Jukulumessu Update on Friday 8th June 2018


Jikulumessu:End time drawing near
Joel couldn’t hold it any longer and had to reveal what he found out about how her grandma died to Djemila who accused him of having all figured out before they travelled and his main reason was the investigation but after a personal decision, Djemila agree to prosecute Bianca,she will report the matter to the police.
Ivo got two ‘elas’ (shockers) when he found Bruno kissing Nayr and Ruth not only flirting with Bento but called him her Ex.
Phillipe told Nina about her encounter with Magharita and their consanguinity,she was shocked the principal of Santa Agnes harass her male students and informed her brother about it,meanwhile Celso also spoke to Roberto to help Weza claim back her part of her inheritance and they are on course.
Lemba and Pedro talk about their love live and how their partners always leave them due to the nature of their job,unlike Lemba Pedro was close to getting married but his wife to be abandoned him at the altar.
Ruth has been able to revive Bento’s business with her divine cakes.
Vanessa taunt Carlos and even got herself a good looking trainer to help her exercise.all efforts by Carlos and even Flor to help the marriage proved abortive and the one person who could get across to Vanessa which is Bianca would not help her brother.
Magharita call Bianca to make them continue their evil plans for Joel and for the first time she asked the plan be put on hold because she had more important things to fix,she was later seen with a tout whom she gave a job to do for her.
Joel was not surprised that Magharita harassed male students as he remembered seeing her in such act on one of his anonymous trips to Angola.
Bruno and Ruth head to Dieji ,Bruno quickly leave Ruth at Bento’s to meet up with Gerson who needed help with deliveries,all efforts to reach Gerson on phone failed.
Gerson get a call to make a delivery and he went to the very deserted building and by the next time we saw him ,he has been battered and almost lifeless.