Timeless Love Episode 161 Update on Monday 11th June 2018

• Augustin and Anibal continue to cohabit, at Augie’s convenience and under Anibal’s rules;
• Fina, Blanca and Roberta watch Dr. Deadmorals osculate a check
• Roberta and Germy have already made use of the love nest and Roberta wants MORE
• Jero gives Renata the ultimate proposal of marriage at night, with fireworks, wine and grape stomping fun
• Jero and Nata are getting married again, on Viernes.


Anibal and Alison are holding and getting to know their respective pillows. Actually each is imagining their pillow as the other, and they talk, kiss converse and remember with the almohadas. Music plays, “Alguien, que me tome como soy”. The kids are adorable. This is young love, as sweet as it gets. 

Anvil Score (couple)= 4. I’ll give Anibal and Alison an 80% likelihood of being together at the end of the show. For life, not so likely. 

At La Bonita Renata and Jero are rolling around in bed, literally. They giggle and flirt as Renata drinks the glass of water that she sent Jero to fetch for her in yesterday’s episode. Really, she just wanted the scoop on Matilde and Carlos’ big blowup. They talk about “horrible” jealousy and “more painful” lies with their bad consequences and start down the slippery conversational slope of their own previous jealousies. Luckily, we are only treated to a quick refrito of those past destructive moments (Jero’s jealousy at Renata being sent to Augustin’s by her father and for her own protection and Renata’s jealousy when she sees Jero kiss Marina). Quickly Jero and Renata agree to cease and desist that topic of conversation and go back to loving embraces. 

Anvil Score (Jero and Renata) = 5. These two are bound to be together happily ever after.

In the maid’s bedroom, Coni is with Amparito. Alas, the bebe is crying. 

Ines and her husband talk over Constanza’s insane (but understandable) behavior with Corina and Trojan Baby Amparo. Husband, always the lawyer, reminds Ines that she is just a volunteer at El Centro Esperanza but Constanza is now the sister-in-law of Regina, the founder and director. It is a delicate situation, he says.

Anvil Score (couple)= 5. They are a great example of mature married love in the TN.

Next morning, DF

Julieta, Adri y Matias are having breakfast and conversation regarding the proposal that she run Chema’s restaurant. Julieta has talked with her father and sister and they will visit with Chema’s dad about their decision. Julieta then drops the bomb that she saw Roberta entering an apartment in her building at night. “Ay,” says Adri rolling her eyes to heaven, “Do not do this”. 

Anvil Score (couple) =5. I think Adri and Matias will be a couple at the end of the show. Renata’s best friend, her “cousin” in a relationship with her stepbrother, all good, if a little incestuous.
Anvil Score (Julieta)=4. Julieta should make it to the end.

DF and Ensenada
Meanwhile, back at Palacio Gonzolo, Roberta embraces Gonzolo and Regina and welcomes them home from their honeymoon. Roberta says everything is going great at Empresa, she’s learning, etc. Liar, liar pants on fire, Roberta. Just then Renata calls on the phone and invites them all to come to Ensenada for the upcoming Friday wedding. At La Bonita Jero is horsing around and tickling Renata like a teenager. Renata is ecstatic on the phone—this time they are getting married without deceptions, without lies and with sincerity. Jero continues to tease Renata and call out to Gonzolo over the phone, “Father-in-law. My dear father-in-law!” Another cute scene. Jero stands on the edge of the sofa and pretends to fall on Renata, who is convulsed with giggles. These actors are having a lot of fun with the end of this TN. Back in the Palace, at hearing her sister’s good news Roberta grimaces like a cat with a fish bone caught in its throat.

Anvil Score (Gonzo and Gina)=5. These two need to be around to help with the grandchildren, no? David in IN?

Anvil Score (Roberta)=1. I think Roberta is too far gone to be redeemed, even in TN land. There is a slight possibility that she might donate an organ and save her sister but…nah, I don’t think so.

Anvil Score (the wedding happening on Viernes) =0. Between Augustin, Fina, Roberta and Marina I give his wedding NO CHANCE of coming off without a hitch. Anyway, Renata and Jero are still married in the Church, so who cares?

More musical montage with Alison and Anibal flirting and kissing, running through the winter spare vines, splashing one another in a pool, sliding on a children’s slide and playing in the wine crushing vats. More young love.

