Cosita Linda Episode 90 Update on Monday 11th June 2018


Episode 90
Vivi hangs out with Alex and plans to kill Ana Lorena. In spite of how Tiffany helps her erase the tracks, she could be caught soon. A drunk Dario strikes Vicente and blames him for what happened in Palmira. The employee arrives at Vicente’s house and tries to stop the fight. This is a very uncomfortable situation for everyone but especially for her. Marijose and Debbie dine at the same restaurant as Mariana and Santi, which has a negative impact on the relationship of the sisters. Olegario does not want to stop jumping on all the girls he sees and says a few naughty words to the young Maya, which Ana Lorena will hear about. Then he talks to Mariana and Santi and go crazy to see how close they are. His attitude creates a quarrel with his sister.
Diego discovers that Olegario and Tiffany still have an affair and face his brother trying to protect Ana Lorena, which makes Olegario ask why Diego is so angry. Prudencia and Consuelo are still trying to win Gaston’s heart and they realize that their tastes for men are not the only thing they share: They both invited her to dinner and they both wear their favorite dresses , which are identical. The worst thing that can happen to a woman. Gaston has already said yes to Consuelo and is forced to reject Prudencia’s invitation. It makes her decide to go home, she is not able to suffer yet for a man. Gaston tries to stop him but she goes away anyway. The murder of Ana Lorena is settled and Lisandro presents his victim to the killer, who likes “the artisanal work” and wants to know it first.