Timeless Love Episode 160 Update on Friday 8th June 2018

German says Roberta makes him crazy and hot; she wants to make him crazy enough to buy her an apartment not just rent one. Tata has apparently cried since last Friday, what else is new. Renata and Jeronimo continue to grow closer and more unified, cuidado, cuidado. New evil plans are in the wings with Augie, Sad Saul, and the white gowned Locas. Carlos continues to be clueless. Maybe he deserved that little near poisoning? Oops, Being snow bound has not improved my mood for tolerating these fools even though we desperately needed it here in the desert. I mean the snow not the fools… But let’s roll it out.
Padre Severino swears he isn’t going to stand by while Sad Saul breaks Marina’s heart again. Marina wheels in to wipe a few more tears and some snot on the cute baby sweaters that SSaul brought her. She remembers SSaul telling her that with or without him, she should ride out of Dodge asap for her well being and that of her children. She snots some more over her unborn twins who are probably getting a great start on acid stomach. Sorry but I can’t dignify this with any more translation. Fill in your own morose whining if you must. Buckets of tears ensue.
Jeronimo with great seriousness and the Bishop read the Archbishop’s letter in simulcast scenes that the ecclesiastic union stands firm. Once he cracks a smile, Jero reveals to Renata that they are still wedded in the eyes of the church. Screams of joy ensue. 
Anibal is sick of Augie’s pretentious ways and will leave but Augie for his own reasons sweet talks him into staying. But Anibal catches on that he wants him to stay only because he doesn’t want Renata to know he threw him out. Augie smiles.
The kitchen jury debates the evil turn of Augie’s to deny Alfonsina the pension of Ezequiel’s salary that he had so publically promised at the funeral. They say she should wait and try again, but she swears never to step foot on the Cruz de Desamor again and will take care of her own affairs. The maid says the bosses will lend her a hand if she tells them but Alfonsina says she isn’t the first woman to be left to raise her children alone. Manuela would like her to tell Jero but she doesn’t want to make things worse between Augustin and Jeronimo. She thanks the kitchen jury for listening to her and their support but she leaves. 
Maybe our first encounter wasn’t so good but maybe we can improve things, says a charming Augie. Anibal says okay he will stay but with some conditions. Strong young man, he motions Augie to sit down and listen up. He wants to get to really know him and not be treated like a stranger. And he wants to be in his confidence and he will decide whom he will befriend or not. Augie appears amused then asks also to be in Anibal’s confidence (he needs lots of information from LB) and they decide they can make a contract to try. 
Roberta writes a stolen check in front of the Demented Director and his Putrid Patients. The check is written but Roberta assures Fina that there is no us. Blanca tells her she needs them and she knows that Roberta made a lot of money on this deal too. Now the doctor kissing the check says here is your passport for trips out at night. Roberta seems surprised that she has just purchased get out of asylem free passes for the Locas. But Blanca informs her that they will be able to get at her and the others while Fina swears their outings will bring ruin and evil to all Monterrubios. Roberta’s look is deer in the headlights dumbstruck that one large check could unleash the furies from maniac hell. 
Inez comes in and wants to talk to Constanza and says she knows the way to her room to the maid. Constanza faces Inez’s worry and ire with a so what attitude while Inez continues to brow beat her that she is risking great things by continuing to hide this baby in her home. The consequences could be dire for her, her family and the center but Constanza is as stupid in her defiance that it is too late not to be so involved in protecting her baby as she usually is smart in solving other people’s problems. 
Honorio and Matias talk about Chemas legacy at the restaurant briefly but turn to Hon’s desire that Matias and Adriana marry soon and provide grandchildren post haste so Constanza can quit obsessing about this Trojan horsey, I mean baby, in a blanket and can pay attention to grandchildren. Adri arrives with a grin about the grandchildren request and tries to calm her father that the mother will return soon and take this Trojan baby but Honorio is sure that Con will be heart broken.
