Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 301–302 Update on Monday 11th June 2018


Ganga warns Sakhubai to free Dai Ma or else threatens to reveal the truth to Laxmibai. Unfazed by the threat, Sakhubai dares Ganga to go ahead. Sakhubai warns she will ensure Ganga was blamed for mounting the conspiracy to separate Laxmibai and Gangadhar Rao in order to fulfill her ambitions of becoming the queen.
Laxmibai foils an attempt to assassinate her in sleep. The assailant runs away after locking Laxmibai in her chamber. Laxmibai, when freed by Ganga, narrates the whole incident to her. Laxmibai fears there would be more attempts to kill her and her child. Ganga assures to take good care of Laxmibai.
Hira Bai compels Laxmibai to inform Gangadhar Rao about the attack. Laxmibai promises to inform Gangadhar Rao in the morning and assures Hira Bai that there was no cause for worry as Ganga was there to take care of her. Hira Bai blames Ganga for Laxmibai’s problems. It is revealed that Hira Bai’s suspicions were correct and Ganga was responsible for the attack on Laxmibai.
On realizing the truth, Sakhubai requests Ganga’s help against Laxmibai and Gangadhar Rao. Ganga refuses to help and brags that she didn’t need Sakhubai’s assistance to become the queen of Jhansi.
Ganga reiterates her resolve to become the queen of Jhansi. Ganga dismisses Sakhubai’s threat and asserts that she would have to one day free Dai Ma. She also declares that one day entire Jhansi would accept her as the queen.
Gangadhar Rao is shocked on learning about the attack on Laxmibai from Hira Bai. Gangadhar Rao orders Raghunath to enhance Laxmibai’s protection. Hira Bai reminds the King that enhancing security would not ensure Laxmibai’s safety as someone was conspiring to harm her. Laxmibai suggests establishing a women’s army. Gangadhar Rao agrees.
Laxmibai orders Sunder to assemble all the female servants working in the palace. When they assemble, Laxmibai along with the women pledges to drive the British away from their country. 
Ganga asks Laxmibai to personally train her in the army. Despite being reminded of Hira Bai’s warning, Laxmibai agrees to train Ganga. Ganga tries to convince Tatya Tope to train her as he had trained Laxmibai. Ganga lies that she wanted to learn it so that she could take good care of Laxmibai. Tatya Tope gets convinced by Ganga’s motive and agrees to teach her.
Laxmibai begins training of the volunteers for the women’s army.
Laxmibai notices Ganga’s absence and inquires with Sunder. Laxmibai learns that Ganga was not interested in warfare techniques. Laxmibai is surprised. Hira Bai comments that she always found Ganga’s intentions suspicious so it was good that she was not being trained.
On the other hand, Ganga starts training with Tatya Tope.
Nelson visits the palace and notices the women undergoing training. He taunts the women for taking up weapons when they were only suited for handling kitchen equipments. Laxmibai counters Nelson’s attempts to discourage them and forces the British official to leave. Laxmibai rejoices at the fact that the training of the women’s army had rattled the British. She exhorts the women to keep up with their practice.
Ganga has hard time learning under Tatya Tope. However, the fire to defeat Laxmibai keeps Ganga going. Tatya Tope motivates Ganga to be strong and persevere with her training.
When Laxmibai comes across Ganga, she asks her the reason for failing to come for the training. Laxmibai gets concerned on seeing the injury on Ganga’s hand. Ganga lies to her that she slipped from the stairs and claims she is incompetent to handle weapons. When Laxmibai leaves, Ganga resolves to defeat her one day.