Kuch Rang Episode 103–104 Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018


Sona tries to convince Dev to sit in satyanarayan pooja for mom’s sake. She says mom does not tell anything, but he should understand her feeling. He says he cannot. She convinces him. He says she was calling mom as mom. She says she did not notice. He says he noticed and says he has a lot of defects, he is arrogant and adamant, if he thinks of doing something, he does not listen to anyone, she may not adjust with him. She says she loves him and does not see any defects in him. He says he will sit in pooja if she also attends it.
Ranveer tries to speak to Neha, but she asks him to leave her way. He apologizes her for his misbehavior. She forgives him and hugs.
Mamaji comes to Ishwari’s house and asks her why is she so sad. She reminisces Dev’s
proximity to Sona, but says her mind races on 10 different routes unnecessarily. He asks if she is missing Neha. She says yes. He cheers her up and sister-brother bonding continues.
At Sona’s house, Sona selects sari for pooja. Elena taunts her that she has already become Dev’s wife. Sona shies. Elena says she is beautiful and well educated. Sourav joins her and says Sona is even working, Dev’s family will be happy getting her as bahu.
Dev in his room goes into flashback where in his childhood, Ishwari prays good tosave her husband as he is the breadwinner of their family, she has small kids, etc. Dev comes tells her to ask doc to cure papa soon. Ishwari in her room reminisces her husband’s death and she hiding her children under bed when house owner comes and shouts at her to vacate house or give rent. She cries vigorously. Neha asks if they will stay on footpath. Dev says it will be fun. Later, Dev tells Ishwari that he will not believe in god hereon and his mom is his god now.
Next morning, Dev’s friend comes and starts pooja arrangements. Ishwari comes calling her children. Friend says she forgot Neha is married. Ishwari says yes. Sona comes with Elena and tells Ishwari that her parents could not come. Ishwari greets them in. Radha gets jealous seeing Sona and tries to taunt, but seeing Nikki leaves making weird face. Mama calls Dev. Radha yells Dev will not come for pooja and then excitedly says they will be sitting for pooja. Ishwari calls mamaji to come and sit for pooja. Dev comes wearing dhoti kurta and asks Ishwari if he can sit for pooja, he took bath and wore dhoti kurta as she likes, he will sit for her sake. Ishwari gets very happy and tells everyone that her son will sit for pooja. Dev sits for pooja and Radha makes her usual weird face.