Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 299–300 Update on Friday 8th June 2018

Laxmibai informs Moropant about her pregnancy. He rushes to the palace with Laxmibai and informs Gangadhar Rao about the good news. Gangadhar Rao, the courtiers and the subjects of Jhansi are happy on hearing the news.
Ganagdhar Rao tries to untie the gatbandhan; however, Laxmibai stops him and requests to complete the marriage. Gangadhar Rao learns from the pandit that the marriage was incomplete without completing the satva phera and so he calls off the marriage. Ganga is shattered on hearing the news.
Laxmibai tries to convince Gangadhar Rao to marry Ganga but he remains adamant. Gangadhar Rao asserts that if he married Ganga in spite of being aware about Laxmibai’s pregnancy, then he would be setting a bad example before others.
Sakhubai taunts Ganga on her fate. Laxmibai announces that Ganga would live with them in the palace.
Gangadhar Rao asks Laxmibai how she learned about her being pregnant. Laxmibai narrates to him the whole incident; from the time her stomach pained during the wedding till she saw the Raj Vaidya taking money from a British official. Sakhubai shivers with fright when Laxmibai tells Gangadhar Rao that withholding the information about her pregnancy was part of a larger conspiracy.
Laxmibai along with Gangadhar Rao goes in search of the Raj Vaidya. Sakhubai is happy on seeing the corpse of Raj Vaidya in the forest and is assured that her name in the conspiracy would never be revealed. Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai are disappointed on seeing the corpse.
Ganga remembers Dai Ma’s words and realizes her mistake. She feels humiliated when other maids taunt and mock her.
Gangadhar Rao orders Raghunath to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of the Raj Vaidya. Laxmibai is sure that the British were responsible. It is revealed that Laxmibai’s suspicions were correct and Nelson was responsible for the murder of the Raj Vaidya.
Ganga tries to kill herself by jumping off a cliff but she is rescued in time by Laxmibai. Laxmibai promises to not only give Ganga equal rights to her yet-to-be born child but also requests Ganga to stay with her at the palace. The subjects of Jhansi are happy on hearing about Laxmibai being preganant. Hira Bai is happy about Laxmibai being pregnant. She finds Gangadhar Rao playing the dhol. The entire palace and Jhansi is filled with happiness.