Meanwhile Inez is realizing she is wasting her time trying to convince Constanza of the danger of her imprudent actions. Const says I have been reborn with this infant and she in me. Inez swears that when she returns from her honeymoon, Regina won’t be so happy and Cons will have to make a big decsion this is not the ethical way the center should be run in helping mothers in this too personal way. Consta ignores her slamming out the door and coos at the baby.
The happy honeymooners discuss at another romantic Taxco dinner that Regina would like to stay on the honeymoon forever but she misses her daughters Roberta and Renata so much. Gonzo grins that she is so enamored of Renata and feels like she is her real daughter. She thinks she is learning to get along with Roberta but she is worried that Roberta can’t be entirely trusted yet since she was under the vile influence of Fina for so many years and may still be in contact with her. Her understanding doesn’t go as far as questioning why this is not the case with the angelic Renata. Gonzo wisely wants to take the conversation back to talking only of themselves. 
Renata calls PadreWannaBe Antonio to tell him that not only is Jero free, but the letter has come down from the church that they are still married. He is elated. Renata explains that she is involved with Jero’s return but will come see him soon to launch the campaign of recording the children’s fingerprints. Antonio is happy to hear this. Tata pathetically pats down the snot soaked sweaters on the Uncle Severino’s silky sofa while she sniffs and listens to what must be happy news coming out of the phone from Renata. She walks so well on those high heels clutching the bitty sweaters in hand while she stiletto stomps out of the room. Antonio apologizes for telling too much of the Jero and Renata happiness and being too open in front of Marina. But, Padre Severino shrugs that he is not the one who did anything imprudent. He acknowledges that there is not much they can do with Tata’s tempestuous tears.
Back in Augie’s office, Saul brags that things couldn’t be going better. Even though things seem slow with his reconquest of Marina, he is urging her to leave town and now her health has improved so she can move. Augie seems pleased until Saul adds, It helped a lot that they saw Renata and Jero kissing. Where were they kissing, snaps Augie. Saul relates, in Ensenata, he came out of the police station and embraced Renata as she arrived. Augie is jut-jawed but continues with his plan to make sure that Marina is out of the way and soon Jeronimo will be way, way out of his way and Renata will….well, you know. 
Renata spreads out her lovely white dress that Jero left for her with a note on the bed. Jero comes in dressed in elegant white. OMG what magic he performs in an all white suit. He teases her into hurrying into her party frock so they can celebrate. Much laughter and flirting that can’t keep going well, now you know that is a TN fact of life. 
Alison tells Anibal that she gets butterflies in the stomach when she sees him. Anibal tells her he gets them too. He feels things he has never felt about anyone else, and for this he has decided to stay so he can be close to her. Alison is glad and they kiss sweetly to seal the deal. They want to see each other every day. He wants to come pick her up tomorrow morning to spend time. She says it has to be very early since she will have to babysit Luz. Looks like they decide a daily meeting is great. 
Julieta comes out of her apartment (or is it Chema’s old one) and sees the back of Roberta keying herself into the apartment across the hall. What is she doing here?
Jeronimo leads Renata with his hand as a blindfold to a romantic outdoor dinner table with the vines in the background torches lit and wine breathing. It is so beautiful I am almost not breathing. After he assures her that she is the only woman he is going to love for the rest of his life, they leap in their impeccable white clothes and clean feet (we hope) into a vat of grapes and swing on ropes while they kiss, stomp and make winemaking look like the sexiest occupation in the Baja. He says he has one question and gets her to look at fire works preplanned and spectacular spelling out “Renata do you want to marry me again?” A civil ceremony will follow soon as all they need again, right? She cries a few tears of joy and they dissolve into laughing screaming bedroom play that is so believably passionate.
As you wished, we see Laz and Kari attemping their first escalator in the airport. They laugh about being a pair of country simples having survived their first airplane voyage. But they are laughing and enjoying their very big adventure in D.F. 
