Cosita Linda Episode 91 Update on Tuesday 12th June 2018

The murder of Ana Lorena is planned and the murderer begins to activate. He explores his neighborhood and even talks to him in the street. She has no idea what will happen next. Fede is still in a coma and her mother still in prison, even if Marijose to drop the charges. Gaston asks Prudencia to come home but she will only do it if he decides to stay with her and become more than his friend. Santi goes to college and sees Marijose. He acts as if he had seen his wife, it made him feel uncomfortable. Not only because she loves him but she also refused her offer to come to bed with him.

At the office, Diego is holding a baby object and Ana Lorena says he looks cute and comfortable with the situation but it reminds him that they can not be together, which makes them nostalgic. Consuelo tells Santa what’s going on between them and her opinion is to wait and let things happen. Cacho is angry at Dulce because of Dulce’s attitude towards her and the baby and Parlmira tells him to stop. Diego tries to talk to Vicente and tells him about his relationship with Laura, who is only friendly, but the employee refuses to listen probably because denying allows him, one way or another, to continue to see Palmira whom he is in love with

Mariana is tired of living in poverty and goes to university to talk to her sister, to whom she asks for money. Marijose is tired of being threatened and pushed by her and suggests telling the truth to everyone so that she has access to the inheritance, but Mariana is not stupid and she knows that Santi will never forgive him for it to have lied. In addition, deep inside her, she believes that it is Marijose that he loves. Maya seizes the absence of Mariana to keep Santi company. This kind of situation, coupled with the fact that she is not comfortable around her family, forces Marijose to try to convince Santi that they should move out of the house.