Who Killed Libia Episode 10 Update on Saturday 9th June 2018


Sofia moves all of her things to a different room and she tells Fernando that she can no longer in stay in the same room with him because never will she love him and nothing can change the decision she’s made. Fernando decides to pull her by force to his room but Jemima and Sarah arrive to stop him and to talk sense into him to relax and be patient with her so that gradually she can fall in love with him but Fernando thinks that his patience can’t be tested again cos he is fed up.
John and Oscar take their brother to the parish so Father Teddy can help them to take care of Franco since he looks severely beaten up but they still wonder who could have done such a mean thing to their brother Franco and again John swears to revenge the one who did that but Oscar thinks Rosario has a hand in the issue.
Same vein, Rosa looks very much worried about what might have happened to Franco for him not to have come to watch her performance and she complains to Ofelia that, if anything should happen to him, she will go crazy. She decides to go look for him but her godmother warns her to never try doing that because that could only make Fernando to take a crazy action against her if he discovers she went looking for Franco but Rosa careless and still wants to go because if anything should happen to Franco, she may be blamed for it.
Father Teddy advises the two brothers to pray for their brother because with God, their brother can come back to good health but it seems they don’t even believe in God especially John but he still lures them with his advice to call them to prayer for help. Quickly, Rosa still visits Franco at the church’s sickbay and John blames her for what happened to her brother and asks her to leave and never come back again.
Gabriela decides to go speak sense into Sofia’s ears for mistreating Fernando badly always but he stops her and pleads with her to never try that for Sofia to use that opportunity to insult her and also, he now understands Sofia a little since she was the one who receive the end product of the rape case and needs time to recover. He then swears that if he is to get the man who raped her, he would confront him and kill him for hurting his wife that much. 
Mr. Augustin continues to promise Eva that he will help her to know the whereabout of her daughter and Eva thanks him for his promise but the truth is, Gabriela who took her child away from her is not willing to help her know where she took her daughter to but still Don Augustin pledges to give a helping hand.
Gabriela tells Eva that considering the problem she is experiencing at the hands of her children, she asks Eva to thank her for taking her daughter away from her because she could have been experiencing same situation but Eva says she shouldn’t have allowed that to even happen but rather should have fought for her daughter to be by her side. Yet, Gabriela thinks Eva with her poor situation could have course her daughter to suffer with this her poor condition. She tries advising Gabriela to try and understand her children a little bit and then she will understand that all they need from her I love and nothing else but Gabriela thinks Eva has no right to advise her when she’s never been a mother before unless of course she is planning to understand her children just to replace her love with hers but Eva says never will she do such an evil thing because if a mother knows the responsibility that comes with motherhood, no body will teach her to love her own children. This words truly hit Gabriela very hard and she seems to start thinking about it.
John goes before God and asks him to protect and save their brother from death. Father Teddy arrives and he tells him that he’s gone weary and discouraged looking at all the problems confronting them but Father Teddy asks him to never feel discouraged and he requests to know who their parents are and where they are coming from but John answers him that, he isn’t ready to answer his questions because he isn’t ready to do so.
Sofia apologizes to her mum for how she spoke to her awfully but she refuses to forgive her. Sofia then thinks she will go for confession to Father Teddy because she knows he will understand her better than her own mum.
Gabriela reveals to Fernando that Sofia has gone to the church for confession and he decides to go there too to pick her up
At the church, Sofia finds out through father Teddy that Franco is very ill and feels worried. Oscar tells John that he thinks that Sofia, Sarah and Jemima had nothing to do with Libia’s murder and again he also doesn’t think Rosa has something to do with Franco’s situation so there is no point to blame anyone and of course John seconds him that they can’t blame anyone for now but they will still carry one with their revenge for their sister.
John insists on knowing from Rosa who she thinks beat up his brother Franco mercilessly like that but Rosa refuses to say anything.
Sofia confesses to Father that though she is married to Fernando, she can’t love him and father says he understands her because he knows and can predict that she was under pressure from her family and that was why she accepted and married him when she actually never loved him.
Fernando arrives at the church and tells Sofia that she is there to pick her up but before, he wants to go for confession so Sofia will know that he is actually ready to church from some bad actions he exhibited towards her some years back. Sofia then wonders what exactly he did to her.
Fernando tells father Teddy cynically that he wishes to confess to him something that is very delicate which no one knows about and Father asks him to not worry but feel free and confess and there he reveals to him that he was the man who raped Sofía and father becomes startled.
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