Our favorite country lass is kvetching in the kitchen with Manuela and maid (sorry this woman has no name for me, she is mostly annoying. The maid tells that Prissypants cornered her in the dining room and told her that she and Carlos were much more than school friends in Spain. She tells her that they were very much in love and they were meant to marry each other. They were considered the perfect couple there. But why did you part, asks the enchanted maid. Oh, I finished and left Spain and Carlos stayed on another year and then time went by but here I am now. Matilde hears this report, then stomps out and into Carlos room to ask the important question, Why didn’t you tell me that you and Priss were novios? If you didn’t you must be hiding something and he says, but NO in his irritatingly innocent way . (And I hardly ever get annoyed by our sweet Carlos). But she escalates her anger that they were apparently the PERFECT couple in Spain so he must not want to be engaged to her now that PPants is back. She slams the engagement ring in his bandage wrapped palm and charges out of his bedroom saying she is through. Carlos is surprised! Time for someone to teach the other facts of life to this buffoon before he gets broken bones or sets himself on fire.
Obviously from their bed, Renata and Jero can hear the fight and Jero explains that he warned Carlos he better tell Matilde about the former romance with PPants. They listen a minute for more noise then Renata wants Jero to go out and explain the facts to Carlos. Jero wants to stay in bed but Renata says pretend to be going out to the kitchen for water. They decide he will go on the pretext of having drunk so much wine. First they giggle to prove they indeed have had quite a lot of wine. 
Matilde continues to accuse Carlos of misrepresenting and hiding his relationship and probably his feelings for Prissypants. She stomps off saying she doesn’t need to be annoyed by him furthe. PPants in her flannel jammiepants listens with enjoyment then rushes in to console Carlos saying coyly, oh what was the yelling about, is there some problem????. Carlos says, Matilde is upset finding out they used to be novios, but who could have told her? No one knew except Jeronimo and he wouldn’t say anything. PPants swears that she would never have said anything. She sits really close and drips honeyed words of consolation.
Matilde is furious in the kitchen saying nothing can be resolved and the engagement is off until Ppants goes away. 
Lazaro and Kari have fun in a cab. Ah the simple pleasures of this great adventure.
In the apartment Roberta is already pouting that German is dressing and going home. She can’t believe that he keeps up a farce with his wife if he doesn’t love her. She says but stay while she tries to peel his jacket off again, but she is already so bothered that he has to go and he says but I have to go to my house and we have to keep this secret. She calls him a stupid coward then remarks that it is the wife’s fault that he is a womanizer, as he leaves her alone in the cold apartment. 
Jero comes out to tell Carlos he was foolish not to tell Matilde the truth about Priscila before she arrived and he says but I tried and tried but she wouldn’t listen. Jero says you had an obligation to be sure she heard it. He also advises that Matilde will believe that he still has feelings for Ppants and further, Ppants is too beautiful and must go. This is all confusing news to our profoundly clueless Carlos.
Alison and Anibal hug pillows in duet and triptich scenes they play kissyface in the vineyard. Ahh, romance. Ahh, young love. 
Jero comes back to the bedroom to answer Renata’s questions about what happened. Matilde is jealous because she did not know of the romance. And Regina makes the true observation that hiding the truth is the same as lying. She uses the example of how jealous Jero was when he saw that Renata was the mysterious woman at Cruz when her father sent her there to hide her. Then he remembers making himself miserable and green. His retort is bringing up when you saw me with Marina at Padre’s birthday party you went crazy jealous. They compare horrible jealous memories until the two scenes dissolve into current kisses. Jero is grateful that they have surpassed this stage and have moved on. So Renata, cocking her head suddenly says, well if we can hear them then they surely can hear us right. He immediately calls the old call to performing musicians, Otra, Otra, Otra. 
Next: Gonzo and Regina learn that Jero and Renata will remarry on Thursday with joy while Augie hears this news from sister rat Roberta with rage and jutting jaw, he swears that this marriage will NEVER take place. 
And It’s over to you Elna June. Hope it’s as fun as this episode was and I hope that no one dies!