Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 307–309 Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018

Laxmibai fights the assailant unaware of the fact that it is Ganga.   
Gangadhar Rao orders his soldiers, disguised as dacoits, to attack the women’s army. At the same time, Nelson commands his soldiers to attack and kill the female soldiers.  Gangadhar Rao is alarmed on observing the female recruits being attacked mercilessly.

Laxmibai orders her servants to stay away and takes on the assailant.

Nelson is stunned by the ferocity with which the women repulse the attackers. Gangadhar Rao is delighted and praises Laxmibai for training the women’s army.

From the sword fighting techniques of her assailant, Laxmibai suspects it is similar to the technique used by Tatya Tope. Ganga’s face is uncovered during the fight.

Meanwhile, Tatya Tope finds the statue of Laxmibai vandalized and arrives at the conclusion that Ganga plans to assassinate Laxmibai. He runs to the palace and saves Laxmibai.

Laxmibai forgives Ganga for her treachery. A dejected and ashamed Ganga reveals she was instigated to fight Laxmibai. Fearing that Dai Ma was still in Sakhu Bai’s custody, Ganga kills herself before revealing the name of the conspirator. Before breathing her last breath, Ganga informs Laxmibai that Dai Ma was in danger.

Sakhu Bai rejoices on learning about Ganga’s death.

Gangadhar Rao praises Laxmibai and the women’s army for their bravery.
Sakhubai informs Nelson about Ganga’s death.
Gangadhar Rao tries to console Laxmibai after he learns about Ganga’s death.
Nelson visits his evil twin brother and plots to kill Laxmibai.
Baji Rao is on his deathbed and wishes to meet Laxmibai. Vahinisaheb informs him that a messenger has been sent to Jhansi to inform Laxmibai about his condition.
Hira Bai informs Laxmibai and Gangadhar Rao about Baji Rao’s deteriorating health and his wish to see Laxmibai. Laxmibai gets frantic and expresses desire to meet Baji Rao. However, Hira Bai stops Laxmibai in view of her pregnancy.
Indu and Moropant leave for Bithoor to visit Baji Rao. At Laxmibai’s persistent demand, Gangadhar allows Laxmibai to visit Bithoor. In view of her health concerns, Gangadhar Rao decides to accompany Laxmibai.
The news of Laxmibai and Gangadhar Rao’s visit to Bithoor reaches Nelson. Nelson’s brother advises him to follow the policy of divide and rule in separating Laxmibai and Gangadhar Rao.
Nelson stops Gangadhar Rao from accompanying Laxmibai in view of the grave threats to law and order condition in Jhansi.

Gangadhar Rao remains in Jhansi to maintain law and order and Laxmibai leaves for Bithoor. Tatya Tope accompanies Laxmibai for her protection.
The palace guard stops Alex from entering the palace. Alex learns from the guards that Gangadhar Rao is visiting the country while Laxmibai has left for Bithoor.
Tatya Tope informs Laxmibai that the way to Bithoor was blocked and he needs to find an alternate route. Tatya Tope goes ahead in search of the route.
Gangadhar Rao has a tough time resolving caste riots in Jhansi. Nelson mocks Gangadhar Rao that the British would be better placed to handle the violence. He also adds that the news of this mishap must reach Fort Williams. Gangadhar Rao refuses to be cowed down by Nelson.
Tatya Tope’s horse senses trouble and it refuses to proceed further. The horse gets uncontrollable and Tatya Tope falls in a pit of quick sand. On the other hand, Laxmibai gets worried about Tatya Tope. She and her guards go in search of Tatya Tope and are attacked by dacoits. Laxmibai succeeds in defeating them. She manages to rescue Tatya Tope. The duo then battles it out with the remaining dacoits.
A dacoit tries to attack Laxmibai from behind but fails after Alex shoots the dacoit. Laxmibai thanks Alex for saving her life. She learns from Alex that he has been appointed to protect the king and the queen of Jhansi.