Elsewhere at La Bonita, Carlos is hobbling along chasing Herminia and Matilde. He calls after Matilde not to be infantile. But she won’t talk to Carlos and triangulates through Herminia to tell “this gentleman” that she does not desire to speak with him. The subject of Prescila is broached and Carlos tells Matilde that Prescila only WORKS at La Bonita. Matilde flounces away leaving a clearly frustrated Carlos in her dust.

In her bedroom with the acid green walls, Roberta calls Auggie to tell him about the impending nuptials. Next FRIDAY. Predictably, Augustin blows a gasket. After hanging up the phone he brushes rudely past Anibal who just happens to be at the door of his study. He jumps to the conclusion that Anibal was eavesdropping. Anibal says no, and Augie tells him he has to go to town.

Anvil Score (Augustin)= 0. He is multiple murderer and he gloated about Zeke. Furthermore, I hate his taste in coats. He dies, badly.

Inside La Bonita Renata snags Matilde and pulls her aside for a cozy little chat. Renata heard the fight between she and Carlos, heard the shouts. Matilde tells Renata that Carlos lied to her about Prissbutt. “I understand perfectly,” says our empathic Renata, but you are no saint yourself, Mati. Don’t permit this situation to ruin your relationship. It’s foolish. (Go, Renata!) Renata starts in on a lecture about the perils of jealousy. She points out that…Finally she reminds Matilde of the far reaching effects of jealousy. It has had consequences for Renata. How? Asks Matilde. Renata draws a deep breath and says “Because of jealousy and because of not speaking, Jero began his relationship with Marina. And now the consequences (call them twins) are irreparable. Think about it! She warns Matilde. This may be my favorite scene in the TN. 

In the next room Carlos has come back in the house after chasing Matilde. He is raving at Jero about Matilde. Matilde has given Carlos an ultimatum—it’s her or the heifer. Jero asks if Prissybutt is important to Carlos. Carlos, in what I think is a somewhat evasive answer says “Si!” and holds up his bandaged hands. He remarks that he can’t do his job without her. (Really? I doubt that MiCharlie).

Jero tells Carlos he had better figure something out and he has to do it on his own.

Anvil Score (couple)=4. I am optimistic about Mati and Carlos. If, as they say, men marry their mothers then Carlos had found someone in Matilde to equal his controlling and histrionic mother. Prissybutt hasn’t got a chance again THE HEADBAND.

Anvil Score (Prissybutt)=2.5. Likely alive but out of the picture.

Gonzolo returns to Empresa and falls into the welcoming arms of Matias, Honorio and Adri. Hons says he looks great, totally healed. Gonzo says it is all because of LOVE. Love heals, blah, blah, blah. The group discusses the news about Renata and Jero. They have had their problems and setbacks, but they are having a wedding next Friday. Everyone needs to be there. Hugs all around. The smarm meter is starting to overheat as we change scenes into Regi/Gonzo’s house of the stone balls, where Ines is hugging Gina and welcoming her back from her honeymoon. Her only disappointment is that her Mother wasn’t there to enjoy this moment. (More of Fina’s dastardly deeds). Ines hates to tell Regina but there are problems with Constanza. Don’t tell me it has something to do Corina and that bebe! says a furious Regina.

Cut to Honorio calling Cons. She is all dressed up (as usual) with her pretty feet in high platform shoes stretched out on the twin bed in the guestroom, holding said bebe. Hons tells her that Renata and Jero are having (yet another) wedding in Ensenada next Friday and Gonzo want the whole family to attend. She should get her clothes and things ready to go. Coni equivocates, she is very happy for Renata but doesn’t know if she can go to the wedding. Honorio really loses it now. “Constanza are you listening to me”, he yells. Yes, she is listening but what is she supposed to do with Amparita? Hons hits the roof. You mean you are not going to Renata’s wedding because of this creature”? “I don’t know”…Coni starts again. Honorio is beside himself,” This is not your responsibility! Where is her Mother? Call that woman right away and tell her to come and get the baby!” Again, Coni hesitates… but Hons tell her that her priorities are all wrong. If she prefers to take care of the baby—who is not hers! —Over going to the wedding of her niece, it is her problem not his. He slams down the phone.

Anvil Score (couple)= 4. I think Honorio and Coni will work it out. They may have to adopt a child but…

Cut back to Gonzo/Gina manse. I cannot believe it, Gina rants to Ines and she pours her a cup of coffee. She explained everything to Coni. This is not how they do business in the Center. Ines gently reminds Gina that Coni is now her sister-in-law and this complicates things a bit Gina is going to talk to Constanza.

