Fall Into Temptation Episode 13 Update on Monday 11th June 2018


PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Andres pronounces his love to Raquel and he tries to kiss her by force and tells her that he is still in love with her, but Raquel rejects him and tells him that he would be the last person she would fall in love with and tells him to leave her house. Cynthia tries to call the police and there Andres asks Cynthia if she is only feeling jealous because he slept with her and not professing his love for her sister? Raquel really becomes shocked and disappointed in her sister but what she doesn’t knows about is, her sister went to bed with him to derive a supposed information from him concerning Raquel as to why Andreas was threatening her but Raquel continues to scold her that nothing justifies what Cynthia did.
Godoy reveals to Santiago that the DNA tests proved that the child that Carolina was expecting was his. Santiago then calls to inform Raquel that the child Carolina was expecting was his and not Damián’s and Raquel becomes disappointed and tells him that in some way she was desiring that the child could have been Damián so she could have a reason to hate him because in spite of his treason she cannot do it. The both of them expresses to each other how they feel very lonely. 

YEARS AGO BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Mia tells her mother that she doesn’t want to see her close to Santiago because it makes her jealous and Raquel smiles telling her that she doesn’t know what she is thinking about but she is still in love with her father as the first day they met and can never love any man like that. She seizes the opportunity to ask permission from her to go to the party.
Andres asks Miguel to help him know certain things about Raquel to ruin her because she can never allow her to turn him down and go scot free.
Lola meets with her professor now her supposed boyfriend Juan to confront him for lying to her that Patricia told the media that the two (Lola and Patricia) are a couple but Juan warns her to not play game with him because he only did that because he cannot picture her in the arms of another woman or man. 
Mia arrives at her friends which Joaquin and Marcelo organized and there, she asks them at what time the other girls will arrive but Joaquin tells her that the party is an exclusive party made for her. Then, Marcelo and Joaquin kiss her by force trying to have their way.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Laura keeps on reminding Fernando Godoy about his infidelity and seriously, he goes crazy ransacking his documents and he tells his wife Laura in fact he is really fed up of her referral always and she asks him if he then wants them to breakup and Godoy says no but Laura is sure he doesn’t and never loved her but he is only staying with her still because he feels afraid she may report the truth to the authorities and that will lead him to losing his job and go to jail but as to the reason behind, Laura never mentioned it.

YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Carolina asks Lola to tells her what is happening with her because she sees that she looks unhappy and a bit nervous, Lola tells her that she did something horrible and she regrets it but she doesn’t want anyone to know especially her father Santiago. She reveals to her that Patricia actually made it clear to her that though she was drunk deeply and touched her a little but Patricia told her that she didn’t do anything to her but she (Lola) does not remember anything because she was drunk. Carolina tells her that they must sue Miguel for that sexual harassment since she and Patricia are minors, Lola tells her mum that if she dares tell anyone, she is going to kill herself.
Mia pleads with her mum to never send her back to that school again and her mum requests for her reason and after she told her, Raquel then believes that may be the guys rather raped her but Mia makes things clear to her that they never did that rather it was a sexual harassment.
Raquel and Damian go to see the school’s principal to let her know about what the guys did to their daughter and she tells them that, activities outside the campus can’t be handled by the school’s authority and also, she advises them to make sure to not let the world know about what happened to their daughter because that can affect her psychologically.

PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Santiago tells Raquel that the police already gave him Carolina’s phone and now he has the report of the messages she and Damian shared on her cell phone. He tells her that when he knew that the baby she was expecting was his, he wanted to hold on to the idea that Carolina was not capable of doing what she did but after reading the messages, he realized very they actually cheated on them. They tearful decide to read the messages and in a moment of despair, they kiss each other.