Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 297–298 Update on Thursday 7th June 2018

LB takes GR for mehndi ceremony n when he asks her abt wat she’s dng she told that she’s fulfilling her promise, she takes his hand but he denies at first n after a while give it to LB , she started putting mehndi on his hand n writes “G” /”Gaa” n then remembers her wedding where indu putted mehndi n tears comes , GR feels bad.
LB  then puts mehndi on ganga’s hand n there too writes first letter of GR’s name n put kajal ka tika on ganga n then heera bai takes her from ther as she presumes that LB might not feel gud seeing all this n asks indu to continue the ceremony.
Ganga washed her hands n sees that the color of mehndi was too lite on the other hand the same mehndi has given a dark color, ganga thinks that it means her husband dnt love her , GR came n thank ganga as she ‘s marrying a married man for jhansi’s sake n also told her that he’s dng all this just for his promise n no one can ever replace LB  n leaves.
Ganga’s bad n gud soul came n put her in dilemma after GR leaves , gud one says that its bad n she dnt get her hubby’s love n when every1 came to noe abt LB ‘s pregnancy all her royalty wil be gone on the other side her bad soul force her to marry GR as she become jhansi’s queen n all n she finally decide to not marry GR but JB came n brain wash ganga by putting throne on her head n threatening her abt dai maa.
Wedding day came , moropant arranging the things n LB getting ganga ready for wedding (i tell u LB was looking so gorgeous n instead of ganga she’s looking as bride), she puts maang teeka on ganga but she likes LB ‘s more so she gave her that n ganga for a while again talks with her gud n bad souls but dnt decide n goes to mandap n there GR still thinking that LB  might change her decision but she asks GR to put var maala.
LB asks GR to put garland to ganga n ceremony starts , GR unwillingly doing all ceremonies n ganga is very happy, panditji asks abt who will do the kanyadaan ceremony n every1 goes into thinking n then LB  looks towards moropant n goes to him but he denies saying that he’s her father right now n not able to do that , so  LB says she’ll do it as ganga is like her younger sister n she came n do the gathbandhan n remembers hers when she told the pandit to tie the knot tightly n then kanyadaan happens n LB imagines her pheere to be happening rewind n as the pheere started ganga imagines her jai jai kaar as queen n was very happy, LB dnt feel gud n feels sum pain in her stomachut couldn’t showw it as she thinks , if GR sees her in pain he’ll stop the ceremony n started caring for her so she  leaves from there , GR sees LB was not there so he stopped for a while but after then continues unwillingly , LB comes out  n cries n came out of the palace , moropant came searching for LB n a soldier told him that she has gone out , LB goes to vaid’s house n a person told that he has gone few seconds before so she goes n finds him taking money from a british , so she calls him but due to fear the british ran away n vaid too sits in a cart n asks the cart rider to ran , LB follows him n calls him but he couldn’t stop n it makes her angry she picks a stick n throws it towards the cart n cart stops n rider ran away , vaid tries to run but LB stops stops him n asks the truth , e begs pardon n says that he has given money to lie , LB asks him to speak the truth if he did so he’ll be forgiven  , so he told her that she’s pregnant , LB was very happy on the other side phere were going on n ganga was still imagining herself as the queen .