Three Sides of Ana Episode 31 Update on Monday 11th June 2018

Part 1:
Once again we’re ogling poor Jennifer’s descent sans benefit of parachute as Ana Leticia looks on.   A-Mimi, her feet back on solid ground once more, looks over her handiwork and drives off.  Ho. Hum.  And meanwhile…..
Mariano’s sexratary, Adriana, reports she’s been unable to reach his fiancée on either her cellular or at the house.  It all goes to voice mail/ the recorder.
In Orlando’s hospital room, Evaristo gives our bruised and contused Orly back his cell phone –sans any files having anything to do with Ana Lucía.  He warns our scared little   suffering shakedown artist in training that the phone can now be traced by Ev’s tracking devices and so he’ll always be able to keep tables on him and his calls.  To be certain that Orly keeps mum, he’s got his grandson there as his personal bodyguard.
At the same time, Santiago and the other architect Jen was supposed to meet with arrive at the job site.  The guy tells Santi that he understood she was engaged to be married.  Santi figures she thought he’d died or deserted her and it makes sense.  They turn towards the entrance to the building and see Jen laid and splayed like a rag doll.  Santi races over to her.  She gains consciousness momentarily.  “—It’s you!  Marcelo!!”  He has a few seconds to register that she knows him as Marcelo Salvaterra with a flashback to the visit to Iñaki’s new digs and his question to SanMarco if that name sounded familiar to him.  Well it does now! 
At the same time, Valentin is remembering Mariano and the last time he confronted him –with a gun—blaming him for having destroyed his life.  Ana Laura is at The Realty Place to chat with her uncle and wants TinTin to meet him with her, lying that he has another appointment to get to.  He begs off.  She gives him the use of her driver and goes inside.
Back at the construction site, the architect is trying to raise a signal on the cell to call an ambulance but there is no signal.  Just then a shot rings out and the guy is wounded in the gut.  SanMarco escapes into the building and is pursued by the two other gunmen there.
At TRP, Ana Llora doesn’t have a chance to tell Mariano her friend, TinTin;s, last name cuz at that instant she meets Yaki,  Yaki sweet talks her and chats her up and then later suggests to his brother, J that J. should marry A Llora for her money and then they’d both be rich as lords—his life’s ambition.
At the job site, SanMarco shakes off the jitters and his alter-ego takes over.  He becomes the fast-thinking, quick-moving man of mystery and adventure he was in the earlier life. He grabs a nail gun off a nearby bench, uses it to wound and then shelter himself behind one of his pursuers, grabbing his gun from him, as the guy takes all the bullets meant for him.  He shoots the other gunman in the knee, races back down and outside the building where he notes the dead Jen is.  He looks over to the car and sees the bleeding architect lying against the back wheel.  He gets the guy’s keys, throws him into the back seat and races off towards civilization.  However, he’s not quick enough and the guy dies before he makes it out of the back beyond.  SanMarco decides to change his clothes, puts on the backpack and then hikes back to his hotel.
At the same time, A Mimi is drinking a glass of wine in First Class on the airplane headed back to Mexico City.  She’s remembering the conversation she had with Jen that led to her pushing Mariano’s threat of a fiancée off the edge of that building.  Jen was excited for her because it meant Marcelo was alive and kicking!  But that was the problem!  It meant her life would be falling all to pieces again.  She babbles excitedly in an explanation that Jen does not grasp.  “If Santiago hasn’t shown his face these last three years it’s because he knew exactly what I did.  He must be planning his act of revenge against me!”  “—What are you talking about?”  “I was hoping it would only be about a trick that Evaristo planned.  Jen mentions Ev was there a couple days earlier, looking for him, and trying to HELP him.  Did he mention A Mimi?  Sure, they talked about her.  A Mimi loses it again and screams she couldn’t ever trust her! 
Jen just doesn’t understand the problem.  A Mimi flies into a murderous rage—literally.  “—I know you better than you know yourself, Jennifer!  You can’t stand me!  I can see it in your face, every time you hug me or tell me how much you care about me!  You haven’t the strength to disguise your jealousy of me.  I am so stupid not to see how you and Evaristo would join forces against me!  The perfect means of getting my uncle to stop caring about me, to rob me of him and of his love for me!”  Jen threatens to blab to Mo about this latest temper tantrum but then A Mimi grabs Jen by the arms and starts to push at her.  “—Your not going to tell him anything!”  They struggle and she eventually pushes Jen over the edge.
end part 1~~