Fall Into Temptation Episode 12 Update on Thursday 7th June 2018


PRESENT DAY: Raquel arrives at the hospital and in front of Miriam she asks the doctor if she could have a DNA sample from Damian and Miriam is shocked that and she explains to her it is to know if the baby that Carolina was expecting was Damián’s or not.
PAST YEARS: Carolina and Damián are kissing and touching each other, when Santiago arrives to knock at the door, and Damian tells Carolina to go out and take Santiago away from there and she does exactly that by walking him straight to his car to do the talking there.
Raquel asks Andres to tell her why he says that Damián has no limits, and Andres tells her that it is because Damian likes women that belongs to others because as it is he was the first person who met her but Damian still went ahead and took her from him and it happened because she also did preferred Damian over him because of his money. Raquel then tells him that the problem with him is that he is selfish and envious and that is why she left him and if he thought it was because of money, then she is reminding him that their company was bankrupt when she met Damian and gradually he made it stand on its feet again.
Santiago tells Carolina that he will support her in everything and also their children as the family they are and he assures her that Lola is anxious to help her too but she spends all the time with her cellular telephone.
PRESENT DAY: Miriam furiously tells Raquel that she will not let them take any blood test from Damián, that it doesn’t matter whom the child Carolina is expecting is for but Raquel tells her that she is his wife and after so much humiliation of cheating over her, she deserves to have that information. Miriam tells Raquel that she will throw her out on the street and Raquel confronts her that she has been very tolerant with her wickedness because of Damián but now she will not stand her anymore and whether she likes it or not, she will do the test.
Godoy brings Carolina’s rings to Santiago and recollecting all of the odd reactions towards him years ago and seriously, he goes ballistic as to why he will cheat on her.
Santiago tells Lola that a journalist told him that they are investigating her and her brother and a friend of her told her that there are some things that happened in their school trip and he wants to know it so he may protect her and Lola goes angry and tells him that nothing happened and that she never needs his protection.
Antonio tells Santiago that he must not speak again and much less trust in Laura who is mad and hates Godoy because of cheating on her. Santiago tells him that he needs to know who murdered his wife and if he is the father of his son she was expecting and Antonio assures him that they are already working on the paternity test.
Mad. Miriam is sure that her son Damian never dreamt of having children aside his marriage much less to think of doing so with someone like Carolina and so she is sure the child isn’t his.
PAST YEARS: Carolina feels so bad that Santiago is trying things possible to make their marriage work but she is she is destroying and hurting everyone but Damian still thinks it’s about the love they have for each other and therefore Raquel and Santiago neither their children matter to him but Carolina run out of the car and rush home but she comes home and still thinking about the moments she shared with Damian and same vein, Damian also arrives home to break his feelings on his wife. Mia thinking that couldn’t be her father but may be one of the workers in the house specifically Santiago, she sneaks to check and actually she figures out it’s her father and not Santiago since she was still busily working with his employees.
The campus girls invite Mia out for a party and she accepts. 
Raquel still insists on knowing from Andres when he saw Damian and Carolina going out together but he tells her that she should allow bygone be bygone and think about the present. So, he asks her to explain what is rather going on between her and Santiago and she becomes very shocked for such a question and Andres tells Raquel that she is a beautiful woman and Santiago is now a widower and Raquel wants to know why all this questions and statement from him and he tells her it’s because he is still in love with her and this makes her pull back stirring at him.