Who Killed Libia Episode 11 Update on Sunday 10th June 2018


Fernando tells father Teddy cynically that he wishes to confess to him something that is very delicate which no one knows about and Father asks him to not worry but feel free and confess and there he reveals to him that he was the man who raped Sofía because he truly love her and father becomes startled. He then, he earned Mrs. Gabriela’s trust when he showed up as her rescuer and thought that Sofia would love him, but it didn’t happen that way; the priest tells him that he refuses to continue hearing him because he confessed the rape as if he still has no remorse and Fernando says it because Father was the one who encouraged him to confess when he had no confidence.
He continued to explain further on how the rape happened which was monitoring her and ambushing her and one day in the evening whiles she closed from Mass, he bounced on her and did because he actually did love her the first day he saw her but knew she wouldn’t accept him and that is how come he did it and pretended afterwards to be his savior and took her home and married her thinking she could love her but she never even love him though she doesn’t know he raped him. Father tells him that what he did was an evil act and that if he were not a priest he would asked God to punish him.
Same vein, Sofia was also praying asking God to give her peace in all aspects of his life and quickly, Fernando also walk towards the altar to ask for forgiveness and together, he goes with her to check on Franco to give a helping hand by providing a doctor to look after him and he comes out of the pain.
Rosario tearful tells Ofelia that when she saw Franco so wounded and helpless; she realized how much she loves him. Ofelia suggests to her that, she sacrifices her love for him so to rescue him from the hands of Fernando’s wrath because if Fernando finds out that she does love Franco, he could kill him.
Father looks so much depressed with Fernando’s confession and thinks this really is above him and thinks he can’t keep it to himself because Sofia is one person he as a Priest looks dear to his heart due to her good personality and contribution to the church. He there goes before God and asks him to show him what steps to take concerning the confession.
Rosario warns through a way of advice to Franco to try and stay away from her for his own life and for her sake too but Franco answers that the only way for him not to look for her or stay away from her is if he dies.
Jemima and Sara try to convince Sofia to give a chance to Fernando to win her over and they tell her he is not that mean person as she sees him to be because to them he is every woman’s dream man but Sofia says she knows that, but the truth is she cannot stand him and also what she knows is that she cannot also force herself and her heart to love him when she feels nothing for him at all. The three then decide to go see Franco at the church sickbay with some items to bring meaning into his life again and there, Sarah kisses Franco whiles he sleeps on the sick bed.
Fernando tells Rosario that she thought it was easy making fun of him and warns her that next time he finds her with Franco; he is going to kill him and her son, Rosario begs him not to hurt her son.
John thanks Sofia for being so kind to him and his brother and reveals to her that he loves her very much and she also replies she loves him too.