Who Killed Libia Episode 9 Update on Friday 8th June 2018


In town, Sofia and John bumps into each other again and she stirs at him in confusion but he still helps into distributing the donations items to the townsfolk.
Rosa still continues to push Franco away from her even though she loves him so much because she feels afraid for his life being in danger at the hands of Fernando but Franco refuses to listen to anything but will still follow his heart  and he tells Rosa that he loves her but she also tells him that she cannot love him back because she doesn’t want to endanger his life yet Franco kiss her and in the act, Fernando and Armando arrive to see without their notice and after watching them for a while, and orders then Fernando orders his men to get Franco for him and severely, he be beat him up brutally for touching his property. Rosa then becomes afraid of what might happen to Franco after Armando revealed to her that Fernando caught her kissing Franco.
Oscar also continues his dating with Jemima but he offends her by asking her to let them go have sexual fun somewhere and in anger Jemima shuns him and tells him she thought he was different from the other men not knowing he same attitude.
Gabriela goes for confession and she tells Father that, she feels bad for treating Libia so badly but she couldn’t picture her husband Bernando flirting with that little girl and father says if she actually is remorseful, then, she should be present with him when he goes to pray for the soul of the girl and though she accepts, inwardly, she tells herself that, the girl and Bernando will rot in hell forever because she will never pray for them.
John considering how he’s actually fallen in love with Sofia and at the verge of evening forgetting about the revenge which he doesn’t even can’t think far for himself, he goes to the grave of his sister and asks her to forgive him in her grave because he feels that he’s betrayed her as he is falling in love with Sofia but he wants to love her for a while and then after will keep his promise of revenge because he is finding it difficult to control his feelings for Sofia even if he wants to try.
Eva asks a John and his brothers to forget their revenge, but he refuses bluntly but the promise to not kill anyone in the family but she continues to plead with them to stop because she can never forgive herself should anything go wrong in the house.
Gabriela thinks that her dad Augustin is seriously disturbing her so much and Fernanda suggests to her to let them take him to the retired surprisingly without his notice and she seconds.
Gabriela feels furious after Sofia tells her that she thinks that her father was not happy with her and that is how come he looked for someone else to date and Gabriela replies her furiously and in tears that she never imagined she would hear that from her. Fernando then reveals to the family that Libia even killed herself after she never got anything from the family because she was just and opportunist.
John and Oscar go looking for their brother Franco because they can’t find him anywhere and the go to the bar to inquire from Rosa but she doesn’t know her where about. They get home and quickly, Franco arrives looking so badly beaten up and his brothers help him.