Jukulumessu Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018

Jikulumesu:Drama and Emotional times

Things are definitely heating up in Jikulumessu land!it is not a small something oooo

Magharita give Bianca  the low down about her conversation with their arch enemy Joel and Bianca is ready for it  so let the games begin!She later felt disturbed when she was notified of accusations of being responsible for the death of Grandma Candida,she sure knows Joel is involved especially as he was the only one that saw them that day,she is angry Greg still going to Beghalla but he assures her they are in the trouble together and he’s got her back,he leaves with Sara for the campaign.

Nayr still caring for her son and he ask her to leave and take his phone along to charge as it was off.

Weza is discouraged as she is yet to come up with anything about her sold inheritance ,Celso encourages her not to give up.

Magharita’s torture begin when Joel sent her pictures of her escapades with students , he attaches a note to make her surrender their father’s property to her sister Weza.Joel gave her a time frame as well.

Nuno’s blackmail has yielded first fruits and he got paid.he still not telling his cousin what’s his business is really about.

Bianca visit Djemila at home and tries to play the pity party ,she admits to being a master of crime but Djemila didn’t fall,Nuno was begged to excuse the ladies by his cousin as he was very reluctant to do so.

Vanessa sprained her arm while exercising ,her mother and trainer forced her to go to the hospital and when she came back she had packed Carlos luggage and sent him out,meanwhile Anna and Daniel were trying to discover their grandfather’s mysterious movement but while trying to keep track on his conversations they ended up listening to that of their parents.It was really emotional!Even Carlos broke down in tears as he left.

Sheila is not comfortable with Clydee’s attitude and he informs William but he dismisses thoughts that she might be their downfall.

Nzola’s paintings Clydee  brought to the Cabrals made Maria emotional,Clydee also dropped a pen she found at the scene of her murder which the police did not pay attention too then,immediately Lemba saw it she remembered it belongs to Carlos and had seen it when they were doing their group assignment back at Santa Agnes