Another photo and music montage. This time it is sweet moments Laz and Kari’s DF honeymoon. For my money, they are the cutest couple on four feet. The city is huge they have discovered. Their four feet are sore from all the walking. They canoodle on a park bench while taking a much-needed break from sightseeing. More music. More love.

Anvil Score (couple)=5. These two have been through too much not to make it. Nesme is still out there like a black cloud on the horizon but Super Laz will prevail!

Meanwhile, a guy who looks like a really mean Mexican Jesus is giving Nesme a (well-earned) hard time. Nesme is at the jail bars looking threatening and miserable when bad-Jesus winds him up. “It’s visiting day, and no one came to see you and I. You are alone like a dog”. I take exception to Bad-Jesus’ simile comparing Dr-I-only-die-my-hair-on-top (thank you r la O) to un perro. No dog deserves such a comparison! Nesme bends his nose against the jail bar to express his despair. “Kari. You will always be mine”. Maybe not, Alvaro.

Anvil Score (Nesme)=0. Nesme has to go. There is no redemption for this dirtbag.


Jero and Renata sit on bench outside Padre Severino’s house waiting for Antonio. Renata is nattering, shall she dress in normal or wedding attire? Marina comes to the door and hears Renata y Jero discussing the wedding, flirting, and declaring their endless love for one another. Marina is stricken and grabs her non-existing bump as outside Renata laughs. Antonio arrives and Renata goes to help him with the children’s fingerprint project.

Anvil Score (Marina)=1. I hope I am wrong, but this weekend’s musings on the CME board convinced me that Marina may be a goner.

Anvil Score (Antonio)=2.5. Antonio could be collateral damage in another wedding shoot out. I only give him a 50/50 chance of making it to the finale.

At La Cruz Saul defends his poor performance with Marina to Augustin. Saul protests that he has only seen her three times. “This is your last opportunity”, Augie snarls to him as he hands him more money. 

Anvil Score (Saul)=2. If Saul irritates Augustin he might just go the way of previous Dunant henchmen. Bye bye, Saul.

Prescila and Carlos are working. Prissybutt pretends to be concerned about Carlos and offers to talk to Matilde. Trust in me, Charlie.

Marina sees Antonio. Marina is seriously depressed. (What is new?) Antonio goes to the cafeteria to join Renata for the fingerprint project. He gets a full set of fingerprints from her as they chat with two of the cutest kids ever. 

Another music and photomontage. Matilde is recalling her courtship with Carlos. He asks her to marry him with a Crackerjack ring. She encounters Prissybutt who tells her that she does not want to cause problems for MiCharlie and she will go to a hotel. Carlos later encounters Pricilla in her room packing her suitcase.

Coni’s house.

Regina meets Coni to talk about El Centro Esperanza and the situation with Amparita. “She is not your daughter”, Regina tells Connie. Corina has responsibility for her. Regina reiterates that Coni’s behavior is breaking all the rules. Regina threatens to report Amparita to DIF. (Anybody know if this is child protective services or the police? Another agency?). Later Honorio tells Gonzolo about Coni’s behavior. “My sister adores Renata. I’ll talk to her”, declares Gonzo.

Marina has gone to see Saul at this hotel. She tells him, “I do not accept your proposal but I will accept your help getting out of this place”. Ta dummm.

It appears that other recappers will get to choose Anvil Scores for Fina, Blanca, and several other characters. Good luck and happy scoring to all!

Vivi intruding here. DVRs and VCRs may have cut off since our show went a bit over, so I’ll add the final scene that our show ended on: Augie comes upon Nata at the cafe working on the fingerprint project. She keeps her distance as they chit chat about Jero being free, and she points out that it was Augie’s fault that Jero was thrown in jail in the first place, in Augie’s quest to clear his name. And he didn’t even really do that yet. Augie says his conscience is clear, and people just like to envy a “winner” like him. Jero walks up with the paperwork from the courthouse for the Friday wedding. He embraces and kisses Nata and then begins to wax poetic about his love for Nata, clearly in an attempt to annoy the hell out of Augie. It works. He’s so happy with his mujer, that he invites Augie to their Friday wedding. Augie is NOT amused.

Avances: Jero is not happy with Marina’s plans to leave. Nata is ticked at Jero and tells him to let Marina go if she wants to go!