. Sure thing bro.

Ramiro and Inaki meet in the elevator and chat bout BadAna and Llora and how different they are, then Inaki bums a ride to work off Ramiro, just so we remember he’s Inaki.

At work Ramiro gets the loan from his boss as a reward for helping get the land sale w/Isidro to go through, doesn’t tell boss what he wants the $$ for. Calls Orlando so they can meet and exchange $ for proof. Orlando tries putting him off till he can heal some, but Ramiro is in a hurry, and surprisingly not dumb enough to give the $ w/o getting the proof first. Evaristo is listening in on Orlando’s half of the call and tells him he’ll set up a way to make the exchange w/o meeting, Orlando can keep the cash as long as he gets the mouse to the mousetrap. 

Remedios is looking thru the box o’ secrets when Sole knocks on her door  wanting to talk about her missing box, that had important papers in and money and you know birth certificates and stuff. Remedios suggests she go to the police but of course Sole doesn’t want to do that, oh well. 

Abue calls up the doc’s wife to chat bout old flame and finds out he was out of town buying property to build a resort hotel on. 

TioM stops by w/the news of Jenny’s death. Then he calls the office to ask his secretary to get him on the nxt flight to Costa P.  The secretary is so sad for him she has to go to the bathroom to cry and tell the mirror how much she loves her boss, so Inaki can get into her computer while she’s gone and look up the address Santiago asked him for. 
Back at the mansion of tears there’s lots of them going around as Abue, Leonore, Llora and Bad Ana grieve tioM’s loss, some genuinely, and one not so much. When his secretary calls back w/his flight info, the girls and Abue insist on going w/him. BadAna tells him she’ll be w/him in his time of need just like he was for her, she’ll never, never, never leave him w/a big hug and her grinning delightedly behind his back.

Meanwhile doc and wife are discussing arranging a casual meeting between Abue and her old flame at TioM’s wedding. 

FreeSpirit is still crying over Santiago’s phone call of implied doom and Sole tries to comfort her.

Llora calls the foundation friend to tell her she’s going out of town for Jenny’s funeral. Foundation friend tells Valentin, who’s sitting in her office when she gets the call and he acts like a huge jerk about Llora not telling him personally and basically says TioM got what he deserved. 

Leonore takes the opportunity while the fam is away to meet Ramiro at the manse and they catch up w/ea other.

Santiago gets to his old house, its pretty swank and he’s pretty surprised. Either he’s getting his PI/super spy memories back, or their security is crap b/c its way too easy for him to break in. He finds a photo of him and BadAna and seems to realize for the first time he’s involved w/two sisters.(think he’ll try a threefer?)  Meanwhile FreeSpirit is sadly remembering their meeting and crying and telling herself he was never hers to begin with. Oh dear.

Jenny has a brother and he’s all broke up about her death. BadAna tries to be comforting w/him, w/mixed results, Apparently Marcelo’s dad is Jenny and her brother’s uncle and he’s way sad. Abue and Llora discuss how strong and brave BadAna’s being – its cause she’s all grateful to tio for being there for her when Marcelo died and wants to do the same for him. Right. 

For some reason Sue’s friend feels the need to tell her about Jenny’s death, even though they’ve never met.

Ramiro confronts Valentin, they have to talk (next time apparently)

Remedios confronts Sole and demands the truth, but fails to specify about what. If Sole lies she’ll kick her out.

Santiago wanders all over his ex house, he sprays some perfume and it spurs a memory of BadAna trying her new perfume out on him. Then the woman herself and Llora arrive at the house to freshen up before heading back to the funeral. They mention Marcelo’s dad’s sorrow. Santiago “hides” in a closet and watches them thru the not remotely shut door.