Madhubala Episode 164–165 Update on Monday 11th June 2018


Part 1
RK tells Madhu to shut her halwai shop ..
Madhu fumes n leaves but again says SWEET to RK n he chases her around n they both fall on the bed..!
RK threatens that.. if she says SWEET again. .during Sangeet he will express his feelings for her n embarass her Madhu says.. really?
Madhu says..she too can do it.. n before him n RK gwaffs! They bet again! RK says.. SARFAROSHI ki tamanna .. aab hamare Sir me hai.. dekhna hai zor kitna.. Mallika-e-ghar me hai
Trish overhears Shammo talking about how he cant give advance..for wedding preps..! Paddo resists going to the parlour but Trish insists..! Ballus men ..take clicks..!
Kuku Bhatiya returns.. from tour n says.. world is bitching about Paddo… ! Radha says.. no one will talk.. as RK has given statement! KK Bhatiya.. says.. RK doesnt respect him at all while busy getting in laws married..!
Radha offers prasad to Kuku Bhatiya.. but he throws it.. on the floor..! RK comes..! Roma expresses relief.. that.. Paddo has supported Shammo .. n thanks her n gives her jewellery!
RK tells Kuku to pick up the prasad on the floor n calls servants to rather throw the old furniture [Bhatiyas] into a dark corner…! Sikky n Kuku shocked..! Sikky tries to oppose n RK says.. onscreen also only HERO will talk..!
RK then let it be.. if they dun stink more..! RK orders them to pick up the plate.. n they do…!! He tells them that he called his mom .. mom n asks them to stay away from evening function of Shammo-Paddo… n if they come to stand aloof..!
Tailor..helps Ballu to put on a sherwani..! Ballu shocked seeing pics of Paddo – Shammo smiling..! He fumes.. seeing the pics..! Ballu strangles the tailor..!
Part 2
Trish pays off the decorator … the full amount! Shammo says..he wont go to parlour..! Trish agrees n says..they can do at home!
Madhu is decked up in saree.. n Radha offers .. her to wear kangan n jewelery .. but she resists saying .. saree RK chose is all shining . n now this ..
Radha insists n shares that RK called her mom!
Part 3
Radha she is happy to hear RK calling her mom.. Radha says how all this happened..! Radha credits Madhu ..
Madhu asks for ghunghru .. n jhumkas.. n hugs Radha!
Precap — Madhu dancing on Mai ni Mai … ! RK watches..
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st January 2013 Written Episode
Part 1
At the mansion, Sangeet ceremony is on..! Kuku and Sikky welcome the guests..! Radha welcomes Shammo and co..! Bittu jee says. Roma is looking awesome.. n how many people she is gonna kill! Roma laufs and says.. indeed n says.. ! Madhu introes Roma to Radha as.. all in one… teacher.. friend guide ..bua..! RK comes saying that.. Madhu has become typical wife… made God a cook too..who has a mixer grinder.. who makes her fave pastes..! Shammo says..thats why she is a great cook! RK-Madhu eyelock..! RK takes blessings from Paddo and hugs Shammo..! Radha says..she is glad to have them over there! Madhu tells Trish that first time she has come here.. n Trish in tears and Madhu says.. all bad and past things forgotten… n so she better not cry or she wont share her kulfi with her! Madhu says.. that they will be happy talking of good things and not be sad thinking of past things! She says…she tells Paddo same thing! Trish is lost in flashbacks.. of Ballu target practising with her and then giving her signing amount! Trish asks what if past comes in front of one? Madhu says…they wont let it…and especially not shadow their happiness..!
RK comperes the sangeet.. n welcomes all .. n says..first time when he thought of wedding of Paddo-Shammo ..he thought it will be sweet and romantic but it turned into an action packed adventure movie..! He declares the wedding.. of his in laws..! He asks all to take their seat and says.. along with him .. other two people are lucky .. Shammo-Paddo.. as they got him as son in law..! RK says.. today will be antakshari .. between .. Maleeks-Kundras n its lucky they have Bhatiyas with them.. and they can take part..! RK tells Bittu he will charge to talk more.. so he has to say.. ACTION! Bittu says..every member is a team.. so whoever gets the first song.. has to sing..! It starts..! First up is Madhu … n Bittu says.. BHABHI JI ..sing with M! Madhu gets up and starts to sing ‘Mai ni Mai’ and dances..! RK-Madhu eyelocks..! She flicks her saree pallu on RKs face…! Madhu-Trish dance..! RK-Madhu smile at each other..! Next up is .. Sikky .. on G ..! He starts on.. ‘Gori gori’ and ends up tripping…! All lauf..but he manages to dance..! He drags.. Dips to the dance floor..! He ends up tripping Dips on the floor.! Madhu helps Dips to get up..!
Next up is.. ‘R’ and Dips and Madhu dance on ‘Radha on the dance floor’! Radha joins them.. n the trio dance.! Roma whistles..! Madhu comes n teases RK n he tholds her hand.. n dances whit his mom..! All join the dance floor and dance together..! Madhu says.. now next turn ‘Y’ ..! Roma pulls Bittu to the dance floor n dance on ‘ Yai re yai re’ ! RK gets up n sits next to Madhu..! Madhu singing …she exprsesed her feelings.. n so she won! RK says..just coz he does not take advantage of being a hubby ..doesnt mean she can have her way..! RK says…the song she sang..isnt his style.. ! Madhu says.. its Salmans style.. n RK says. .not his.. so if she wants to continue the challenge.. better sing.. again or accept defeat! Madhu says she is RKs wife.. if he finds out he was threatening her.. he wont spare him! RK says..then fulfill bet…! Roma says is ‘L’! Dips singing on ‘Kaisi paheli zindagani’! Dips tries to close in on RK but Madhu interrupts.. n takes her away..! Next is ‘N’ .. Trish.. Sikky .. Bittu on .. ‘Na jane kahan se aai hai’!
Next is ‘K’ .. RK indicates Bittu to switch off the light..! RK sings.. ‘Kate nahi kar-te’ .. focus light on RK-Madhu..! RK closes in on Madhu and …
Part 2
RK keeps snapping his fingers n Madhu continues the song… ‘Kehni thi tumse dil ki baat’ .. n Madhu too repeats the snapping finger thing..! RK pulls Madhu close..! Duo dance.. n again.. stop at ILU .. n snap fingers.. n Madhu continues again… ! She wraps her arms around RKs neck and lights come back..! All clap.. n Rishbala.. trance is broken n RK completes the song.. saying.. ‘I LOVE U’! Madhu runs away..!
Part 3
Madhu grumbles. .that RK is a cheater! RK says.. congrats on ur defeat..! She asks since … Tumhare muh me aam ka guchcha.. n asks him to go dance with Bittu jee! Madhu walks aside .. n clears her throat but RK doesnt chase..! Madhu asks..wont he woo her? RK says.. hi .. m Rishabh Kundra.. people call me RK with love..! Madhu asks what is this? RK says..intro..! He says.. he wont woo her as he loves her angry face… big eyes.. with fire in them..! He shushes her.. and takes her aside n does slow dance with her..! BG – Tera ishq hi..! RK-Madhu back hug..n dance.! As Madhu moves aside RK pulls her choli dori .. n opens it..! Madhu is nervous..!
Precap — A boquet person comes to give it to Trish .. n she panics..! He says..its from BSC ..! Everyone ask …who sent n the guy says.. Trishs movie producer..! Shammo asks who is it? Roma says.. no use asking..she wont tell.! Bittu-RK look at each other.. worriedly..!.